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Don't Sleeve me this way!!!!

Mulberry_sleeve_1 I have almost knitted 2 balls worth of the Mulberry Cardigan sleeve!! Last night I did a provisional cast on , then the picot edging, then I knitted the two sets of live stitches together : No seam!!!! The picot edging just wants to roll. I hope I can block it into submission…..

I knitted a ball last night and I knitted today at the Knitting Coven stall with Eileen, Margaret, Sandra, Sharon and Suzi. Then I knitted in the Black Spot of Doom Light. I snavelled a chair from the pattern section, as I am pale today, and sat and knitted till my number was called. I had to buy supplies to finish Mrs MacGyver’s top for her. I have run out of cotton. Is there less on a spool now? I think there is!!! I also went in search of wool at the BSODL. ( Hey, that’s a pretty appropriate acronym for the shop!!!) They sent me a free book with some yarn I would quite like to buy, if one of the 9 I_want_a_and_c_in_green variegated colours is green. A kind but frazzled lady looked for the yarn on their shelves, even though I assured her I had looked everywhere, and she could find neither hide nor hair of it. There was no offer of any help or ordering assistance. I shall have to email the BSODL on the mainland to try to find out. I like (a) Hockey and (c) Mandorla : they both are more than 50% Merino wool.

Thank you to David Iliffe, the Breakfast announcer who cast aspersions on Knitters. Yesterday he apologised to all Knitters, and apparently, the publicity hand out suggested that he poke fun at knitters. I have asked that he forward my email on to the organisers, but I will search them out myself as well.

The Labradors had a lovely walk today, they ran and ran even though the ground was white with frost, as the car had been till the sunshine melted it : the ice, not the actual car. They were very good and came quickly when I spotted a ute in the distance. They are having special all natural new dog food – or as they like to call it “A big serve of Lollies”!!! They can have a cup of it with their boiled celery and rice. It is like moving from Hell to Purgatory!!! I am buying them Indulgences!!!!!. Tonight I am going to Mrs MacGyver’s for tea and they can have a big marrow bone to chew.



Lovely sleeve Cindy, and that yarn you want is scrum diddly umptious. The under-aware over-worked Spotlight 'customer service person' strikes again. I swear, if I ran the world that place would be very VERY different.

She Who Smells Yarn

What are the stats on that yarn from Spotlight? I like it..Strange but true! lol

The sleeve is coming along well!



What is the yarn you are after, I can have a hunt around here & see if I can pick some up for you if you like.

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