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Stinky and the Brain

2paw Pittman

Yes, I am throwing a ‘Jana’!!* My left shoulder muscles are complaining about the fact that I have Dr_who_zuc_sleeves knitted the 2 sleeves for the Dr Who ZUC in 3 days!!! I am having to rest, cry that my Games hopes are over, and stomp off to the bedroom!!! I am having to knit a little, then read, or do some Project Spectrum embroidery, and then knit again. It does not bode well for a Games Medal!!!

In more medal news, I have, amazingly, won the Best Designer Sock division in the Westbury World Wide Sock Knitting Competition.  Who knew my socks really were the stuff of designer dreams? Cathy also won a prize, though I’m not sure in which division.  Thanks to Suzi, Margaret, Sandra D The_charlotte_socks_1 and Katt for giving me the news, and their congratulations!!! I would have liked to go to the WWW Sock Competition, but I have been feeling a little pale and I slept away the afternoon yesterday without a care or worry.

The Labradors had an enthusiastic walk today. They ran after (non-existent) kangaroos and played chasings and then ran about at home in the Sun. It was cool on our walk, even cold, and I wore a long-sleeved top for the first time since I don’t know when. Even so, it is sunny and warm now.

ACMA gave me great recipe packs for Christmas. They have all the spices and herbs you need to El_burrito_spain make one of 2 recipes on the pack. I made Spanish Chicken. I coated strips of chicken thigh meat in the chilli, whole fennel seeds, basil, smoked paprika and garlic and herb salt, and then fried them in olive oil, and made a salsa out of corn, tomato, parsley and red onion, and made a Spanish Burrito!!!! I spread the floury burrito with sour cream, added some luscious avocado and the salsa and chicken and devoured it like there was no tomorrow. It was utterly delicious. When I am pale and too tired to think of what to cook, I can use the great packets, and not eat toast and Vegemite for every meal!!!

Im_a_teapot I have a new ‘teapot’. It is an 8 cup coffee pot really, but in truth it makes 2 my-size cups of tea. I am drinking Orange Pekoe at the moment!!!

There is a new Spring/Summer Vogue Knitting and a new KnitSimple as well. I will have to investigate their soon-to-be-here-edness!!!

* Scroll down through the transcript to read a little about Jana's Dramas



Congratulations Cindy on your win at the www sockfest!
I'm sorry you couldn't be there but I saw the photo's on Suzie & Katt's blogs.
Hope you're feeling more energetic soon.


Congrats on the WWW win.

My entry was in the coloured sock section. I was really chuffed to win.

I couldn't get to the Festival as had been away all the day before so was a little (read a lot) disappointed not to get there.


lynne s of oz

Congratulations on your sock win! More GOLD for Australia.
(I really do mean it is fabulous! :-)


Beautiful socks! An award well deserved. Congratulations!

She who smells yarn

Hope you are feeling better. See you tomorrow.

Bugger about the knitting injury! Have had that happen before! What happens when you get excited! lol



Congratulations on your winning sock, now you definately must share the pattern with us!!!

I hate knitting related injuries, ouch.

See you this afternoon xx

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