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Project for Spectrum

Project_spectrum_pincushion I am on a sewing jag. I have made the No Doily Trousers this week, and I have made something for Project Spectrum, by accident!! I was looking at the covered measuring tape comments and someone mentioned a pincushion, so I clicked and looked and now I have made one!! They are very easy and very, very effective. I made this in a red and burgundy colours, though there is still a hint of green. I am making these for a few birthday people who I will, hopefully, be seeing soon!! I know they do craft work, so these will be great!! I want a green one for me now too!!!

Last night I went to Pierre’s for Miss Perils Of’s birthday. I always have the fish in tempura batter. It is so lovely. It was an excellent night, and I managed to talk non-stop. Consequently I am going to hell in a hand basket today!! Last night it was hard to sleep as there was a big concert for youth in the park down the road. It was exceedingly noisy. I am an old fogey now!!!!

I am about to have a big nap now, and then, perhaps a sleep after that!!!!! The Labradors are quite hot, it is not sunny, but humid and very close. They had a small walk this morning as a treat, and Harki has been playing with a bottle. Peri has a watery eye. I hope she is OK......


She who Smells Yarn

Ooooooh that pin cushion is gorgeous!! Like a little red pumpkin.

I had problems sleeping last night too. Might have just been the night. I am very tired today.



I love the pincushion, they make lovely little gifts. I am so glad you found that site and shared it with us, it is a lovely crafty place.

This humidity is horrible!!!


Such a lovely pincushion! I love your covered tape measure too from the previous post...

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