Yes Virginia, there is a cold snap in Hell!!!
Vive Le Baton

Bags of Fun!!!!

My_new_green_bags I picked up my two new bags from lay by!! They are green : of course!!! One is a leather compact but many compartmented bag, and the other a lovely woven straw bag.  I must count my green bags and see how many I actually have!!!

The Labradors had to have 2/3 of their walk on their leads today as there were a veritable multitude of cars and people at the dam : at 8-01am too. It was lovely and cool and I slept all the way through the night and woke up at about 7-30, so we went for a walk before I could think twice about it. I quite like walks on the lead as thLong_suffering_harki_and_peris_bottomey pull me up the hills!!! Harki is so longsuffering. Peri bounces about, steals her toys and generally creates havoc with a plastic cup!! Harki just sits there and we catch each others eyes, and I think she rolls hers too!!!! I am glad I am not going out at all today. I am staying home, napping and knitting and stewing apples!!!

I have had my new computer for 2 1/2 years, which makes it not quite so new, and when the keyboard stopped working yesterday I was rather philosophical about it. Peri_does_the_hokey_pokey Then I turned it over and saw that it needed batteries!!! Who knew?? Not me!! I have a cordless mouse and that needs batteries frequently, but I have never put new batteries in the keyboard!! A quick swap and it was up and working just like new again.

What’s going on with the still nameless cardigan back?? It is curling like it’s part of the Canadian team?? I need a cute guy with a broom to make it stop curling!!! I Whats_going_on_here_then watched far too much Winter Olympics!!! I expect I can block it to within an inch of it’s life, but it is very, very annoying. The actual wool/silk yarn is lovely to knit with. It is smooth and not splitty at all,  though it is a little thick and then, but not terribly so. I have almost finished the second ball and will be able to start the third in an hour or so. The little piece of thread tied on marks 50 rows. It stops me having to count from the bottom all the time!!!

I am one with Sharon endorsing the acceptance of one's curviness!! I have noticed than often famous uncurvy women want their upper regions to be nigh on alpine in their curviness, whilst retaining waif-like proportions everywhere lese. I’m curvy and I’m proud, ‘cause let’s face it, I’m never going to be anything else!!! I need my clothes to be flattering and so boxy, squared off things make me look like Mrs Bucket in full flight!! That is why I steer clear of ponchos and wraps, lest I actually resemble something that needs to be steered!!!  As long as I can still fit into last Winter’s clothes, I am happy, and as I am wearing some jeans now from last year and they are quite OK, I don’t feel the urge to d**t!!!!!!

Sharon also found a link to sock blockers. My cardboard ones are just like that, except they are cardboard!! I may need to invest in some a bit later on!!!

Katt and AJ have joined Project Spectrum too!! I am looking forward to seeing what they make. I am pleased that I don’t have to totally abandon my green fetish to join in. Some people have added a little red to their project and  absolutely fulfilled the criterion, so I am happy that my special Katt Yarn, which I have named Daffodil, qualifies 100%!!!



Your new bags are really nice (and green).

Hopefully the rolling at the bottom of your jumper will block out.

I agree with the acceptance of ones curviness as well.

I would rather have a few curves than be matchstick thin.


She Who Smells Yarn

I think women with curves are so much prettier then 2x4 women!

LOVE the bags...

I thought you had to use both colours when the list says (like this month) red and pink (I took that as you had to make something with red AND pink in it)...I have noticed other people making things with both colours in them.

I am going to have to dye some yarn to do mine I be thinking. I have red...I have pink..But I want red and pink together.



I do like your new bags, very nice. I haven't bought a new bag in ages, about time I did.

I think your sock blockers worked just as good as the ones at Halycon and of course a much better price ;)

Let's make this year the year of the curves!!


Just in case you'd like another idea in sock blockers I thought I'd throw in this link:

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