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Wheatgate? I haven't gone past the back gate!!!

The Australian Wheat Board – we have Wheatgate, our very own Watergate. How could they give a ‘bribe’ of $300,000,000 to the Iraqi regime?? This is beyond me. Who else knew? Was the Board funding very bad things? Can’t they even destroy incriminating emails?? I don’t think they are even up to the standard of incompetency that rates a ‘gate’.

Inside_my_new_book Today I woke up so late there was no walk. I ‘rested’ and  only went up the stairs to get the paper. Peri has been sunbaking and Harki has been playing with her giant Nemo style fish toy. It is an ex-fish now, only the outside is left!!!

They have had lovely zucchini, celery and rice for breakfast. They were most insistent I get up this morning. They wanted a walk, but it was just not going to happen!!!

Yesterday I read Jeffrey Archer’s new book : False Impression. I didn’t enjoy it really. It was a quick read, so that was a bonus. It was the kind of book that comes 7th or 8th in a Science Fiction or Fantasy epic series. You read it :  it is obligatory, but it’s not that good. I have Matthew Reilley’s new book to read too. It is called ‘Seven Ancient Wonders’ except in the USA where it is titled ‘7 Deadly Wonders’- Why??? I have emailed the author to ask. I was trying to add it to my reading list and the little cover picture wasn’t available. I was sure it would be published in America, and so I searched under the author’s name and there it was. I know the first Potter book had a different title and so do some McCaffrey books. It is all very confusing.

I practised for my Knitting Commonwealth games. I knitted a tension rectangle. I did a nice garter stitch borderA_quick_swatch_very_badly_done  and  wonky stocking stitch in the centre. The 4mm casein needles are great, but after using 2.25mm for socks for weeks now, they felt like broomsticks. I need to get back into my 4mm rhythm. When I measured 2.5cm there were 7 1/2 stitches, but I washed it and dried it and then I had a tension of 6 stitches. This is much better. It gives me more leeway if I want to knit to the Budd Book using smaller needles. I used the darkest of the Bendigo Green Wool. There is a middle green and a very light one too. I am not sure which colour to use : Celery, Guava or Sequoia in lightest to darkest order. I am thinking the Guava colour as I am wont to choose the middle way. The next step is to choose the logos and buy the wool for them. I have about 7 or 8 weeks to be fully prepared for my record breaking attempt!!!

And now, Chocolate Recipe #3.

Peanut Soft Centres

  • ½ cup crunchy unsalted peanut butter

  • 2 tbspn icing sugar

  • 2 tbspn cocoa

  • 100g or so of good dark chocolate, melted

Mix the first 3 ingredients well and refrigerated till firm. Then roll into a log about 25cm long. Cut off slices 1cm thick and freeze them. When they are frozen, dip them into the chocolate and refrigerate again till set. Makes about 25.

You could use any nut butter – I have seen almond, eg, or make your own!!!



Looking forward to seeing zippy uppy Dr Who (did I get the name right??) started.

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