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Vote Early and Vote Often!!!

         My_colour_collection                  Do not, I repeat, do not phone the Terrorist Hotline. You may be put under surveillance and your phone tapped etc. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Harki and Peri met Winnie the Dog and her owners and siblings on our walk. We had a very pleasant conversation and the four legged animals made happy friends, and the little boy patted The Labradors to within an inch of their lives : they were so very, very happy!!!

I havAnd_so_star_albums_begine voted and I feel very happy. Suzi  has been thinking about whether voting should be compulsory or not. I am on the side of compulsory voting. People died, suffragettes threw themselves under horses and trams, were imprisoned and force fed, all in the battle to enfranchise women, and non-landowners. Voting is like a sacred privilege. It is a right to be treasured. You can scribble on your voting form, or submit a donkey vote, or even try to make your vote count.  The USA doesn’t have compulso ry voting. I rest my case!!! I love voting!!!

I have finished one Dr Who ZUC sleeve. It is still boring to look at, so,  knitting unrelated craft news :

Scrapbookin’ Star Album. Millie’s Mum, sisters and Aunt and I made lovely albums. I am so in love with this. I keep opening it, making a star, tying it up again, stroking the cover in all its lovely green shiny smoothness!! What follows are some pictures Look_what_we_made documenting the making of the Scrapbookin’ Star Album. You have been warned!!!!

Star_album_closed Scrapbookin_star_album




I write this with great excitement, we are all just back from the Westbury Sock Festival.

A big CONGRATULATIONS are in order to you! I see you took out first prize in the Designer Sock catergory!
Suzi, Sandra and Margaret.

She who smells yarn

I am with the Taylor'd ones on the congrats! Both you and Cathy won in your catagories!

I didnt take any piccies sorry didnt have camera with me.

Did buy some yarn though. Sock yarn at $5 for a 50g ball!! NOICE!


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