Tote that barge, sock that bale
Salmon-chanted evening!!!


Harki_says_yum I have been browsing sock yarns and I have found about 8 kinds I like!! I will have to whittle that down….I found the Clown Socks yarn in Effekts!! Their whole selection has disappeared but this colourway must still be popular. The new Yarn Magazine is almost here. I am expecting it any day now. It has a very Eastery cover. The new Vogue Knit1 is also about to be published, which means it will be here in a year or so : or so it seems!!! And the new Delicious Magazine was delivered today too!!!

I had to stop knitting the second Charlotte sock last night as there was a mistake I was too tired too even categorise. Thank goodness there is no skating tonight. Even 2 or 3 hour naps don’t make up for watching it.

Why do the Australian media build up our athletes with glowing interviews etc, even when they know they have failed to qualify. Last night they showed Jacqui Cooper’s puff piece and then she proceeded to come 4th last as she fell twice during her routine. There seems to be an expectation that we will win lots of medals at the Winter Games. We are a Summer country. Even here in the most southern state we have barely a smattering of snow and the daily temperature in Winter is probably 10*C or more. The media wants us to ‘GPeri_is_the_flying_dogo for Gold’ whereas I think we should be happy to have any athletes chosen to participate in the Winter sports!!! Well done Jacqui for being chosen!!!

The Labradors had a semi-wet walk today. It rained quite hard last night so the trees dripped water as you walked under them and there were giant puddles too. We are having grapes almost every morning for our snack as they are particularly tasty at the moment : crisp, acid green in colour and just sweet enough.

I have another new book : Spotless by Shannon Lush. It is very cool. I am cleaning my car windows in an eco-friendly way today!!!!!

Can you believe we will be spending $140 million on this tourism slogan campaign over the next 2 years?? “ So where the bl**dy hell are you?” Yes, that’s right, that is the rock upon which our overseas tourism campaign is built.

There are pictures of The Labradors…just because I can!!!! Harki is licking her lips after a few pieces of dry diet dog food, and Peri is doing her Sister Bertrille impression, albeit lying down!!!



So many sock yarn choices, I must be strong.

the stripey  tiger

Merci beaucoup for your kindness about my Clap. I'm happy with the pooling too!!! All your georgeous green socks are soooo refreshing!! AND man!! that 'bloody hell' ad campaign has already got double its cost in publicity in just a few days. It's getting TV, newspapers editorial - all unpaid- so its out there well and truly and its getting attention... (?)

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