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Tote that barge, sock that bale

Katts_purple_haze_sock_tote                        Suzis_skully_sock_tote I made more Sock Totes!! Here are pictures of them. There is Purple Haze for Katt, Skully for Suzi, Blue Lagoon for Sandra D and Iris for Cathy. I have refined my design by adding some wadding to the top and bottom, and doing some machine quilting. It seems to add body and stability. Sharon had some of Katie’s Yarn, which we all loved. Cathy had finished a lovely cot blanket and sewed up a cardi while we sat there. Katt was knitting a boy’s stripy jumper and Suzi a sock. Sharon was knitting a Hippo sock and her Opal Flamingo sock. I am up to the heel turn on Charlotte #2.

Yesterday was hot again, and I was too hot to even nap. Thankfully later in the evening it cooled down, but at 8am it was 23*C and climbing.

I love the ice skating at the Turin Olympic Games, which by the way are NOT the “A-lympic” Games, in all its aspects. I love Barbara the mean and scary Italian ice dancer. I love/hate their costumes. The feSandra_ds_blue_lagoon_sock_totemale Bronze medallist’s costume top defies descripCathys_iris_sock_totetion, and got worse when she actually skated!!! Oh look, someone tried….Ukraine's Elena Grushina wore a white dress that was not only backless, it was virtually frontless, as well, with tassels strategically dangling over her chest. There are still 3 more days of skating. Hooray!!! ACMA and I watch whilst on the phone and we are au fait with all the terms : Twizzle, Rotational Lift, Straight line steps etc. There were telephonic difficulties last night with ACMA’s phone conking out, but in true Olympic spirit she rerouted the call through her other phone with an extension cored. Higher, Stronger, Faster – Longer!!!!!

Today is Launceston Cup Day, the day that kind of half ways stops some of a city!!! ( ie the Melbourne Cup stops a Nation) I have been to a race meeting once and I didn’t enjoy it at all. It was mainly a lot of people drinking and eating to excess.  When I was still at work we would have a sweep, but I have never actually had a bet. I think I will be able to successfully give the whole Cup thing a miss today as well.

Fitness: The Federal Government refuses to ban or place stricter guidelines on the screening of junk food ads during children’s viewing hours. They say that these ads have no effect on children’s eating habits. So, what avenue have they chosen to address this issue of fitness and health eating? Yes, that’s right, they have placed ads during children’s viewing hours. Anyone spot the problem??? ACMA also pointed out that the children most likely to see the ads are already sitting in front of the TV and those reading a book, outside playing or using a computer won’t see them at all!!! Go the Federal Government!! Great thinking chaps!!! 

The Labradors are every excited as today The GardyGardeners come for morning tea. The Labradors have started running from the front window to the back door, to the front door and back to the window again with their tails wagging, ears pricked and big anticipatory smiles!!!! They might have some plain biscuits today!! They are so happy!!!

I have 6 new books, 4 Tamora Pierce and 2 Dr Who Books!!! I am so lucky and now ....I can order some more!!!!



The totes look great, I think the knitting covener's will love them. I love mine, I use it all the time & don't know what I did without it now.


Another thankyou for my loooooooooooovely sock tote.

It's a wonder some of the ice dancers aren't arrested for "ALMOST" being nude in public as some of their costumes are soooooooooooo revealing.

I am now working on the 1st sleeve of the baby jumper that I started yesterday at the Knitting Coven.


She who smells yarn

I adore my tote! Thank you again for it! I have already popped sock yarn in there that I want to start knitting up soon for a pair of socks for me. Just have to get the spare time! lol



hi cindy...may i ask what is a sock tote for?? but anyhow...they look really pretty :)

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