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Olive_and_khaki_jeansIt was way too hot again yesterday, but thankfully it cooled down overnight and was tolerable today. In honour of the hot weather I have new Winter jeans : stretchy-with-lycra cords in khaki and olive. The colours in the photo are just not right, but would I buy anything not green? OK I bought a teal green top, very nice and on special. My new book is green. I am in script reading mode and I found such a bargain : Dad’s Army Scripts reduced from $53-95 to $7-95!!!! That’s about an 85% discount!!!

I caught up on the highlights of the Turin Olympics. I like the big leaping off the hill, the ski jump?? And I saw the pairs figure skating. I knitted some more of my sock while I watched that, and the new series of Doc Martin – very amusing. Today I walked the Labradors and they had Italian zucchini that ACMA and I donated some money into the Relay for Life tin to get ‘free’. She carried them to the car for me. Harki has been playing with her Christmas Squeaky ball and her Mr_brown_goes_up_to_town Squeaky barbell. Peri has been playing Hogan’s Heroes and trying to dig her way, unsuccessfully, out of the yard…into the Forbidden Zone from which there is NO escape!!! That would be Prison UN-break!!!

Today we watched the last episode of Carnivale. Wow! It makes my mind turn inside out to try and think about all the implications….I wish they had made more, but I am glad that they had time to make an ending of sorts. I am all slow and tired and I keep losing things all the time, when I just had them in my hand. I am not going out at all tomorrow if I can help it.

Someone had a link on their blog to variegated lace weight (2ply) yarn available I Australia. It is divine and there is a really green one. I need to make something with it now. It says one skein is enough for a scarf. I woMad_dogs_and_englishmen_go_out_in_the_minder what else it could make though????

Tomorrow I am making some things for the Knitting Coven. Better late than never….I will take photos when they are finished.



I love Dads Army, Geoff is trying to pick a set up off ebay, but he doesn't want to pay a fortune for them so he is biding his time. I too saw that variegated yarn link and must have some, so many colours, just beautiful.

She Who Smells Yarn

I am debating whether or not to bring along tomorrow my latest Knitting Olympic project. Its not huge but there is two balls involved in the working! lol


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