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Knowing Me, Knowing You? Aha!!!

The_spaniel_socks The Spaniel Socks are complete!! I finished them after breakfast this morning, sewed in the ends and they are done!! Of course, I am waiting for tomorrow when it will be Autumn and cold enough to wear all the new socks I have… could be waiting a while!!!

These socks are made from Opal Prisma and I used the Lacy Scallops pattern from the link on Katie’s blog. I knitted the second sock in about 2 days, now I can start the second Jaywalker.

Katt cheered up my day with her Top Ten Trivia Tips about Katt. I laughed, especially at the swan one and the whistling one : I have whistled near her and lived to tell the tale!!!! If you click here you can make trivia tips about yourself. 

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Cindy!

1.      Cindy can eat up to four kilograms of insects in a single night.

2.      Forty percent of the world's almonds and twenty percent of the world's peanuts are used in the manufacture of Cindy!

3.      It is bad luck to walk under Cindy.

4.      A chimpanzee can learn to recognize itself in a mirror, but Cindy can not.

5.      If you toss Cindy 10000 times, she will not land heads 5000 times, but more like 4950, because her head weighs more and thus ends up on the bottom.

6.      The moon is 400 times closer to the Earth than Cindy, and 400 times smaller!

7.      Cindy is the only one of the original Seven Wonders of the World that still survives!

8.      During the reign of Peter the Great, any Russian nobleman who chose to wear Cindy had to pay a special Cindy tax.

9.      Duelling is legal in Paraguay as long as both parties are Cindy.

10. The colour of Cindy is no indication of her spiciness, but size usually is!

Yes, it is true, I Heart Kntting and I do know each other. I summoned up all my pathetic courage and emailed AJ and we know each other!!! It is from a while ago, almost a decade, but how exciting is that?? I am very excited. If I was talking my speech would be very loud and very fast!!!

The Labradors had a swim in the dam this morning. Peri had a good play with a stick and Harki had her ears cleaned. Life isn’t fair, is it???

Gotta make the most'a.....

The Spaniel socks are going great guns. I am up to the foot: yes, I have picot-edged, legged, heeled, heel-turneNot_long_to_god, gusseted and  soon it will be footed!! All since Doc Martin on Saturday night!!!! There seems to be some discrepancy between the notes from sock #1 and what actually happened when I did the decreasing for the foot, but I am just knitting on regardless. I can’t actually see where there is a problem in the knitting, it might just be in my interpretation of the notes. Who knows??? I think there is an 85 to 90% chance I will finish this sock, and thus the pair, tonight.  Then I have oThe_right_trousers_are_cut_upne Jaywalker and one Hippo sock and I’m done.

I have cut out the pieces for my new trousers and tomorrow I might go the Black-Spot-of-doom-light and by some nice Whisperweft interfacing. I have a zip and thread, so I’m ready to sew…….

I am very cross. I got up specially at 10pm on Saturday night to watch the Skating Gala – the one where all the winners skate a ‘fun’ programme. 2 hours later the broadcast ended : NO skating.  So, I Upside_down_harki sat and watched 5 hours of ‘highlights’ yesterday in the hope it might be shown then. No gala. Tonight is the closing ceremony, so I guess there will be no skating Gala for Tasmania. Our Southern Cross station is an amalgamation of 7 and 10. We  had the football for 3 hours or so on Saturday night and then the Olympic Games. When I checked on the 7 website, I saw that on the mainland they had Olympics early in the evening, then an hour show, and then Olympics again. I think we have been deliberately missed out.  I shall be writing to complain. The only thing I really, really like watching, and they advertised it in the paper, on the news, even showed snippets in the promos, and then decided not to show us. Bah Humbug. I’m all Ebenezer Scrooge about this. There’s no making me happy about it unless they a) apologise or b) show the skating gala.

Poor Harki was accidentally locked out this morning when the wind made the back door shut. I must have Upside_down_peri heard it but I was catching up on the CSIs from last night. When I went to look I found Peri in bed but NO Harki!! She was outside looking through the fence. She was very happy to be back inside, even though it was probably only 15 minutes. Peri was happy too, but she’s always happy!!! Today the are both upside down and inside out!!!

Rollercoaster is back today : 5:05pm. I love Rollercoaster : how sad is that?????

Have you seen Sharon’s Knitted Gnome?? He’s not sad at all!!!

And neither are all Katt’s knitted Creations!!!

That's Char-Lot!!!

The_charlotte_socks The Charlotte Socks are complete!!! They will need washing and blocking??? I think so, it will make the pattern stand out more. Should I make sock shaped inserts from card to display them at the Westbury World Wide Sockfest thingy??? I did enjoy making up the pattern and then knitting these. I love the new star shaped toe too. I am glad I didn’t join the Knitting Olympics as it has been too hot on some days to knit even socks. I can finish off the remaining 2 socks now, and then it will almost be time to start the Dr Who Zippy-Uppy Cardigan!! There are lovely cardigans in the new Kim Hargreaves Collection. I wish she sold patterns and not kits. I think I could just about work out what to do with the ones I like , though I don’t like garter stitch bands : they stretch to billio!!!

The Launceston SnB have found a new knitter!! We are all very excited. I Heart Knitting is into aliens Beep_beep_beep and skulls, and she's willing to take Knitting Risks, so she’ll fit right in!!!

Today I backed up my Email, Documents, Favourites and Pictures.  I heard the man on the ABC this morning reminding people to back up, so I bought some rewriteable CDs and managed (I think) to back things up. ACMA bought a new cordless phone with 2 handsets and 2 cradles to avert any more running-out-of-charge episodes happening while the gala skating demonstration is on tonight. I looked up the Channel 7 website and on the mainland they are showing the Olympics much earlier and in much more depth. We have to have football and then the Olympics don’t start till 10pm. I am going to have to try and sleep through the humidity and get up at 9-50pm to watch. The weather has been changeaNeither_young_nor_in_fashionble: humid and hot, so I had to have the air conditioner on all night, and then torrential rain, and then sunny and humid again this afternoon.

I plan to sew some trousers. I saw this pattern recommendation and Burda was on sale at the Black-Spot-of-Doom-Light for $5, I thought “Why not?” You have to ignore the doilies and the faux patchwork and just visualise them sans everything in a deep lime stretchy linen fabric. I am neither terribly young, nor terribly fashionable, but if these turn out OK I will make a few pairs for Autumn and Winter. I will only tack the bottom of the legs as they may be too wide. I might have to make them a tad narrower. If  I can manage to find my pins, I will start them tomorrow!!!

The Labradors were so hot this morning, they were like little supernovas. I tipped cold water over them and they have been lying on the cool tiles in an attempt to escape the heat. I was too tired from the heat and my normal lethargy and illness to walk them today. I don’t think they even care!!!

Oh, and go see Sue’s recipes. She’s from The Apple Isle as well!!!

Salmon-chanted evening!!!

One_repeat_and_the_toe_to_go I have just one repeat of the leaf pattern and the toe to go on Charlotte 2. I had to unravel ½ a pattern because I wasn’t paying attention. I dropped the offending stitches down and picked them up again but they looked lopsided so after all that I gave in and just undid 8 rows.  I think I might be able to finish this tonight: in fact I will finish it tonight!! Then I have 2 other socks to finish : The Cocker Spaniel Sock #2 and the Jaywalker #2 for me as well!!!

I have made lovely salmon cakes for ACMA today. They are full of goodness, and just lightly fried in a little olive oil to brown them. I put African spices into the coating to give them an added zing. They smell scrumptious. I have some salmon to make some for myself over the weekend. Yum!!

The Labradors are look ing forward to the left overs for breakfast tomorrow. They have been busy playing all day today and I think they will have a big nap soon.Something_fishy

Salmon Cakes

  • 4 or 5  medium mashing potatoes
  • 410 g tin salmon of your choice drained and flaked

  • ½ red onion, finely chopped

  • 2 eggs

  • milk

  • breadcrumbs

  • African spice mix  : but you can use any flavour

  • Olive oil for frying

Peel and then cut potatoes into chunks. Place into a pan of cold water and gently bring to the boil. Put a lid on and simmer over a low heat, checking after about 10 minutes. The potatoes should be easily pierced by a skewer. Drain, and then place back in the pan over the heat and shake gently till all the liquid has evaporated. Then add the onion, salmon and 1 beaten egg. Mix thoroughly and leave till cool. Shape into cakes, I made mine 100g, and then refrigerate till cold.

To crumb, mix about ¼ cup plain flour, the egg and milk,  till it is a thin cream consistency. Place the crumbs and spice, as much or as little as you like, on foil or a plate and combine well. Dip each cake into the egg, milk and flour mixture, then coat in the crumbs. You can refrigerate again now. Sometimes I like to coat them twice to give a really crunchy texture.

Heat about 1 cm of oil in the pan to a medium heat and then fry the cakes, 3 or 4 at a time, for about 3 minutes on each side, or until golden brown. Drain on kitchen paper and then eat – hot or cold!! These also freeze well. I made 12 from this mixture.


Harki_says_yum I have been browsing sock yarns and I have found about 8 kinds I like!! I will have to whittle that down….I found the Clown Socks yarn in Effekts!! Their whole selection has disappeared but this colourway must still be popular. The new Yarn Magazine is almost here. I am expecting it any day now. It has a very Eastery cover. The new Vogue Knit1 is also about to be published, which means it will be here in a year or so : or so it seems!!! And the new Delicious Magazine was delivered today too!!!

I had to stop knitting the second Charlotte sock last night as there was a mistake I was too tired too even categorise. Thank goodness there is no skating tonight. Even 2 or 3 hour naps don’t make up for watching it.

Why do the Australian media build up our athletes with glowing interviews etc, even when they know they have failed to qualify. Last night they showed Jacqui Cooper’s puff piece and then she proceeded to come 4th last as she fell twice during her routine. There seems to be an expectation that we will win lots of medals at the Winter Games. We are a Summer country. Even here in the most southern state we have barely a smattering of snow and the daily temperature in Winter is probably 10*C or more. The media wants us to ‘GPeri_is_the_flying_dogo for Gold’ whereas I think we should be happy to have any athletes chosen to participate in the Winter sports!!! Well done Jacqui for being chosen!!!

The Labradors had a semi-wet walk today. It rained quite hard last night so the trees dripped water as you walked under them and there were giant puddles too. We are having grapes almost every morning for our snack as they are particularly tasty at the moment : crisp, acid green in colour and just sweet enough.

I have another new book : Spotless by Shannon Lush. It is very cool. I am cleaning my car windows in an eco-friendly way today!!!!!

Can you believe we will be spending $140 million on this tourism slogan campaign over the next 2 years?? “ So where the bl**dy hell are you?” Yes, that’s right, that is the rock upon which our overseas tourism campaign is built.

There are pictures of The Labradors…just because I can!!!! Harki is licking her lips after a few pieces of dry diet dog food, and Peri is doing her Sister Bertrille impression, albeit lying down!!!

Tote that barge, sock that bale

Katts_purple_haze_sock_tote                        Suzis_skully_sock_tote I made more Sock Totes!! Here are pictures of them. There is Purple Haze for Katt, Skully for Suzi, Blue Lagoon for Sandra D and Iris for Cathy. I have refined my design by adding some wadding to the top and bottom, and doing some machine quilting. It seems to add body and stability. Sharon had some of Katie’s Yarn, which we all loved. Cathy had finished a lovely cot blanket and sewed up a cardi while we sat there. Katt was knitting a boy’s stripy jumper and Suzi a sock. Sharon was knitting a Hippo sock and her Opal Flamingo sock. I am up to the heel turn on Charlotte #2.

Yesterday was hot again, and I was too hot to even nap. Thankfully later in the evening it cooled down, but at 8am it was 23*C and climbing.

I love the ice skating at the Turin Olympic Games, which by the way are NOT the “A-lympic” Games, in all its aspects. I love Barbara the mean and scary Italian ice dancer. I love/hate their costumes. The feSandra_ds_blue_lagoon_sock_totemale Bronze medallist’s costume top defies descripCathys_iris_sock_totetion, and got worse when she actually skated!!! Oh look, someone tried….Ukraine's Elena Grushina wore a white dress that was not only backless, it was virtually frontless, as well, with tassels strategically dangling over her chest. There are still 3 more days of skating. Hooray!!! ACMA and I watch whilst on the phone and we are au fait with all the terms : Twizzle, Rotational Lift, Straight line steps etc. There were telephonic difficulties last night with ACMA’s phone conking out, but in true Olympic spirit she rerouted the call through her other phone with an extension cored. Higher, Stronger, Faster – Longer!!!!!

Today is Launceston Cup Day, the day that kind of half ways stops some of a city!!! ( ie the Melbourne Cup stops a Nation) I have been to a race meeting once and I didn’t enjoy it at all. It was mainly a lot of people drinking and eating to excess.  When I was still at work we would have a sweep, but I have never actually had a bet. I think I will be able to successfully give the whole Cup thing a miss today as well.

Fitness: The Federal Government refuses to ban or place stricter guidelines on the screening of junk food ads during children’s viewing hours. They say that these ads have no effect on children’s eating habits. So, what avenue have they chosen to address this issue of fitness and health eating? Yes, that’s right, they have placed ads during children’s viewing hours. Anyone spot the problem??? ACMA also pointed out that the children most likely to see the ads are already sitting in front of the TV and those reading a book, outside playing or using a computer won’t see them at all!!! Go the Federal Government!! Great thinking chaps!!! 

The Labradors are every excited as today The GardyGardeners come for morning tea. The Labradors have started running from the front window to the back door, to the front door and back to the window again with their tails wagging, ears pricked and big anticipatory smiles!!!! They might have some plain biscuits today!! They are so happy!!!

I have 6 new books, 4 Tamora Pierce and 2 Dr Who Books!!! I am so lucky and now ....I can order some more!!!!

"Tic-ed" off

Secret_knitting_coven_things_1  I have been feeling tired and I have a tic under my left eye. Very annoying!! I have been working on the Knitting Coven Secret Projects and apart from just losing a zip somewhere between the ironing board and the sewing machine….I have to go out to get a new one now…Bah Humbug…it all went quite well!!! These are very cute and useful. I will take proper photos before I go!!!Harkis_expensive_toy

The Labradors had a great walk. There was no rolling in  smelly stuff of any description by Peri, and she came when she was called, and Harki is always such a good girl!!! She has a new expensive toy: the fin from ACMA’s Nemo Christmas fish toy, tied to a stick with some string. It is the best toy in the world : much better than any expensive squeaky or bell toy.

I have been knitting away on Charlotte sock #2. I have done 3 of the four pattern Red_clouds_gathering repeats to the heel.

In a momentous ceremony I handed ACMA the last of the tapes, at present,  of things she and I needed to watch – tape #206, and I was all caught up!!! Since then have Shameless to watch, but that’s all– apart form all the Food, Lifestyle and How Tos!!!

The weather has been strangely warm and misty and the clouds on Sunday night were as pink as – whatever is really pink!! I attempted to capture their pinkness….

Ah, the Election is truly up an running, with personal insults and red-faced affront, allegations of nepotism, kick-backs and goodness knows what else,  and outside parties  verging on blackmail with their threats. I love the smell of an Election in the morning!!

The Right Trousers.......

Olive_and_khaki_jeansIt was way too hot again yesterday, but thankfully it cooled down overnight and was tolerable today. In honour of the hot weather I have new Winter jeans : stretchy-with-lycra cords in khaki and olive. The colours in the photo are just not right, but would I buy anything not green? OK I bought a teal green top, very nice and on special. My new book is green. I am in script reading mode and I found such a bargain : Dad’s Army Scripts reduced from $53-95 to $7-95!!!! That’s about an 85% discount!!!

I caught up on the highlights of the Turin Olympics. I like the big leaping off the hill, the ski jump?? And I saw the pairs figure skating. I knitted some more of my sock while I watched that, and the new series of Doc Martin – very amusing. Today I walked the Labradors and they had Italian zucchini that ACMA and I donated some money into the Relay for Life tin to get ‘free’. She carried them to the car for me. Harki has been playing with her Christmas Squeaky ball and her Mr_brown_goes_up_to_town Squeaky barbell. Peri has been playing Hogan’s Heroes and trying to dig her way, unsuccessfully, out of the yard…into the Forbidden Zone from which there is NO escape!!! That would be Prison UN-break!!!

Today we watched the last episode of Carnivale. Wow! It makes my mind turn inside out to try and think about all the implications….I wish they had made more, but I am glad that they had time to make an ending of sorts. I am all slow and tired and I keep losing things all the time, when I just had them in my hand. I am not going out at all tomorrow if I can help it.

Someone had a link on their blog to variegated lace weight (2ply) yarn available I Australia. It is divine and there is a really green one. I need to make something with it now. It says one skein is enough for a scarf. I woMad_dogs_and_englishmen_go_out_in_the_minder what else it could make though????

Tomorrow I am making some things for the Knitting Coven. Better late than never….I will take photos when they are finished.

Poll Vault!!!!!

Happy_harki_after_a_dousing_with_cold_wa Summer is definitely back and we only have 11 days of the Calendar season left, or if you use the equinox method : Summer is already over and we are into Autumn!! Tasmania has the weirdest weather. Here we are having 31*C and such hot nights, and the shops are full of new Winter clothes and shoes. Last year the apparel trade suffered a severe downturn here, as we had such a mild Winter they hardly sold a thing. They were having sales in June!! My friend talked to her friend who said the same thing has happened , mCalm_peri_not_her_usual_demeanourore or less, this year with Summer clothes. Let me tell you, we are hot. The mere thought of socks and scarves sends a shaft of fear into my heart!!!!

The Charlotte Sock #2 is barely started. I am only up to the ribbing . In a heat haze I accidentally started knitting with the yarn from the start of the cast on. I fixed that mistake and then put it away. Sharon has suggested I put the pattern for my sock in the side bar like she does. I am not exactly sure how to do this, so I will ask her on Tuesday at the Knitting Coven. I do like the star decreases!!!! And look at Katt’s Olympic Cardigan. It is finished anRibbing_for_charlotte_2d it is so lovely!!!

We’re having our State Election, actually we are all on tenterhooks waiting for the official announcement. I love elections : Vote Early and Vote Often!!!! NO, truly, I enjoy the rough and tumble of the campaign, all the analysis, but not the ads. It will be on March 18th, the same day as SA’s election and after the Commonwealth Games have begun. At the Mexican_berserker_standoff moment there are 14 Labour, 7 Liberal and 4 Greens. The latest prediction in the EMRS poll  is 10-11 Labour, 9-10 Liberal and 5 Greens. We will wait and see……Yes, they've just announced the election at 1-28pm!!!!

The Labradors are so hot I have cooled them down with water!! Then they were feeling so happy they played rowdy rug-moving games and left wet footprints everywhere!!! After their walk I am surprised they still had any energy!!

Socks on the brain!!!

One ChaOne_charlotte_sockrlotte Sock has been completed. It looks quite small, but the stitch patterns pull it in. I did a ‘star’ decrease from the Autumn Interweave and I love it. It makes a little four petal kind of star. I will definitely use this again, certainly when I make the Interweave Socks which will be next. I hope to make a good start on sock #2 today as well.

It took 28g to make one sock, so if I buy one more ball of the yarn I can make myself a pair of socks too!! Must go tomorrow in case th ey sell it all.

Today it is hot again : it is  30*C right now. The Labradors are panting and hiding inside and having lots of drinks.  About 70,000 children went back to school today. I knew it Star_shaped_decreases would be hot : it is an unwritten rule, the first day of school it is either boiling hot or horrid, cold and rainy. There is no in-between.

Mrs Henderson Presents was excellent : I laughed uproariously and cried too. Despite the two elderly women sitting next to me who alternately ‘read’ the screen if there was writing or had a little discussion about each scene, ACMA and I loved it. We need to see it again as there was so much laughter we missed some lines of dialogue.  There is nudity of both persuasions too. I expect this will mean this will get an  ‘R’ or ‘X’ rating in the USA, they of the Nipple-gate Affair. I cannot conceive of how they could screen it otherwise. I found it terribly inoffensive and not in bad taste at all. Judy Dench, Bob Hoskins and all the girls were wonderful.

The bus strike is over as of midnight tonight, we have a gold medal at the Winter Olympics…all’s right with the world!!!!!