I know all there is to know about the Pyjama Game*
At the Ends of Reality!!!

This is my really cool pad, man!!!!

A_present_from_my_sister_a_notepad This is truly noteworthy!! My sister sent me a lovely present. It is a Labrador notepad. Every page has a lighter version of the same photo. Katie and I were saying today ( in an ether way) that you should use all the nice things you have, wear all your best clothes, go on holiday and spend your money while you can. Believe me, you may find out that there could be no tomorrow, so live (within reason) as if there won't be one!!! I shall, therefore, be writing lots of little notes on my Labrador notepad.

If only I could take crisp and clear photos like Katie!! I shall have to ask the Knitting Coven people for real life help on Tuesday!!!!!


She who smells yarn

Love the notepad! Very gorgeous!



That notepad is adorable, oh yes definately use it.

I like your previous post about the pyjama game. One of the things I love about winter is being able to wear my flannelette pjs.

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