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Anti Up

TonIm_off_to_see_this_tonightight I am off to see Mrs Henderson Presents courtesy of the ABC Radio Listeners’ Club. Yes, I am a sad trainspotter when it comes to the ABC. ( Nota Bene: I don’t own a parka) Everyone I know who has seen this film likes it : I’m not sure if this bodes well or not. I am trying not to get my viewing hopes up.

This morning The Labradors had a very exciting walk, where Harki spotted a wallaby and hared off after it. Do not worry. There is no hope Harki or Peri will get within 10 metres of any wild life. Those wallabies go like the clappers and they scale fences and barriers that are as Berlin Walls to Labradors. The Labradors don’t have great acceleration or speed and by the time they have seen anything it has sensed them and taken off at the speeMorning_tea_with_the_gardygardener_oned of light. Then they had lovely toasted white sourdough rye for morning tea with one of the GardyGardeners. There were two kinds of muffins, Lady Grey Tea and lemon wedges too.

Where_the_charlotte_socks_are_at_2 The Charlotte Socks have resumed normal programming. I have made the heel in twisted rib and turned the heel and picket up for the gusset. I am using 5 needles, though I prefer 4, as it stops the stretchy line when you divide the heel stitches. For myself, I don’t care, it evens out with washing, but if someone was to buy these, I want them to be more than OK. My knitting journal is working overtime as I keep track of 2 different patterns and the decreasing at the same time!! I have to write it all down so the second sock will be identical.  I am going to do a star decrease for the toe. I haven’t made one of these before, but I am not worried at all!!!!

I am quickly back into the school days routine of a nap from 3-30pm onwards. It has been warmer again too, no doubt because school starts tomorrow. There is a bus strike. School continues regardless.

The second AntiCraft online knitting magazine is ready..

Prison House Rocks!!!

Ahhh, the Charlotte Socks are at the heel stage. I knitted the rest of the leg this morning, after doing no knitting whatsoever yesterday. I have caught up with the first 3 episodes of Prison Break. How cool is that show??? VERY!! I love it with a fervour. Excellent plot , characters and very cute main men. One is an Australian too.  I thought I had lost or taped over the second episode, but it was on the same tape as the first double episode, after Arrested Development, so I am saved the horror of trying to google a synopsis.

OK, it’s Valentine’s Day – I’m not enamoured of the whole concept. But, it is the 40th anniversary of the change over  to decimal currency!! I remember the old money and the change over – vaguely. I note that the Weather Pixie is embellished with hearts today.

There is nothing else to tell. The Labradors are well. Harki is napping after a big play with the unSqueaky pork chop toy and Peri wants to do what Harki is doing – as usual.

I am about to join them!!!!

Filmic Karma

There are films I am bound, by some kind of unwritten law, to watch to the end every time they are on TV. The Long Kiss Goodnight is one. It is on next week. I will have to watch it in case the ending goes, somehow, wrong. Last night it was Double Jeopardy. I must watch it to the end. Last night I was too tired, so I taped it and now I have to complete the ritual to make sure the is a HEA. If I see Buffy episodes or  Babylon 5 (the movies especially)  I have to watch them. I am compelled. I am trying to wean myself from this habit. I think it started when there wasn’t anything much good on TV in the 80s : not Science Fiction or good fantasy anyway. If there was something good on TV you had to tape it or, before VCRs, sit up and watch it in real time.

You will be pleased to know that every time I have watched these films, the ending has turned out fine : everythingHarki_with_her_head_in_the_dog_food_bag is A-OK. But, if I stop watching, you never know…. There is a joke about this. ( I am attempting a poor retelling just to make a point. Do not, I repeat, do not expect to be entertained or amused!!!) A man was doing something to keep the tigers away. Others scoffed at him, but he said : ‘Do you see any tigers???’ I am working on the Tiger Premise!!!

Harki and Peri : poor starving, unloved, mistreated Labradors tPeri_with_her_head_in_the_dog_food_baghat they are …… they even run away with the empty dog food packet and lick the inside clean!!! They are just Labradors – I don’t think you can ever fill them up. Peri is alert all the time : one crinkle of paper, or opening of the baby gate into the kitchen and he  is there like a shot. Harki is less hopeful, but if there is anything going, she always has the first treat. They swam today, in the dam, in the nippy Summer weather!!!

The Carnival is over ( no, not Carnivale, though I still have last night’s last episode to watch) and all; my friends who are teachers are officially are back at school.  On Thursday the huddled masses will arrive : and so it begins again. I hate this week. It reminds me of what I miss. I am trying to keep my mind occupied with kitting and some sewing and embroidery.

Charlotte_socks_so_far The Charlotte Socks are coming along nicely.  I like the wool : it is very fuzzy, but still firm and not splitty. I also like the fact that I am knitting on my favourite tiny needles. I lurve the pattern of leaves and the mini mock cables. These don’t have to, technically, fit anyone, so I can make them as big or as small as I like. I usually do about 60 rows for the leg, but my pattern repeat is 16 rows, so I’ll do 64. For the actual foot, I knit between 32 and 36 straight rows with no shaping, but I might make them a bit longer as a real person might want to wear them. Not that I’m not real, but I have fairly small feet and I prefer my socks snug. Today I wore the Wizard Socks to walk the Labradors this morning.

The Knitting Olympics seem to be going along nicely and I love the commentary some people are writing : here and here for example!!!!


We have lift off!! Finally the socks for the Westbury World Wide Sock Competition are decided upon, and the knitting has commenced!!!! The WWW Socks are officially named : The Charlotte Socks – you know, they’re web socks (WWW) and we all know the most famous web of all, even considering my paranoia with the whole spider family. I have managed to knit the ribbing and 2 x 16 row pattern repeats. I have made the pattern up myself, cobbling together an individually knitted motif I turned into linear knitting and faux cables. Very nice, even if I do say so myself!!! Sharon is knitting socks and so is Katie!!!

The Labradors have been very good, I think they need a little walk, even though it isn’t walk day. I have had a sleep and so I feel able to tackle a small walk with them. They will be happy beyond belief!!!

The Knitters of the Knitting Olympics may have started in Australia – we had the Opening ceremony at 5am this morning. They advertised this in the newspaper, which arrives at 6-30am. How unhelpful is that??? Katt is an Olympian.

Citius, Altius, Fortius : Faster, Higher, Stronger -: That’s the Olympic Motto.

Ok. No photos, no rants, no anything else. I have Labradors to attend to!!!

So long Sid......

My friends’ dog, Sid, has died and gone to Dog Heaven. Jessie and Rod moved to Darwin last year and they were on holiday/grandparent time in America – looking after Ali while his mum does brainy anthropology things in the US of A, when their house sitter rang to say Sid had fallen ill and died quietly while being treated at the Vet back home. Sid was a great big cuddly Golden Retriever. Harki and Peri have both been to Jessie’s old house to visit with Sid and her sister, Annie. They all played together very nicely while the grown ups had afternoon tea!!!  I know Jessie and Rod will miss Sid, but she lived a long and happy life!!!

Front_of_the_sad_socks So, I decided to join the WWW Sock thingy. I wanted light green sock yarn,  but of course there is none in KN and Woo, so I bought some 5ply. Very bad. Big mistake.  I shouldn’t have done it. I hate the socks I have started. Hate them with more of a vengeance than I hate – whatever it is I hate the most. That really ‘socks’!!! Now I am stuck. I have had to stop. I think I will gBack_of_the_sad_socksive up entirely on this pair, and just knit the dark green Interweave ones instead. I am not in love with the colour and so I don’t mind. I only wasted a whole night of knitting!!! School starts next week so I will be all McCauley Culkin from now on during the week and have nothing to do but knit : no outings for brunch, no visits to quilt, no films during the week. ( mind you I haveWww_socks_mark_2_and_the_new_yarn only seen one since the new year started) I will have the long endless days to knit socks, socks and more socks. 

Yesterday we saw Narnia : The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. What an excellent film. It made me feel as if I was 9 years old again, and reading about the magical land through the wardrobe for the first time : all the awe and wonder and amazement!! I was forced to cry many times – I can’t say when in case some people haven’t read the books or seen the film or TV series. When I graduated my mum and dad bought me a gorgeous boxed set of the 7 Narnia books, I have since bought a more modern set and another old set too. The film was genuinely scary, funny, and never boring, even though it was 2 hours and 10 minutes long.  Serenity in a special tin arrived at ACMA’s house late yesterday too. This may just usurp Prison Break as weekend watching!!!

The Labradors had a highlight today – they went to the service station to get petrol with me. That’s it : in a dog’s life this is an A Letter day!!!! They had the end of my yummy tomato vegetable thing I cooked for tea last night with zucchini and rice. They are replete and asleep.

So it’s off to unravel the first WWW sock and wind up the wool and put it into my big tub, and then to start the next one!!! I didn’t knit any of the Hippo Sock yesterday, and I only have a few rows to go till the toe. I might knit that tonight.

Nice Day for a White Rabbit

You  know how it is – you have an appointment and you want to be on time so you arrive 15 minutes early – only to spend the next 25 minutes driving around looking for a non-existent parking place. You can’t phone and say you are late as you are driving. Frustration??? At about ‘The Fat’ level : 110%!!!!!! The gods were conspiring against me, but finally I parked about a mile away and walked as fast as I could, ie not very fast at all as there is an uphill slope, and arrived only 14 minutes late!! I forgot my pattern and so I couldn’t knit. Bah Humbug!!! It certainly took it out of me, and after my adventures on Tuesday at the other doctor’s I had to have a big sleep yesterday afternoon, and I didn’t knit a stitch all day. I didn’t even catch up on CarnThe_labradors_like_to_shareivale.

Yesterday Harki was Des Renford. The Labradors went for a swim and Peri, in her usual fashion, swam way out after a stick. In a moment of madness, Harki decided to jolly well swim out after her and take possession of the stick. In true Channel crossing style she dog paddled about 15 metres out, and they swam in side by side, each trying to wrest the stick from the other. After her gargantuan feat, her legs must have been a bit shaky, because that was her one and only big swim for the day!!! The Labradors do love each other though!!!

I have new shoes. They were on special at the ‘Riparian’ store. ACMA bought a My_new_shoes black pair and now I have a green pair. She suggested I needed some. She was right. Now normally I wear a 6 ½, but these are a 7 ½. I measured them against other Winter shoes, and they are less than 1 cm longer than my Josef Seibel lace up boots. I think the curvy toe of the Riparian shoes allows less room for  the length of you foot. And if they stretch terribly I’ll wear 2 pairs of socks!!! I have a new book – The Dr Who Shooting Scripts. Very nice, very expensive, very good. I needed this!!!

This morning it is raining and it feel so much cooler. I have watched the end of Carnivale, knitted more of my sock and cooked breakfast for The Labradors. I am off to the pictures to see Narnia : TLTWATW with ACMA. I haven’t been to pictures

lately: I don’t like too many people to be there as it makes it too hot and I feel boogelly. There is just one day of the school holidays left now. Where did they go?? I don’t know. The time just passes.

Hippo_socks_try_out_for_the_gig I have tried on the Hippo sock and it fits!! I was a bit worried. I am always a bit worried if my socks will fit, and they always seem to. If I finish the Hippo sock today, I might start the Interweave socks. I am so bad. I have three first socks : Hippo, Spaniel and Jaywalker. In some strange way this seems to give me permission to start a new pair. The thinking goes, 3 single socks, a new pair started, and then complete a second sock. Then I can start a new pair, and so on ad infinitum!!!!

Should I enter The Westbury Sock Thingy??? I could enter the Interweave socks. I am not in love with the green colour. I could give them away. Maybe I should do a more complicated pattern?? I will ponder this during the day, though I’ll have to decide soon. I might buy some light green 4ply as I think lace patterns show up better on light colours.

When a lovely flame dies, Smoke gets in your eyes....

Today would have been my dad’s 74th birthday, it is one of the GardyGardener’s birthdays and Sandra D's as well and it is the 39th anniversary of the ’67 bushfires : Black Tuesday. I remember the fires. The day was all smoky and the Sun shining through made everything an eerie red-orange colour. The fires came right to our back fence. My dad and the other men in the street had been sent home from work to help fight the fires. I can see them all at the back of the houses with hoses and wet sacks, fighting the fire. We were very lucky, none of our houses burned. The was a doco on commercial TV at the weekend. I cried when one man told the story of how his dog died, because it was chained up when the fires just came through with unbelievable speed. Tasmania experience the worst fires since European settlement that day.

Tasmania suffered their worst bushfires on 'Black Tuesday' 7 February 1967 when 110 fires that were within a 40 kilometre radius of Hobart converged during a seven-hour period, fanned by extreme weather conditions. Approximately 264,000 ha were burnt, 1,700 houses destroyed and 62 people were killed.” (From the ABS site)

This afternoon I went to the Knitting Coven. We all talked 20 to the dozen!! We fondled socEmbossed_leaves_socks_1ks, tried on the Muse hat and moaned about the dearth of good quality, colourful, perfect Australian wool. There are kms of lash and fuzzy acrylic – don’t get me wrong, good acrylic is great, but there is so much ‘fun’ stuff and not enough serious wool. I know new or short attention span knitters like the ‘fun’ yarns, but the main body of knitters want good quality, many-coloured wools. If you want great wool, eg sock wool, you have to buy from overseas. For more about this  : see Sharon!!!!

I have new sock wool – Sirdar Town & Country in  plain dark green. I want to knit these socks from my latest Interweave. See how hard it is to find plain sock wool? It was the only shade they had!!

I had another doctor’s appointment, and I left the Knitting Coven early to go. Thank goodness I took my knitting : I had to wait 1 ¼ hours!! I was there at 3-40pm and I finally left at 5-45pm!!! I knitted 1/3 of the sock's foot. By the time I picked up the things I left at ACMA’s house and then went to the supermarket to buy salad for tea, it was after 7-30pm . The Labradors were so happy to see me!!

Yesterday I didn’t feed them enough, only vegetables and a bone – no dry dog food. Peri was so naughty when I was out: she ate a piece of a shoe, she opened the box of embroidery thread , she stole the grapes from the bench and ate them. Who knew she could reach the bench? The Baby Gate was shut but she must have used it for leverage I’m not quite sure how involves Harki was. She is usually an angel!! Peri wanted more food!!!

I have My_new_green_sparkly_baga new handbag from the Chemist shop!! It was in the window of the shop and I have been stalking it. I made the young man in the shop crawl through and across the front display to fetch it. He was quite bemused at my happiness and did notice that I liked green. The bag I had with me already was one I bought in the same shop a few years ago.

(S)No man is an Island

Crowded_house_quilt_spring Yes. That’s right, Tasmania is expecting snow on some of her mountains : at the height of Summer. No wonder ACMA and I like the Crowded House Quilt : Four Seasons in One Day!!!! I haven’t knitted much more of the Hippo sock, as yesterday I spent a few hours sewing together the four warm season backgrounds . Then we each ironed on the pieces and started blanket stitching ( buttonholing?) around them. It makes such a difference when they are outlines with the black. They seem in stark relief. Mine are slightly different from ACMA but I did spend the whole time saying how much I loved out bright and shiny colours!!! While we stitched we watched the first episode of The Peacemaker Wars which we have had for aeons!!

I wish the TV station here had played Farscape with the same dedication and regularity the do Survivor. I didn’t follow it properly as they showed wanton negligence with its programming. If we ever see it hugely on sale we are buying it Crowded_house_quilt_summer and watching it from start to finish. I  know enough about what happened to be able to watch this though.

The news is full of unethical peop le committing amoral acts at the moment. It makes you want to give up the ghost really. Three must be normal, honest people out there somewhere? Surely they can’t be all gun totin’ executives, peddling asbestos, bribing, starting illegal wars, receiving grants’ after political donations, precluding women’s free medical choices and logging historical gardens?? Surely?

Katie knows about this : The Westbury World Wide Sock Festival!! ‘How?’ I asked her!! I live 20 minutes from Westbury and she lives on the mainland. She knows a lot!!! Should I enter a pair of socks?? This will definitely be a topic of hot discussio3_rows_till_the_heel_of_the_hippon at the Knitting Coven.

Harki and Peri had some grapes as a treat this morning. They were so well behaved : Harki always is, but she needs praise to reinforce good behaviour, and Peri has learned to sit and wait off her lead until I tell her she can run after Harki. They waited so well in the car while I bought tissues for my cold and grapes that they scored some, even in the car, before we came home!!!

As soon as I get to the heel of my sock I am going to go to bed and sleep. I am still nursing this cold, the same one or a variant of the one I have had since last November. If I want to go to The Knitting Coven I need to be rested……

Oh, it has just started raining : hard and soaking and it smells all rainy and fresh outside!!!!

For Goodness' Sake , It's the Hippo Hippo Shake!!

The_hippo_socks_au_naturel I love these Hippo socks!! They have pattern on every row!!! There is no relief from it, until you tune into the flow of the pattern, and then it’s actually easy. I’m worried the yarn doesn’t have much give, but I keep sticking my foot into the sock as I go and it seems OK. I am very pleased with the colour. It reminds me of  the sea, when it’s all aqua and sparkly, just like Boat Harbour. The yarn is Lana Grossa Cotton Maya, but it is about half and half cotton and wool with a tiny bit of polyamide. I knitted the rib and 2 whole pattern repeats yesterday afternoon. It’s not fast, but it’s worth it!!!

ACMA and I had a simultaneous thought and decision : this will be the year of recording on DVD. If 2 shows are on at the same time, you can record one and watch the other, and there is Timeslip too. What the heck is that and how does it work? I have a general idea – if the recording is half way through you can start watching from the beginning while you are still recording!!!! I must read the instruction book and figure this out. This is my job once school goes back : only 7 days to go. (This is in brackets so ACMA doesn’t feel sad about the holidays being over. She’s back to school  tomorrow or the next day to do preparation. I’m Hippo_socks_stretching_out_no_mud doing spelling lists!!!)

I am off to ACMA’s today for our second working day on The Crowded House mini-quilt. I will take some photos. I thought we should iron the bits we have already cut out onto Summer and Spring, so we can do some applique before we lose the tiny pieces!!!

The Labradors had an excellent breakfast of beans, zucchini, celery, basmati rice and chicken stock. I forgot to add the bacon scraps, so they will have another gourmet dog meal tomorrow.

The Wizards of Aus

The_wizard_socks The Wizard socks are finished : I could have gone to the Emerald City and back in the time it took. I only had 3 pattern repeats and the ribbing to do. It was quite quick. I don’t like toe-up socks. They were fun to try, but I like the other way better. I love these socks though!! Don’t they look long? Truly it looks like these would fit a clown!! I am starting the second Jaywalker today and my new Pomatomus, which shall be called The Hippo Socks for obvious reasons!! I am glad I am not in the Knitting Olympics. Sharon has made a spectators’ button. I will be socking and scarfing ( tee hee!!) and waiting for the Commonwealth Games and cooler weather to knit instead.

Today  when I walked The Labradors I wore my Lacy Socks,. They are lovely. It has been Summer I have hardly worn my socks at all, but today it made my feet feel special. Is that sad or what!!!??? Harki and Peri has an excellent walk today. The chased things, they smelled things, they ran like the wind!! They had a big play before we even left this morning too – with a manila folder!!!

Look away now if you don’t want a political opinion. I can’t believe what I saw on the late ABC News last night : The Federal Government has given, that’s right, given Gunns over $2.5 million for their pulp mill. Amazing what a $70,000 donation to a political party will get you.

I still have no books to read. Oh, I checked TALIS and I have a book ready to pick up. There is no use trawling through the shelves looking for a book to possibly read at the Library. (ACMA read a new Elizabeth George book wHarki_and_her_toy_de_jourhere the detective was ‘trolling’ through drawers looking for something.  What an editing error!!! There are never any.  I always have a bazillion books on hold. ACMA is working her way through the Alex Rider books. I knew she would like them. There aren’t even any new books in the bookshops in the fantasy/sci-fi section that I want to buy, except for the Dr Who scripts.  Oh, a nice segue into -

Last night was the last episode of the old Dr Who. I am bereft. What will I do at 6pm each day??? Soon we will have the new Dr Who , regenerated into David Tennant. We need the Christmas Special and then the series!!!! And I am almost exactly the same age as Ace, or Dorothy Mc Shane (the 7th Doctors last companion) : spooky sock link………..

I have written this whole post in between throwing Harki’s favourite toy of the day. If I don’t pay attention she waits patiently, thumping her tail with joyful anticipation, and then looks pointedly at where she has left it. Then it’s a mad scramble, for her, to get to the upper level of the backyard before I can throw it!!!