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Pottering about!!!!

Dr_who_zuc_knitting After all the electioneering, the ads, the campaigning, the endless commentary, the actual voting and then the 10 day count, we have finally ended up with : exactly the same as we had before!!! How ironic. The politicians that retired were replaced by those of the same party and so we have the same Parliamentary configuration : 14 Labor, 7 Liberal and 4 Green. Really, we might have saved ourself the bother, and the money, and given it a miss.

This morning, despite the very Autumnal weather, The Labradors headed off for a swim!! They swan out, raced for sticks, and then Harki Dr_who_logo_chartplayed a running after Peri game. This was a first: they usually do side by side play!! They are having boiled celery, brown rice, diet dry dog food, all infused with prawn shells!! At ACMA’s last night we ate the most lovely seafood : sushi and salmon, scallop and prawn kebabs!! It was to die for. We ate this while watching all the extras from Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire - Special Edition DVD. The extras were really good. There were great interviews and documentaries. There was no time to watch the actual film!!!

I am knitting away on the Dr Who ZUC. I am truly obsessed by it and the ever growing tangle of ends and long pieces of wool at the back. I am not using bobbins, I decided to just use metre long pieces of wool as needed. Most of the sections are quite small so this seems to be working well, and I think my knitting looks quite like the logo!!

I finally got around to reading the latest Creative Knitting cover to cover, and there, on the Cast Off page at the end of the magazine is a ‘letter’ from me about where I like to knit!! How cooMy_ck_letterl is that?? My name in print, and a mention for The Labradors of course!!!

I am off to have my flu injection. I need a tetanus injection too, but I will wait till my arm recovers, and Harki has to go to the Vet next week, so we have to budget for that!!!

Today is the last day of Project Spectrum : March, which is red and pink. I will make a separate post of all the things I made, well there’s not a lot, but they’re not green, so it’s a lot for me!!!

At the Ends of Reality!!!

Omgcb_15_colour_changes_1  My knitting of the Dr Who ZUC today is like that Bjork song where everything is ‘Oh so quiet’ until you turn it over and then there are bloodcurdling scrams, thunderclaps and cannons firing : and that’s just me!! Ahhhh!! Look at all the ends!! I can’t. I am ignoring the back and just concentrating on the quite Ok-edness of the front!! It is not too bad for my first attempt and I seem to be in the exact mood for knitting a complicated pattern with a new technique.

The Labradors woke me at about 9-23am, OK at exactly 9-23am!! Last night I went to bed at 10-10pm Omgcb_a_bazillion_ends ( yes I am obsessed by the time, thank your lucky starts I don’t have a phone like ACMA’s new one that records the time for each call!!! You would be subjected to that too) and I started listening to a very interesting discussion about education and then next thing I knew it was the morning!! Bah Humbug, I wanted to listen to that!! Harki wanted to play with a stick but then lost all motivation after one throw. She is napping again. Peri has been to bed, arisen in the hope of food when I opened the cupboard to make a cup of tea, but now she is all deflated and sad again!!!

A library book has arrived!! I knew my cunning plan would work. I am going to pick up ‘March’ by Geraldine Brooks. It is the story of Mr March , aka Mr Little Women’s father, married to Marmee, and his time away at war. I have no idea if it will be good or not, but the premise intrigues me.

We’re back playing throw the stick for Harki and Peri is enjoying the Autumn Sun on the decking out the back.

If you like coconut I can highly recommend this recipe!! I found a recipe on the internet but I changed it a little to suit our ingredients.

Frozen Coconut Mousse or Coconut Ice-cream really!!!

  • 250ml coconut milk

  • 110g caster sugar

  • 4 or 5 tspn gelatine

  • 250ml cream

  • 1 tspn vanilla

Place the coconut milk and sugar in a small saucepan and sprinkle the gelatine over the top. Leave for 5 minutes. Gently heat, stirring all the time, till the sugar and gelatine are dissolved, it shouldn't need to boil. Cool till lukewarm. Whip the cream and vanilla till soft peaks form and then fold into the cooled coconut mixture. Pour into a container and freeze.

This is my really cool pad, man!!!!

A_present_from_my_sister_a_notepad This is truly noteworthy!! My sister sent me a lovely present. It is a Labrador notepad. Every page has a lighter version of the same photo. Katie and I were saying today ( in an ether way) that you should use all the nice things you have, wear all your best clothes, go on holiday and spend your money while you can. Believe me, you may find out that there could be no tomorrow, so live (within reason) as if there won't be one!!! I shall, therefore, be writing lots of little notes on my Labrador notepad.

If only I could take crisp and clear photos like Katie!! I shall have to ask the Knitting Coven people for real life help on Tuesday!!!!!

I know all there is to know about the Pyjama Game*

No, this is not the Doris Day Pajama (sic) Game!! This is the pyjama game you have when you are not in a film!!! Katt, the way the Pyjama Game works, is that you get up, decide you are feeling boogelly, and then look in the pyjama drawer, choose a new pair that cheers you up, have a shower and get dressed into your new pyjama : then have lots of cups of tea!!! Repeat as desired during the day!! When I was at work I didn’t have real pairs of pyjamas. I had T-shirts and I pulled on a track suit when I arose from bed, or jeans, as I would be immediately walking the dogs. Now I can’t go to work anymore I have become a wearer of pyjamas. I have lots of pyjamas, all in different greens and I love to wear them!!! 

K9_badge ACMA gave me a present : a K9 brooch. It is so cute!! I shall wear it today when I go out. I have also finally got around to downloading new paw prints for my mobile. You can download them, is that the right term? from the Qld RSPCA. It says it takes 15 minutes, but mine came almost immediately!! I love having paw prints on my mobile, it reminds me of The Labradors.. Usually when the mobile starts there is a kind of Michelangelo ‘happening’ where a hand reaches from above to touch the fingers of a hand reaching up. Very weird!!!

Now I am off to do some algebra with Milly’s sister!!!

Difference of squares : (a+b)(a-b)= a²-b²

Perfect squares : (a+b)²=a²+2ab+b²



Chicken Little's Right!!

IR Reform has struck. The World Today reports that men have been sacked and then offered re-employment on a contract, with a $20,000 a year cut in their pay. Mr Howard, Mr Andrews and Mr Costello : for these men, the sky is falling.

I have spent the day in my pyjamas. I know that is way too much information, but it is indicative of my mood : not a full blown Georgette Heyer decline, just a step to lower ground!!!!  The Labradors woke me up a little before 9am, though we all woke earlier and looked at the Moon at about 6am. It is at the end of a 9 year Lunar cycle and it was a full Moon lit very artistically as if by up lighting!!! The Labradors have had a good day. Harki has played with a plastic bottle and a stick and Peri has been outside doing ‘busy’ things. I know not what she does, but it seems all very absorbing. Now Peri likes to be under her Labrador blanket when she goes to bed, and it isn’t even cold!!

Homemade_yoghurt_pikelets_1  I used some of my homemade yoghurt to make pikelets today. There is no real recipe!! I just used about a cup of yoghurt, a cup of self raising flour and an egg. I ate them with lemon and sugar. I think it is a universal rule that the first batch of pikelets you make are not very successful : it is as if they season the pan. In our house these are the Dog Pikelets!!!

I have borrowed A Gathering of Lace from the Library. I am going to use Katt’s lovely yarn present, that fulfils April’s Project Spectrum requirements, to make something lacy.

I am writing the pattern for the upper part of the fronts for the Dr Who ZUC. Once it is written I can finish both the fronts and then there is only the back to do!!

I have no books to read at them moment. I said this a few weeks ago and I was inundated with books, so I’m hoping for a repeat!!!!

Fighting the Faux

Dr_who_zuc_and_labrador_cushion Yesterday I was suffering from a lack of sleep. I was still awake on Sunday morning at 1-30am. I just couldn’t sleep. I woke up at 7-30am on Sunday and that was it. I was boogelly all day. Nevertheless I went to ACMA’s and she made 8 trays of Faux-LCMs ( recipe below!!) for fundraising at school for the Relay for Life. What are LCMs really? What does the acronym stand for??? Least Common Multiple bar????I made some drinking yoghurt for ACMA with my new yoghurt maker contraption thingy. I am awaiting a verdict…

This morning it was raining, and it has not stopped.  The Labradors had their walk in the rain, which they don’t seem to mind, but they are loath to go out now to play. They are huddled masses inside!!!  I found another blogger with Labradors and knitting : Labradorable!!!

I am in the clutches of a food obsession. ACMA made me ‘breakfast’ at 2-30pm yesterday just as we finished cooking and just before 2 more episodes of Stargate Season 2.. I hadn’t eaten because of the boogelliness. She made me grilled cheese and tomato chilli pickles on toast. Since then that is all I want to eat!! I have eaten it for tea and breakfast and lunch!!! I am making some chilli Italian meatballs this afternoon in an attempt to break the tomato chilli toasted cheese’s hold on me. I can only try!!!

You can see pictures of the prize winning socks from the Westbury World Wide Sock Competition now. They are all so lovely!! It makes me want to knit some socks again next year too. I have a lot of time to think about what I might make. I am almost up to the armhole cast off on the second front of the Dr Who ZUC. What with all my Georgette Heyer declines and all, it is no surprise I couldn’t knit a cardigan in 11 days. I have almost done 4 out of the 5 pieces – albeit the 5th piece is a doozy, so I can’t be too disappointed really!!! I have been sitting on my Labrador cushion at the computer and knitting. The new Creative Knitting magazine is out and about. It has a nice sock pattern. They are trying hard to improve.

I had a lovely surprise this morning. For a few years now I have been helping with some statistical analysis : once a year for 90 minutes!!! And this morning I received a voucher for some books as a thank you!! I love maths, and it was not a trial for me to analyse their data, so it was a double surprise!! What to buy???

For your amusement : Joss on the future of TV!!!

ACMA’s LCMs ( Faux LCMs: just try and not eat them)Lacmas


125g marshmallows , chopped if large


60 g butter


2 ½ cups rice puff cereal


flavourings like ½ cup 100s &1000s, chocolate sprinkles, chopped up lollies etc or even cocoa or choc chips. The sky is the limit!!

Line a slice tin with plastic wrap. Melt the butter and marshmallows in a saucepan over a low heat, stirring all the time once it starts to melt. Pour into the cereal and add your flavourings and mix well. Pour into the tin and cover with more plastic wrap and press down firmly. You can roll with a glass too. Refrigerate till firm and cut into slices or squares. 

Woolly Thinking

Sock_comp_prize_wool Here is my Sock Competition Prize : 5 100g balls, beautifully wound, of brown Tasmanian wool. It says it is ‘naturally’ coloured, so maybe it is from a brown sheep???

I have made my own yoghurt. It tasted like real yoghurt. The Labradors like it, but they like it with fruit much better.

I have new lush olive green stretchy jeans. They have been on the lay by, but they are all mine now!! Yoghurt_harki_has_it_peri_wants_it They need taking up, and I need the weather to be much cooler so I can wear them.

My_new_olive_stretch_velvet_jeans_i_am_s The Knitting Coven had a stall in York Town Square today. I went along after lunch in case they needed someone to woman the stall, but there were 4 people there : Suzi, Katt, Margaret and Sandra Dee.  There weren’t many serious buyers, though I think a Yoghurt_lapped_up_by_perifew items were snapped up.

I am getting a cold. I feel poorly : pale, hot and snuffly. I have had a big sleep this afternoon and now I am  having cups of tea with lemon. Bah Humbug. I can’t smell things very well. I couldn’t tell Earl Grey from English Breakfast. Quelle Horreur!!!

I am up to the armhole cast off on the first DR Who ZUC and I hope to finish it The_kniting_covens_stall_1 tonight……or not!!!

Up the Lazy River......

Christmas_banner_again_i_like_this_1Earlier this week I saw my friend who, together with her husband, runs a most gorgeous B&B 15 minutes up the river from where I live. It was so lovely to see her, and I gave her the pincushion and covered tape measure and Christmas banner. I am so White Rabbit this year. I took pictures of the verandah where we sat and had a leisurely afternoon tea with some delicious cake, and we tasted the pinot grapes that were being picked at the vineyard at the bottom of the garden. We gazed down the river, the Autumn Sun shining warmly, a gentle breeze blowing and all was well!!!

I am quite tired and we didn’t wake up till 9 o’clock this morning. I am off to the Hospital, just to have my port flushed, and then home again to rest. I haven’t knitted for 2 days. That’s 4 days altogether when I have been unable to compete in my own special Knitting Commonwealth Games. I have been knitting again this morning, but there’s nothing to show.

Pincushion_gets_a_tape_partnerThe Knitting Coven’s sock entries arrived back this morning. No-one wanted to buy them, and I think we are all very happy, as we each like our socks so much!!.

I also received a package of wool from the Sock Competition. Is this for me? The boAfternoon_tea_venue_1x inside had a different name and there is no note or anything. Perhaps this is my prize?? Cathy, did you get a package in the mail? Other than your birthday presents!! Happy Forty-humph birthday!!!!

The Labradors like the cooler weather. Harki played with her DingleDangle ball for longerThe_vineyards than The West Wing this morning, which meant I spent lots of time getting up and down, but I love her, so I don’t mind. Peri bopped me on the head with her nose. Ouch!! She is very…..enthusiastic!!!

Some computers may not cope with the later change over for DaylThe_view_back_down_the_riveright Saving. There is a link to Microsoft with some instructions on this SMH page.

I have now, in my hot little hands, the KnitSimple Vogue magazine #1 and the new Spring Interweave Knits!!!!!! Then there's the new Delicious Magazine and 3 new  SFX!!!

Stinky and the Brain

Peri is Stinky. I have no Brain. Harki is an Angel as usual.

Peri rolled in something so unmentionable I shall not mention it other than to say that I could smell her at  20 paces. We were forced to go to have a swim and luckily she came out all shiny and clean. Harki swam some of her best swimming. She must have been inspired by the thought of her chance to be in the 2010 Republican Games ( a girl can dream!!!)

I have no brain. I knitted all of the ribbing and about 20 rows of the front of the Dr Who ZUC yesterday and I had 10 stitches fewer than I needed. I counted the rows at The Knitting Coven yesterday assiduously, all to no avail.

I apparently went to be on Monday night at 8-45pm and last night it was 10pm. I slept in too. I am obviously catching up on all my non-sleeping during the Summer. I think today is the Autumnal Equinox today, where the day and night are the same length. Daylight Saving finishes on April 2nd this year: an extra week before we Spring Ahead, Fall Back  because of the Games.

I was bitten on the neck by an insecty bug thing. It hurt. I am now spending way too much time Noice_babys_hat worrying that it may have injected me with a life-threatening venom and every time I feel a twitch or  feel slightly boogelly, I think “ That’s it then!!!”

Thanks to Suzi who steered me in the direction of the correct newsagency to buy the first issue of KnitSimple.

Thanks to Cathy for lending me her lovely baby blanket to take a photo of an accidental Project Spectrum  Kath’n’Kim Baby’s Hat in lolly pink really!! I have a label too- see The Labradors????
Thanks to Katt for some patterns.

Thanks to everyone else, thank you lines people, thank you ball people.

I am too tired to think any more!!! I think I shall go to bed tonight at  8pm, 7pm, 6pm…….