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Today it is raining and all’s right with the World. I have been out in the rain, Harki has played with her toy in the rain and Peri has sniffed excellent smells in the rain!!! It is unfortunate for our local ABC radio station as today is their Open Day and Concert celebrating their move to FM 91.70. I really want to go, but I can’t. There will be no parking places close, and the ABC is fort-like on top of a hill, and there will be lots of people and queues and nowhere to sit and I would not be able to stand up for that long. ACMA, of course, has pooh-poohed the whole idea saying no more than 5 people will attend, but I think that lots will.

I have not knitted a stitch for a whole day. I must work on the details of the non-existent Dr Who Zippy-Uppy cardigan pattern. There is no pattern at all. I have to write it!!!! I need to get the wool for the logo on the back too.  Last week showed I can knit a ball of wool a day, but I must check the duration of  Commonwealth Games and make allowances for the assembling said cardigan!!!

Nodoily_trousers_resting_outside Today I am doing nothing. I am resting and napping again and I might take the invisible zip out of my new trousers and put an ordinary zip in instead. They have been washed and then dried in the Sun. They will need a lot of ironing!!!

I saw Katt in town at the weekend with DNLPF and her baby Christopher. She had bought some wool and now she has dyed it ( and bits of herself). Sharon has been a real Poirot and discovered that you can buy Kool-Aid locally, and so I am going to order some and dye my sock wool ( some time, some where, some day)

Today is the 8 Hour Day holiday. It is a day to celebrate the fact that all workers are entitled to 8 hours work, 8 hours recreation and 8 hours rest.  Of course all workers’ rights are under threat. On of my rellies has just been told he must work 12 hour shifts from now on, 3am to 3pm one week and then 3pm to 3am the next, or he can leave. There was no consultation, no co-operation, just an ultimatum. He had to accept as he needs his job, but this is not a sign of things to come, what is to come is already here……



I like the pin cushion from your previous post.

It reminded me that the lady across the road from me has a lot of oddments of material that she's trying to give away.

When I mentioned that we may be having the dying demo here and that a "crafty lady" may be coming she said that you were welcome to have whatever you wanted.



Isn't it awful how workers can and are being treated in such a modern world. Our forefathers spent years fighting for workers rights etc. and for what :(

She who Smells Yarn

I am with Sharon on the way workers are treated. Its revolting! And something needs to change.

I have only dyed one ball. And its a good thing I did it when I did. I was struck down eith Gastro for 24+ hrs Sunday night to Monday night!! YUCK.



And once the new laws are passed they won't get 8 hour day off anyway, bloody politicians!

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