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Sock_comp_prize_wool Here is my Sock Competition Prize : 5 100g balls, beautifully wound, of brown Tasmanian wool. It says it is ‘naturally’ coloured, so maybe it is from a brown sheep???

I have made my own yoghurt. It tasted like real yoghurt. The Labradors like it, but they like it with fruit much better.

I have new lush olive green stretchy jeans. They have been on the lay by, but they are all mine now!! Yoghurt_harki_has_it_peri_wants_it They need taking up, and I need the weather to be much cooler so I can wear them.

My_new_olive_stretch_velvet_jeans_i_am_s The Knitting Coven had a stall in York Town Square today. I went along after lunch in case they needed someone to woman the stall, but there were 4 people there : Suzi, Katt, Margaret and Sandra Dee.  There weren’t many serious buyers, though I think a Yoghurt_lapped_up_by_perifew items were snapped up.

I am getting a cold. I feel poorly : pale, hot and snuffly. I have had a big sleep this afternoon and now I am  having cups of tea with lemon. Bah Humbug. I can’t smell things very well. I couldn’t tell Earl Grey from English Breakfast. Quelle Horreur!!!

I am up to the armhole cast off on the first DR Who ZUC and I hope to finish it The_kniting_covens_stall_1 tonight……or not!!!



Lovely wool that you received for your winning sock. I hope you are better soon, I know exactly how you feel :(


I hope your cold doesn't take hold. Rest rest rest. I sneaked along to Yorktown Square yesterday but was too scared to say hello! The organisers really need to advertise its existence! What a lovely prize. What are you going to do with it?

She Who Smells Yarn

Hope you are feeling better real soon.

Love the yarn you got.

The market will hopefully get a lot more business as more people find out about it and the weather gets colder.

Cant wait to see the Dr Who ZUC!!



I hope you get to feeling better!


You poor thing, I hate colds, hopefully it will be short lived.
Local wool, lucky you! My first attempt at dying was with brown wool, I discoverd that if you use super bright colours they come out dark & muted, very subtle.

rosie-maree dean

congratulations in the sock comp.

I hope you will feel better real soon. If there's something I can do to help you along, yell! I will hear you!

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