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Happy_harki_after_a_dousing_with_cold_wa Summer is definitely back and we only have 11 days of the Calendar season left, or if you use the equinox method : Summer is already over and we are into Autumn!! Tasmania has the weirdest weather. Here we are having 31*C and such hot nights, and the shops are full of new Winter clothes and shoes. Last year the apparel trade suffered a severe downturn here, as we had such a mild Winter they hardly sold a thing. They were having sales in June!! My friend talked to her friend who said the same thing has happened , mCalm_peri_not_her_usual_demeanourore or less, this year with Summer clothes. Let me tell you, we are hot. The mere thought of socks and scarves sends a shaft of fear into my heart!!!!

The Charlotte Sock #2 is barely started. I am only up to the ribbing . In a heat haze I accidentally started knitting with the yarn from the start of the cast on. I fixed that mistake and then put it away. Sharon has suggested I put the pattern for my sock in the side bar like she does. I am not exactly sure how to do this, so I will ask her on Tuesday at the Knitting Coven. I do like the star decreases!!!! And look at Katt’s Olympic Cardigan. It is finished anRibbing_for_charlotte_2d it is so lovely!!!

We’re having our State Election, actually we are all on tenterhooks waiting for the official announcement. I love elections : Vote Early and Vote Often!!!! NO, truly, I enjoy the rough and tumble of the campaign, all the analysis, but not the ads. It will be on March 18th, the same day as SA’s election and after the Commonwealth Games have begun. At the Mexican_berserker_standoff moment there are 14 Labour, 7 Liberal and 4 Greens. The latest prediction in the EMRS poll  is 10-11 Labour, 9-10 Liberal and 5 Greens. We will wait and see……Yes, they've just announced the election at 1-28pm!!!!

The Labradors are so hot I have cooled them down with water!! Then they were feeling so happy they played rowdy rug-moving games and left wet footprints everywhere!!! After their walk I am surprised they still had any energy!!



I have a headache because of this weather a because it is hot and b because I couldn't sleep last night :( It is Tassie we are not used to this.

I will gladly pass on my expertise to you on Tuesday.

She who smells yarn

I know I havent been liking the weather of late. It was suppose to rain and get cool yesterday too! Doesnt look like it.

I am just waiting for the lovely cool weather to get here!


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