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Budding Holly

Project_spectrum_1_almost_done_1  Today I felt faint in the Funny Book Supermarket and I had to sit down and they brought me a glass of water. They were very kind.  I am, then, feeling quite pale!!

Yesterday I finished my trousers and the new zip is in and I am wearing them as I type. They are very comfortable, being stretchy, and a tad too big. I have overestimated my size again!! I shall make this pattern as soon as I find some more linen/cotton with Lycra!!!

I have almost finished my Project Spectrum Red Project #1 ( #2 accidentally being the Pincushion!!!) I embroidered while I watched Commander in Chief last night. I just have to quilt each patch and embellish with some beads and then back and bind. I do that in one fell swoop, so I quite enjoy it. The Black-Spot-Of-Doom-Light have their chair back, so I wasn’t feeling faint there. I bought the wool for the Dr Who Logo : I am making Logo #1. The Commonwealth Games start tomorrow, but I am Dr_who_logo_wool_ready_to_go_1 not ready to start tomorrow, and I have done exactly NO preparation. I work best under pressure, so I will be writing the pattern tonight!!! Katie sent me these logos when she was my Secret Pal 6, and the Dr Who Zippy-Uppy Cardigan was only a dream then : So thanks Katie!!!!!!!!!!

It wilNerdy_radio_penl have rib bands, K1 P1 because I like those best, and then ribbing continued at the side seams to add self-shaping with the rest plain stocking stitch. It will have the logo on the back, but I don’t know what the neck and /or collar will be like, but I reckon I have a while to go before I need to make that decision.

Nerd Alert : If you are offended by my sad Luddite-ness look away now!

I took my special Artemis Fowl radio pen with me on our walk this morning and I listened to the local ABC on FM and the reception was perfect. Any fairies, goblins or elves out there had better watch out for The Labradors and I. We don’t have a wickedly intelligent plan, or fiendish schemes, but we might accidentally tread on you…….Real people have a proper radio. I used to be a real person and I had a green radio....once....My_holly_is_berrying_now

Oh, and my Holly is out in berry ( or in bud - is that what it does?) right now, in all its rich red and greenness. It is very healthy but weirdly out of season. It wouldn't be Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere now, so is it just me, or the weather???


She who Smells Yarn

I like the first Dr Who chart too! Looks very nice.. I know my older sister would love a jumper with one on it.

Ok..Can I ask what is the "Funny Book Supermarket"?

I am not far off starting my Project Sprecrum project I dont think. I might be up to in by Friday (after I get a few more things done for the market for this weekend).

I love your pen!!



Those colours will look wonderful together, looking forward to seeing it's progress reports.

I was going to ask the same question as Katt, where is the funny book supermarket? The black spot of doom light I could decipher but this one has me stumped.


I think Logo #1 is the perfect choice. I'm glad I could find something useful for you.
I have similar problems with fit, I usually try to measure myself before I start anything so it fits just right but I guess I must be measuring something wrong.

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