Salmon-chanted evening!!!
Gotta make the most'a.....

That's Char-Lot!!!

The_charlotte_socks The Charlotte Socks are complete!!! They will need washing and blocking??? I think so, it will make the pattern stand out more. Should I make sock shaped inserts from card to display them at the Westbury World Wide Sockfest thingy??? I did enjoy making up the pattern and then knitting these. I love the new star shaped toe too. I am glad I didn’t join the Knitting Olympics as it has been too hot on some days to knit even socks. I can finish off the remaining 2 socks now, and then it will almost be time to start the Dr Who Zippy-Uppy Cardigan!! There are lovely cardigans in the new Kim Hargreaves Collection. I wish she sold patterns and not kits. I think I could just about work out what to do with the ones I like , though I don’t like garter stitch bands : they stretch to billio!!!

The Launceston SnB have found a new knitter!! We are all very excited. I Heart Knitting is into aliens Beep_beep_beep and skulls, and she's willing to take Knitting Risks, so she’ll fit right in!!!

Today I backed up my Email, Documents, Favourites and Pictures.  I heard the man on the ABC this morning reminding people to back up, so I bought some rewriteable CDs and managed (I think) to back things up. ACMA bought a new cordless phone with 2 handsets and 2 cradles to avert any more running-out-of-charge episodes happening while the gala skating demonstration is on tonight. I looked up the Channel 7 website and on the mainland they are showing the Olympics much earlier and in much more depth. We have to have football and then the Olympics don’t start till 10pm. I am going to have to try and sleep through the humidity and get up at 9-50pm to watch. The weather has been changeaNeither_young_nor_in_fashionble: humid and hot, so I had to have the air conditioner on all night, and then torrential rain, and then sunny and humid again this afternoon.

I plan to sew some trousers. I saw this pattern recommendation and Burda was on sale at the Black-Spot-of-Doom-Light for $5, I thought “Why not?” You have to ignore the doilies and the faux patchwork and just visualise them sans everything in a deep lime stretchy linen fabric. I am neither terribly young, nor terribly fashionable, but if these turn out OK I will make a few pairs for Autumn and Winter. I will only tack the bottom of the legs as they may be too wide. I might have to make them a tad narrower. If  I can manage to find my pins, I will start them tomorrow!!!

The Labradors were so hot this morning, they were like little supernovas. I tipped cold water over them and they have been lying on the cool tiles in an attempt to escape the heat. I was too tired from the heat and my normal lethargy and illness to walk them today. I don’t think they even care!!!

Oh, and go see Sue’s recipes. She’s from The Apple Isle as well!!!


She who smells yarn

I love that pattern for those pants (and ashamed to say I like them how they are pictured! I am such a dag! lol).

My socks are done for the WWW Sock Comp (piccie on my blog) You will love the green (you will see the true colour of them next meeting since it just wont come up right in the piccie I tried several times).


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