Black is back : ooh ooh ooh...
Thunderbirds are Go!! T-A-G!!!

Test Pattern Blogging*

Wheres_the_water_gone I must apologise now. My blog has become a weather blog. I am my own BOM!! Yes, it is still hot, we are melting. I withdrew to Millie’s mum’s house yesterday. It was so cool. We sat inside and out and it was COOL!!

The Labradors played with the hose and the paddle pool, Peri in the pool, Harki out!!! You can see how the game goes from the photos.

When I come home and open the back door it is like stepping off the plane at Coolangatta : it is so overwhelming hot that you think you have stepped into the jet exhaust, but, No!! It is just that hot…..

I have not knitted, I backed my second to last Christmas gift, and embellished it, in the true sense of the word : with bells!!! ACMA Here_it_comes bought Blackpool – Huzzah!!! I think we need Shameless as well!!!

My life is being lived in a mirage of shimmering heat. I am hoping it will rain soon, or that there will be a cool breeze. No wonder Katt and I think that the Knitting Olympics is  something we can just not be involved in. 

I have read 2 of the William Nicholson books today and I have started the third. I also have his new book Seeker from the Library today. Millie’s dad lent me 2 Long_christmas_wallhanging Jeffrey Archer diaries, so I will start those too.

*Normal programming will be resumed as soon as the weather returns to normal : ie cold and colder.



We live in Tassie, it is supposed to be cold. What is happening????

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