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Covered_tape_measure Last night I finished knitting the three balls of silk/wool from the Mulberry Tree cardigan. I am about 15 rows shy of the end. I feel a lot more confident that 13 balls will be enough now.

I also covered a retractable measuring tape as per the Whipup instructions!! I love this : it is my new favourite thing!! I think you need to embellish the top, whether it be Suffolk Puff or not, before you attach it, otherwise it is too hard.

I also made some earrings and a bracelet from my wooden I_whipupped_thisbeads. Very nice and they match the only thing I can wear at the moment. I am fixated on my lace edged green top and emerald multi-green skirt with the accidental dolphins. You cA_leprecon_radioan wash these and they are dry in less than 30 minutes.  When I feel pale, I don’t want to think about what to wear, I want to wear only what I want to wear!!!

3 books and a radio for $20!! How cheap is that? The first 3 Artemis Fowl books and a radio pen at ½ price!! I want to see if the radio works…maybe later on.

The Labradors had a swim today. Peri was inordinately cute and Harki was I_made_this ambushing her and stealing her stick as she left the water!!!



I love the tape measure, green of course!!

She who Smells Yarn

Oooh that tape measure is cute!!

It was good seeing you in town today. I have to say I was glad to be home though by the times I was done. Got hot in there!


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