Foxy Kath'n'Kim Knitting!!!
Bags of Fun!!!!

Yes Virginia, there is a cold snap in Hell!!!

Yesterday I was so tired I wanted to cry by them time the day was over : and we won’t even talk about the custard powder explosion in my car…….

I went to the Knitting Coven. I had a lovely time, we talked and laughed and shared. I went to town, and then to the Madcages for tea, but I was feeling pale and fragile and slow by them. Last night I could hear my pulse beating in my ears before I fell asleep and I slept till 8-50am, and only woke once to let The Labradors out. I feel the same today and although I had to go out to buy Dog Food, I am resting and knitting : cups of tea with lemon and sugar!!

Www_sock_competition Four of the Knitting Coveners have made socks and here they are before they were parcelled up to be sent. It was like a military operation to fill in all the forms and obey all the rules. We were all stymied by the Categories into which we should enter out socks, and in the end we just guessed!!! See how I have blocked my socks into submission, mine are the dark green ones on the right. I made cardboard sock blockers!!! Can you buy real sock blockers here in Australia???

Sharon had been to the knitting shop (KN&W)and bought some of the new Cleckheaton Country Silk, it is divine and she is making some bags with it..and she had some hats she had knitted.

Sandra D was knitting away furiously with grey yarn ….she is much more dedicated than me, I talk too much!! It was Margaret’s birthday….she is 1.25 scores old and she is onto the foot of her sock!!!!!

Cathy had been knitting away industriously as usual, and  made tiny socks and cardigans and a clever bag that is almost complete. My_new_nameless_so_far_cardigan

Katt has been dyeing wool, and it looks very professional!! It is so lovely and she gave me some as a present!!! You can guess which one it is if I say it is of course green, 2 greens and one of the April Project Spectrum colours!! It is 2 or 3 ply and I will be making something lace!! Thank you so much  Katt!!

Suzi is up to picking up stitches for the gusset of her sock. I think we have all given up on the mini-sockettes from Yarn Magazine #1. The pattern is just boogelly!! It had an error and several ambiguous instructions.

After this I accidentally had to go to KN&W and buy a pattern book and enough of the Country Silk to make this cardigan!! Of course I chose the green colour, and I have changed the pattern slightly. I made a provisional cast on and then knitted the two rows together to make the picot edging, and I am also doing 20 stitches of rib at each side to add a little shaping. It looks boxy in the diagram..and I go, well, in and out in a curvy fashion. I have learned from my Zhivago cardigan that I overestimate my size, so I am New_yarn_magazine_2 making the 12-14. I know, this sounds far too small, but my tension is exactly right and I have measured it on some other tops and it seems OK!!!

See the cover of the lovely Yarn Magazine #2??? Very Eastery!!

Yes, Katie!!

Hell must have frozen over for me to be making things in colours other than green!! I hope I have appeased the Goddess of Green with my new silk wool. Look at Katie's socks - she dyes the wool and then knits it up!! Very fishy!!!

ACMA has raised $120 with the biscuits for the Relay for Life Cancer thing. This is a very good result!!! Here are photos of her lovely choc-chip biscuits, my MnM ones and the recipe, should you choose to make some!!!

Choc-Chip BiscuitsAcmas_chocchip_biscuits

  • 180g butter, softened

  • 220g brown sugar

  • 1 tspn vanilla extract

  • 1 egg Mnm_biscuits_1

  • 300g plain flour

  • 1 tspn baking powder

  • 1 cup choc-chips, or other chocolate lollies

  • 1 cup of nuts if you so choose

Preheat oven to 170*C and grease and line trays.

Cream butter, sugar and vanilla, then add the egg and mix quickly to combine. Fol in the sifted dry ingredients and the chocolate/nuts. If it is sticky, refrigerate for 20 minutes or so.

Roll into balls, about 35-40g each, and flatten. I fitted 8 on a tray, ACMA’s were 50g and she only fitted 6. Bake for 8 minutes, swap trays and swivel them round. Check after 6 minutes., They should be golden brown on the base. You will soon work out if you need to cook them a little longer, or a little less!! Cool on tray for 5 minutes and then on a rack.

Makes 24 medium or 18 large biscuits.


She Who Smells Yarn

Gotta be careful of those "accidental" Yarn shop visits!

Hope you are feeling better today. I ended up feeling a little off yesterday at Suzi's house after the S'n'B gathering.

Ooooh and as a last comment....KNOBS!!! ;)



I second Katt.

KNOBS, knobs and more knobs!!!!!!!!

It was a really good day at S'n'B yesterday wasn't it?



I love that colour Cindy, I have been trying not to go there after reading the post on the SnB page! And, I have joined Project Spectrum thanks to you. Glad you girls had a good time yesterday. Feel better soon!


I was just going to ask you about the sock festival, are you going to go & have a sticky beak? If you do can you take lots of pics for me, so I can be there in spirit.


Oh I think we all feel exhausted after our meetings, so much to talk about and feel and smell (Katt) and so little time :(

A huge big thanks for taking care of the posting of our 'creations' for the sock comp.

I loooove the cardi you have chosen and I am into curvy, not boxy shapes. God gave us curves and unfortunately most women in todays society try and starve and exercise them away. Marilyn Monroe would not be pleased!!!!


Here is a link to a sock blocker

I asked the question over at Knitters Review and this was one of the suggested links which I think is exactly what we had in mind.

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