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Stinky and the Brain

Peri is Stinky. I have no Brain. Harki is an Angel as usual.

Peri rolled in something so unmentionable I shall not mention it other than to say that I could smell her at  20 paces. We were forced to go to have a swim and luckily she came out all shiny and clean. Harki swam some of her best swimming. She must have been inspired by the thought of her chance to be in the 2010 Republican Games ( a girl can dream!!!)

I have no brain. I knitted all of the ribbing and about 20 rows of the front of the Dr Who ZUC yesterday and I had 10 stitches fewer than I needed. I counted the rows at The Knitting Coven yesterday assiduously, all to no avail.

I apparently went to be on Monday night at 8-45pm and last night it was 10pm. I slept in too. I am obviously catching up on all my non-sleeping during the Summer. I think today is the Autumnal Equinox today, where the day and night are the same length. Daylight Saving finishes on April 2nd this year: an extra week before we Spring Ahead, Fall Back  because of the Games.

I was bitten on the neck by an insecty bug thing. It hurt. I am now spending way too much time Noice_babys_hat worrying that it may have injected me with a life-threatening venom and every time I feel a twitch or  feel slightly boogelly, I think “ That’s it then!!!”

Thanks to Suzi who steered me in the direction of the correct newsagency to buy the first issue of KnitSimple.

Thanks to Cathy for lending me her lovely baby blanket to take a photo of an accidental Project Spectrum  Kath’n’Kim Baby’s Hat in lolly pink really!! I have a label too- see The Labradors????
Thanks to Katt for some patterns.

Thanks to everyone else, thank you lines people, thank you ball people.

I am too tired to think any more!!! I think I shall go to bed tonight at  8pm, 7pm, 6pm…….


She Who Smells Yarn

Ooooooh thats where the patterns went! lol I knew I didnt bring them home I just wasnt sure who took them! Hope you get lots of good use out of them.

I am feeling tired today. I have lots of knitting to do too. Sigh. Ahhh well. Will get there. Looking forward to the market this weekend. I plan on helping woman it.



Ouch, I always worry about that too when i'm bitten, even mozzie bites freak me out a bit.

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