At the Ends of Reality!!!
Project Spectrum March : Red and Pink

Pottering about!!!!

Dr_who_zuc_knitting After all the electioneering, the ads, the campaigning, the endless commentary, the actual voting and then the 10 day count, we have finally ended up with : exactly the same as we had before!!! How ironic. The politicians that retired were replaced by those of the same party and so we have the same Parliamentary configuration : 14 Labor, 7 Liberal and 4 Green. Really, we might have saved ourself the bother, and the money, and given it a miss.

This morning, despite the very Autumnal weather, The Labradors headed off for a swim!! They swan out, raced for sticks, and then Harki Dr_who_logo_chartplayed a running after Peri game. This was a first: they usually do side by side play!! They are having boiled celery, brown rice, diet dry dog food, all infused with prawn shells!! At ACMA’s last night we ate the most lovely seafood : sushi and salmon, scallop and prawn kebabs!! It was to die for. We ate this while watching all the extras from Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire - Special Edition DVD. The extras were really good. There were great interviews and documentaries. There was no time to watch the actual film!!!

I am knitting away on the Dr Who ZUC. I am truly obsessed by it and the ever growing tangle of ends and long pieces of wool at the back. I am not using bobbins, I decided to just use metre long pieces of wool as needed. Most of the sections are quite small so this seems to be working well, and I think my knitting looks quite like the logo!!

I finally got around to reading the latest Creative Knitting cover to cover, and there, on the Cast Off page at the end of the magazine is a ‘letter’ from me about where I like to knit!! How cooMy_ck_letterl is that?? My name in print, and a mention for The Labradors of course!!!

I am off to have my flu injection. I need a tetanus injection too, but I will wait till my arm recovers, and Harki has to go to the Vet next week, so we have to budget for that!!!

Today is the last day of Project Spectrum : March, which is red and pink. I will make a separate post of all the things I made, well there’s not a lot, but they’re not green, so it’s a lot for me!!!


She who smells yarn

Dr Who ZUC is coming along nicely! Looks great

So since you were printed in Creative Knitting does that mean you are a winner? It doesnt actually say who won does it?

Goes to show what a total waste that voting for us was doesnt it?



I saw your letter in CK, and your post on the forum :)
Emily is watching the Harry Potter extras right now!

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