The Right Trousers.......
Tote that barge, sock that bale

"Tic-ed" off

Secret_knitting_coven_things_1  I have been feeling tired and I have a tic under my left eye. Very annoying!! I have been working on the Knitting Coven Secret Projects and apart from just losing a zip somewhere between the ironing board and the sewing machine….I have to go out to get a new one now…Bah Humbug…it all went quite well!!! These are very cute and useful. I will take proper photos before I go!!!Harkis_expensive_toy

The Labradors had a great walk. There was no rolling in  smelly stuff of any description by Peri, and she came when she was called, and Harki is always such a good girl!!! She has a new expensive toy: the fin from ACMA’s Nemo Christmas fish toy, tied to a stick with some string. It is the best toy in the world : much better than any expensive squeaky or bell toy.

I have been knitting away on Charlotte sock #2. I have done 3 of the four pattern Red_clouds_gathering repeats to the heel.

In a momentous ceremony I handed ACMA the last of the tapes, at present,  of things she and I needed to watch – tape #206, and I was all caught up!!! Since then have Shameless to watch, but that’s all– apart form all the Food, Lifestyle and How Tos!!!

The weather has been strangely warm and misty and the clouds on Sunday night were as pink as – whatever is really pink!! I attempted to capture their pinkness….

Ah, the Election is truly up an running, with personal insults and red-faced affront, allegations of nepotism, kick-backs and goodness knows what else,  and outside parties  verging on blackmail with their threats. I love the smell of an Election in the morning!!


She Who Smells Yarn

oooooh i so LOVE my little giftie!!! Whos zipper did you lose?



They are so useful, word will spread about your beautiful sock knitting totes.


I loooooooooooove my sock knitting tote but it doesn't have sock knitting in it at the moment for some reason.

It has the baby jumper that I started at S'n'B yesterday. I have finished the back and am about 1/2 way to the underarms on the front already.

Wasn't the ice dancing good last night?


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