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Dr Who loves ya, baby???

Things_what_i_am_doing_today_m_and_w The new Spun Magazine has been published online. It is a small collection of mostly small things, though there is a knitted skirt. These are trying to make a come back, but unless they are sturdily lined and tightly knitted, they tend to sag and stretch. Voice of experience.

BB ( the 1984 show) 2006 starts tonight and Lo! There is a miracle, Southern Cross has decided not to take the option to screen it. It will only be on our local digital TDT station. Now I checked to see what I actually watch on SC at 7pm, and there is The Footy Fixtures Show ( H&A) so no loss for me there!! But BB tends to oust things I might watch, or do watch : Las Vegas and BH&G. Plus, BB is not so much full of double entendre, as single entendre : there are no allusions or illusions left unturned. It is a small victory, but a much appreciated one!!!

So now I have vacuumed the lounge room, moved the rug and the Buck Rogers Tea Trolley, and sprinkled the carpet with bicarb to help make it smell fresh first!! I have picked up the DR Who ZUC again at last, and Milly’s Mum’s socks that I am now knitting. Peri is ‘helping’ as you can see. Now both The Labradors are on the couch and I will have to perch in the middle. It is a good thing I love them!!! I am catching up on Dalziel and Pascoe while I knit.

No news on the yarn from BSODL, I shall have to start emailing them every day.............



Thankyou for the links! That book Big Girl Knits look fantastic, I can't wait for it to hit our shores!

I had a look at the new Spun and was going to blog about it. I think the patterns excite me less this time, but I am very taken with the skirt.



I was wondering what had happened to the DWZUC. Thanks for the advice about a knitted skirt, luminous boobs and butt may be too much for anyone to bare (deliberate punning mistake!) QMAP was . . . frustrating. As per.


Regarding BB, you should try living on the Gold Coast. They actually think it is NEWS here and it is often a lead item!!!???

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