Chicken Little's Right!!
This is my really cool pad, man!!!!

I know all there is to know about the Pyjama Game*

No, this is not the Doris Day Pajama (sic) Game!! This is the pyjama game you have when you are not in a film!!! Katt, the way the Pyjama Game works, is that you get up, decide you are feeling boogelly, and then look in the pyjama drawer, choose a new pair that cheers you up, have a shower and get dressed into your new pyjama : then have lots of cups of tea!!! Repeat as desired during the day!! When I was at work I didn’t have real pairs of pyjamas. I had T-shirts and I pulled on a track suit when I arose from bed, or jeans, as I would be immediately walking the dogs. Now I can’t go to work anymore I have become a wearer of pyjamas. I have lots of pyjamas, all in different greens and I love to wear them!!! 

K9_badge ACMA gave me a present : a K9 brooch. It is so cute!! I shall wear it today when I go out. I have also finally got around to downloading new paw prints for my mobile. You can download them, is that the right term? from the Qld RSPCA. It says it takes 15 minutes, but mine came almost immediately!! I love having paw prints on my mobile, it reminds me of The Labradors.. Usually when the mobile starts there is a kind of Michelangelo ‘happening’ where a hand reaches from above to touch the fingers of a hand reaching up. Very weird!!!

Now I am off to do some algebra with Milly’s sister!!!

Difference of squares : (a+b)(a-b)= a²-b²

Perfect squares : (a+b)²=a²+2ab+b²





Some days I want to stay in my pjs all day! I have a terrific pair that are all blue and say GRUMPY down the leg in huge letters. Bought by my SS. Hmm.

She who smells yarn

ooooh I own a real pair of pjs but I almost never wear them. I wear track pants and a t-shirt when needed.

K9 was always one of my faves from Dr Who!! lol


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