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Dr_who_zuc_and_labrador_cushion Yesterday I was suffering from a lack of sleep. I was still awake on Sunday morning at 1-30am. I just couldn’t sleep. I woke up at 7-30am on Sunday and that was it. I was boogelly all day. Nevertheless I went to ACMA’s and she made 8 trays of Faux-LCMs ( recipe below!!) for fundraising at school for the Relay for Life. What are LCMs really? What does the acronym stand for??? Least Common Multiple bar????I made some drinking yoghurt for ACMA with my new yoghurt maker contraption thingy. I am awaiting a verdict…

This morning it was raining, and it has not stopped.  The Labradors had their walk in the rain, which they don’t seem to mind, but they are loath to go out now to play. They are huddled masses inside!!!  I found another blogger with Labradors and knitting : Labradorable!!!

I am in the clutches of a food obsession. ACMA made me ‘breakfast’ at 2-30pm yesterday just as we finished cooking and just before 2 more episodes of Stargate Season 2.. I hadn’t eaten because of the boogelliness. She made me grilled cheese and tomato chilli pickles on toast. Since then that is all I want to eat!! I have eaten it for tea and breakfast and lunch!!! I am making some chilli Italian meatballs this afternoon in an attempt to break the tomato chilli toasted cheese’s hold on me. I can only try!!!

You can see pictures of the prize winning socks from the Westbury World Wide Sock Competition now. They are all so lovely!! It makes me want to knit some socks again next year too. I have a lot of time to think about what I might make. I am almost up to the armhole cast off on the second front of the Dr Who ZUC. What with all my Georgette Heyer declines and all, it is no surprise I couldn’t knit a cardigan in 11 days. I have almost done 4 out of the 5 pieces – albeit the 5th piece is a doozy, so I can’t be too disappointed really!!! I have been sitting on my Labrador cushion at the computer and knitting. The new Creative Knitting magazine is out and about. It has a nice sock pattern. They are trying hard to improve.

I had a lovely surprise this morning. For a few years now I have been helping with some statistical analysis : once a year for 90 minutes!!! And this morning I received a voucher for some books as a thank you!! I love maths, and it was not a trial for me to analyse their data, so it was a double surprise!! What to buy???

For your amusement : Joss on the future of TV!!!

ACMA’s LCMs ( Faux LCMs: just try and not eat them)Lacmas


125g marshmallows , chopped if large


60 g butter


2 ½ cups rice puff cereal


flavourings like ½ cup 100s &1000s, chocolate sprinkles, chopped up lollies etc or even cocoa or choc chips. The sky is the limit!!

Line a slice tin with plastic wrap. Melt the butter and marshmallows in a saucepan over a low heat, stirring all the time once it starts to melt. Pour into the cereal and add your flavourings and mix well. Pour into the tin and cover with more plastic wrap and press down firmly. You can roll with a glass too. Refrigerate till firm and cut into slices or squares. 


She Who Smells Yarn

ooooh so you going to share this toasted sandwich recipe?!?!

I do like some of those Creative Knitting patterns..I didnt think I would find the magazine when I looked today. I was surprised actually that it was there!



I also found the Creative Knitting magazine today on the way to take miss 3/8 to school.

The sock pattern is falling leaves but I haven't looked close enough to see if it's the same pattern that we've already done.

One of the ladies from WWW Sock Comp rang and is coming to the next Knitting Coven.



I love the clover socks on the sock site, I think I will try and design a pair for next years competition.

Fancy finding a fellow knitting blogger who loves labradors.

I have started the cabled shrug, thanks a bunch for the pattern, I am loving it so far.


Cindy you are a very wicked enabler! They sound too nice, but I will resist! I will not make them.....for a little while anyway!


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