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Knowing Me, Knowing You? Aha!!!

Gotta make the most'a.....

The Spaniel socks are going great guns. I am up to the foot: yes, I have picot-edged, legged, heeled, heel-turneNot_long_to_god, gusseted and  soon it will be footed!! All since Doc Martin on Saturday night!!!! There seems to be some discrepancy between the notes from sock #1 and what actually happened when I did the decreasing for the foot, but I am just knitting on regardless. I can’t actually see where there is a problem in the knitting, it might just be in my interpretation of the notes. Who knows??? I think there is an 85 to 90% chance I will finish this sock, and thus the pair, tonight.  Then I have oThe_right_trousers_are_cut_upne Jaywalker and one Hippo sock and I’m done.

I have cut out the pieces for my new trousers and tomorrow I might go the Black-Spot-of-doom-light and by some nice Whisperweft interfacing. I have a zip and thread, so I’m ready to sew…….

I am very cross. I got up specially at 10pm on Saturday night to watch the Skating Gala – the one where all the winners skate a ‘fun’ programme. 2 hours later the broadcast ended : NO skating.  So, I Upside_down_harki sat and watched 5 hours of ‘highlights’ yesterday in the hope it might be shown then. No gala. Tonight is the closing ceremony, so I guess there will be no skating Gala for Tasmania. Our Southern Cross station is an amalgamation of 7 and 10. We  had the football for 3 hours or so on Saturday night and then the Olympic Games. When I checked on the 7 website, I saw that on the mainland they had Olympics early in the evening, then an hour show, and then Olympics again. I think we have been deliberately missed out.  I shall be writing to complain. The only thing I really, really like watching, and they advertised it in the paper, on the news, even showed snippets in the promos, and then decided not to show us. Bah Humbug. I’m all Ebenezer Scrooge about this. There’s no making me happy about it unless they a) apologise or b) show the skating gala.

Poor Harki was accidentally locked out this morning when the wind made the back door shut. I must have Upside_down_peri heard it but I was catching up on the CSIs from last night. When I went to look I found Peri in bed but NO Harki!! She was outside looking through the fence. She was very happy to be back inside, even though it was probably only 15 minutes. Peri was happy too, but she’s always happy!!! Today the are both upside down and inside out!!!

Rollercoaster is back today : 5:05pm. I love Rollercoaster : how sad is that?????

Have you seen Sharon’s Knitted Gnome?? He’s not sad at all!!!

And neither are all Katt’s knitted Creations!!!



Gorgeous socks again Cindy. As I mentioned before, I have enjoyed reading your blog, and in doing so realised you and I have met before! Would you email me so I can reveal my true identity?


Loooooooooovely socks.

I also get peeved when they advertise something (especially the ice skating) in the promos and then don't screen them.



Oh Cindy you make me laugh, 'Black-spot-of-doom-light' I love it, I too had to go in there yesterday to get some ribbon, oh yes that name says it all!!!

The socks are lovely, as for the 2nd sock thing, it is the same as when you put two socks in the wash one disappears, just as our 2nd socks are always slightly different to the 1st. One of lifes little mysteries??????

She Who Smells Yarn

LOVE the socks! They look great.

I noticed around the middle of the Olympics that the mainland was seeing more of it at a reasonable time then we were down here! I wasnt impressed that we hardly got any curling! I love watching curling (dont laugh at me)..

I have started knitting something else now. Took me less then 2 days to get the back finished. I would have thought after the knitting olympics I would want a day off. NOPE..Cast on new project the day it ended.


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