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Who_goes_back_to_the_doctor Yesterday we all recovered from going to the Vet!!! The Labradors were exhausted. They made up for it by running non-stop today at the dam. I sewed in all the ends on the Dr Who ZUC and I have started embroidering the word Doctor, you can just see it on the right!! There were so many ends to sew in and that is what I did all day and into the evening. I picked up 4 more balls of wool for the Mulberry Cardigan, but I did the ZUC instead.

A sales person at The Black Spot of Doom Light has managed to order some of the yarn I wanted to buy.  She put in great personal effort, rang me to let me know and is ringing me when it arrives. I posted off a complimentary letter immediately. It is the small things that matter.

This is not what matters in the case of Telstra. I have a prepaid mobile, let’s face it, I’m a baby boomer and I use my mobile to text if I’m late, or I might ring in an emergency. If  I’m out after dark it also makes me feel safer. It costs me $30 for 6 months to have access, and after the last 12 months I still My_new_cook_book . We forgot we had bought it. have about $55 left!!!  In their own greedy grasping ‘special’ way, Telstra has increased the charge to $100 for 6 months. That’s a 333% increase. Boy was I cross when I found out. I rang and had a very long and emotional discussion with a helpful Telstra woman. I always make it clear that I am angry with the corporation, not the person answering the phone, but she said that the operators had been dreading this increase as they knew they would be inundated with complaints : and they have been. Now I have an address and I will be writing a long, long letter. This is an appalling way to treat consumers. They really don’t care at all……..

Our local sewing shop is closing down. For those who know, it is the one behind the Quadrant  Mall, in the Car Park centre. Finally, the BSODL has whittled away their market share and they can go on no longer. I always try to go there first, and I have even left BSODL and driven to the Local Sewing Shop instead. There is, I think, only one local shop left now.

I have a new book, a new cook book. It is more cakes and biscuits and slices. They are mostly new and unusual treats, but not too way out that you can’t find the ingredients!!!

March, the Pulitzer Prize winning book, what was it like? Well, it was enjoyable, especially as I love Little Women, to which it is a kind of companion book. Pulitzer prize winning? I don’t think so, but maybe that’s because I’m not an American. It had action, drama, love, humour, pathos, fear, cruelty : it had everything,  but it didn’t make me go “Wow”. Perhaps I am a hard marker ? Yes, I am a hard marker, but this is just a book, one I liked reading, but not great in the sense of a classic. Hope that helps, AJ!!!

I am getting The Broadband. There is a deal, and I have mathematically worked out that with my 5% RACT discount, 50 free local calls and no calls to connect, I can just about manage it!! And there is no penalty to downgrade to a lower usage!! How cool is that????

I made Green Chicken Curry. It is extremely tasty and I sent some to Mrs MacGyver for her ‘school lunches’ – it looks very cute – well I think it does!!

Green Chicken Curry

  • 1kg of chicken chopped into pieces – I used thigh meatGreen_chicken_curry
  • 1 tbspn green curry paste
  • 1 tspn brown sugar
  • 1 large potato/sweet potato, diced
  • 2 onions, sliced lengthways into wedges
  • 2 cloves of garlic, chopped
  • 250ml chicken stock
  • 125ml coconut milk
  • peanut oil for frying
  • bag of Asian greens
  • steamed or boiled rice to serve
  • salt and pepper to taste

Mix the curry paste and chicken and refrigerate for at least an hour. Then brown the sweet potato in a little peanut oil , remove and then add the onions, garlic and chicken and fry for about 10 minutes, then add the stock and cook for another 15 minutes and then finally add the potato and coconut milk and simmer for a final 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, stir fry the Asian greens in a little peanut oil till they wilt, about 2 minutes and serve the curry with the greens and rice. It is extremely yummy!!!!



Welcome to the tribe Cindy!

She Who Smells Yarn

OH my that is shocking about the 33% increase! Someone needs a good slapping about that one!

Spotlight does have their rare flash of brilliance when it comes to some of their workers.


Mrs mcGyver

curry is delicious...needless to say
Mrs McG

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