Celling my Soul to the Devil???
Teal me lies, teal me sweet little lies.....

Big Bother, Big Worries.

So, we are not having a National ID card then?? It won’t be compulsory unless you want to access Government services, like Medicare. Anyone here not want to access Medicare? Then you’ll need the defacto ID ‘Smart' Card Are you sure this isn’t 1984????? I shall be leaving it until the very last moment to apply, but I can’t not have one as I need it to access my treatment at the Holman Clinic. John Howard campaigned against the ID card 20 years ago. Now he says, in light of the London bombing, we all need a ‘Smart Card’. Each of the London bombers would have applied for, and been granted, an ID or Smart Card, no worries. Makes you think……

Makes you think I need a category named : Cynicism or Irony or What is happening to our country?

We can't even bring a dead soldier home - in any way, shape or form.


the stripey  tiger

The card &^$*$*54Z&$* It just gets on my goat - of course its a data base programmer's dram come true - (I kinda like that stuff) But a civil liberties nightmare. grrrr
any way I just popped by to say Welcome to the tribe!!! AND now I'll have to move you from my 'comments lots' bloglines folder to my 'tribe' folder.... Have a good weekend - Mine is goingto be TOOOOO busy but I gues that's what life is all about.. lol :-) Stripey

the stripey  tiger

ps of course you are reading the sitchionary with the green colour yarn cover... lol

She Who Smells Yarn

I know Adam and I are absolutely shocked over the stuff up with the soldier that died! How could they stuff up bringing his body home!?!?!



We're having the same debate over here at the moment. The only difference is that because we're British there's lots of talking and not much action!


Wow Cindy, I am impressed by your neat ZUC back. Well done. It is a funny old world at the moment, isn't it?


What about 'things that make me ashamed of Australia'. It's a bit like expecting dissidents in dictatorships or disenfranchised poverty stricken families in war-torn countries to fill out the required entry forms, pay the fee and await a visa to be stamped into a government issued passport before entering Australia, otherwise we'll call you illegal and lock you up indefinitely, no criminal charges or right to trial, and even if you're an unaccompanied child, same deal.
Australia Card, bringing home the wrong body, AWB - you don't need a category, you need a separate blog!

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