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Chicken Little's Right!!

IR Reform has struck. The World Today reports that men have been sacked and then offered re-employment on a contract, with a $20,000 a year cut in their pay. Mr Howard, Mr Andrews and Mr Costello : for these men, the sky is falling.

I have spent the day in my pyjamas. I know that is way too much information, but it is indicative of my mood : not a full blown Georgette Heyer decline, just a step to lower ground!!!!  The Labradors woke me up a little before 9am, though we all woke earlier and looked at the Moon at about 6am. It is at the end of a 9 year Lunar cycle and it was a full Moon lit very artistically as if by up lighting!!! The Labradors have had a good day. Harki has played with a plastic bottle and a stick and Peri has been outside doing ‘busy’ things. I know not what she does, but it seems all very absorbing. Now Peri likes to be under her Labrador blanket when she goes to bed, and it isn’t even cold!!

Homemade_yoghurt_pikelets_1  I used some of my homemade yoghurt to make pikelets today. There is no real recipe!! I just used about a cup of yoghurt, a cup of self raising flour and an egg. I ate them with lemon and sugar. I think it is a universal rule that the first batch of pikelets you make are not very successful : it is as if they season the pan. In our house these are the Dog Pikelets!!!

I have borrowed A Gathering of Lace from the Library. I am going to use Katt’s lovely yarn present, that fulfils April’s Project Spectrum requirements, to make something lacy.

I am writing the pattern for the upper part of the fronts for the Dr Who ZUC. Once it is written I can finish both the fronts and then there is only the back to do!!

I have no books to read at them moment. I said this a few weeks ago and I was inundated with books, so I’m hoping for a repeat!!!!



You can stay in your pyjamas if you like, I have days that if I could I most definately would. My dream is to stay in my PJs and knit all day, aahhh.

I looooove pikelets, and yes you are right the first batch are a bit dodgey!!

She Who Smells Yarn

My girls sometimes have PJ days. I dont think I could do it. The longest I have lasted is until 1pm and I just felt icky not being dressed for the day.

mmmmmm pikelets!!



Cindy I get up at 6 o'clock and get the lunches made and have breakfast and then I do actually knit in my PJs until the kids go to school. Sometimes I could stay in them all day, really I could.


I have never heard of pikelets, though I like all of the things that are in them. . . and, no doubt, so do my labs. I wonder if the end of the lunar cycle is why there is going to be a total eclipse of the sun (by the moon) on Wednesday. It's visible (or invisible, depending on how you see it) from Brazil to Libya to Turkey, so I won't see it and neither will you. Drat!

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