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One ChaOne_charlotte_sockrlotte Sock has been completed. It looks quite small, but the stitch patterns pull it in. I did a ‘star’ decrease from the Autumn Interweave and I love it. It makes a little four petal kind of star. I will definitely use this again, certainly when I make the Interweave Socks which will be next. I hope to make a good start on sock #2 today as well.

It took 28g to make one sock, so if I buy one more ball of the yarn I can make myself a pair of socks too!! Must go tomorrow in case th ey sell it all.

Today it is hot again : it is  30*C right now. The Labradors are panting and hiding inside and having lots of drinks.  About 70,000 children went back to school today. I knew it Star_shaped_decreases would be hot : it is an unwritten rule, the first day of school it is either boiling hot or horrid, cold and rainy. There is no in-between.

Mrs Henderson Presents was excellent : I laughed uproariously and cried too. Despite the two elderly women sitting next to me who alternately ‘read’ the screen if there was writing or had a little discussion about each scene, ACMA and I loved it. We need to see it again as there was so much laughter we missed some lines of dialogue.  There is nudity of both persuasions too. I expect this will mean this will get an  ‘R’ or ‘X’ rating in the USA, they of the Nipple-gate Affair. I cannot conceive of how they could screen it otherwise. I found it terribly inoffensive and not in bad taste at all. Judy Dench, Bob Hoskins and all the girls were wonderful.

The bus strike is over as of midnight tonight, we have a gold medal at the Winter Olympics…all’s right with the world!!!!!



Charlotte is awesome, I love the star toe thingy. I do hope you write this pattern down and share with us all when you have finished.

Hooray for the end of the bus strike, I have just come home from picking the kids up, it was a nightmare.


The Charlotte sock is looking like a winner already!

lynne s of oz

Love the Charlotte sock and now I have to do that star toe on my pomatomus socks, assuming I EVER manage to finish the blighters!

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