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Project Spectrum April : Yellow and Orange

Project_spectrum_camera_case_2 Project Spectrum April has come to an end. I didn’t finish my camera case, and my Crowded House quilt is an ongoing thing, but I did make 15 of the Yellow and Orange Chick Calico Easter Eggs. Perhaps I was a biThe_crowded_house_quilt_goes_on_and_ont obsessed?????

I made the pincushion and the covered tape measure and I finished the knitting part of the Dr Who logo : lots of yellow and 2 rows of orange.  And the Bunnymite Easter card!!! On the whole, for a green person, I managed to use the April colours quite a lot. How I will cope with May, I know not : The colour is Green!!!

Calico_easter_eggs_felt_applique_1Dr_who_logo_sans_the_word_doctor_2 More_pincushions_and_tapemeasures_1  Bunnymite_2

Seventh Heathen

I have been tagged by Katt to do 7 meme, my dears!!! ( Katt often says ‘My dear’ but it’s not on her list!!) I am a meme heathen though, I can never quite follow the rules!!!

  • Seven things to do before I die:

This is tricky, as when I thought I actually might be dying, I wanted more Labradors and to learn tap dancing. Unfortunately, as tap dancing required a full complement of red blood cells, that’s out of the question, but I have another Labrador, so that’s all I want really. With Harki and Peri, and not being dead, I am complete!!!

  • Seven things I cannot do:
  1. Make enough red blood cells, see #1
  2. Be comfortable around spiders
  3. Leave The Labradors in boarding kennels, ever, ever…
  4. Eat offal
  5. Hold my tongue
  6. Believe the Government tells the truth
  7. Follow the rules to the letter!!!

  • Seven things that attract me to my man:

Don’t have a man, owned on once, but he was far too much trouble so I got rid of him. Labradors are a much better option all round!!! I love everything about The Labradors.

  • Seven books I love:

This is too hard…I’m mostly generalising now….

  1. Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon series
  2. Jane Austen’s books
  3. Vanity Fair by Thackeray
  4. Shakespeare’s plays, especially the Tragedies
  5. The Magician by Feist
  6. All my Doctor Who books
  7. All my cook books

  • Seven things I say:
  1. Harki!! Peri!!!
  2. Boogelly – I invented this word
  3. Bazillion
  4. I have gyp in my ( insert body part here, eg, leg)
  5. Do you have real tea leaves???
  6. Want to go for a ride in the car???
  7. Where’s my ( insert lost item here, eg, shoes)???

  • Seven movies I’ve loved:
  1. Star Wars TOS
  2. Chariots of Fire
  3. Stargate
  4. Pride and Prejudice (BBC)
  5. Lord Of the Rings Trilogy
  6. Planet of the Apes TOS
  7. Pirates of The Caribbean

Teal me lies, teal me sweet little lies.....

My_new_teal_green_and_eau_de_nil_colours Teal Green, Eau de Nil, whatever you like, this is my newest green colour addition : tops, blouses, 2 scarves, Doc Martens, shoes and a bag. The shoes and the bag are new today. It was Kismet. I wanted a bag to match my Docs and we looked in a few shops and then casually decided to go into another and there was the perfect bag!! Then, Mrs MacGyver was trying on shoes and the only pairCupcake_book in her size had a boogelly zip, but she found a pair that was perfect for my accidental new colour scheme!!!!!

I am also the owner of some presents via a gift voucher, books and a DVD and I have the Cupcakes book on order too!!! Thank you Mandy et al!!!

The Labradors have new toys, but they are really only an excuse for some rowdy rebel playing and fun. The actual toy is not the main goal, rather, it is the fun of the chase!!!

I have a new CD. There was much eye rolling and sighing on Mrs MacGyver’s part, and several surrounding people were moved to I_like_theselaughter as I excitedly bought Duran Duran’s Greatest Hits. What’s not to like? You can hear all the words, they have nice tunes and I know them.

Knitting?? Well after all the ends of Dr Who, I am finishing the Mulberry Cardigan’s sleeve and having an early night!!! Does anyone really need to see another picture of a half finished sleeve? I think not.

So there is my life, full of the inane and trivial, while in the real world this week we have had the 10th Anniversary of Port Arthur, three locals drowned in the same area while tuna fishing, one miner dead and 2 more still missing at Beaconsfield, spectators mowed down by a car during a Targa stage, and the whole Kovco fiasco. Here there should be something meaningful and thought provoking, but truly, what can be said???? It’s been a bad week……..

Big Bother, Big Worries.

So, we are not having a National ID card then?? It won’t be compulsory unless you want to access Government services, like Medicare. Anyone here not want to access Medicare? Then you’ll need the defacto ID ‘Smart' Card Are you sure this isn’t 1984????? I shall be leaving it until the very last moment to apply, but I can’t not have one as I need it to access my treatment at the Holman Clinic. John Howard campaigned against the ID card 20 years ago. Now he says, in light of the London bombing, we all need a ‘Smart Card’. Each of the London bombers would have applied for, and been granted, an ID or Smart Card, no worries. Makes you think……

Makes you think I need a category named : Cynicism or Irony or What is happening to our country?

We can't even bring a dead soldier home - in any way, shape or form.

Celling my Soul to the Devil???

Who_goes_back_to_the_doctor Yesterday we all recovered from going to the Vet!!! The Labradors were exhausted. They made up for it by running non-stop today at the dam. I sewed in all the ends on the Dr Who ZUC and I have started embroidering the word Doctor, you can just see it on the right!! There were so many ends to sew in and that is what I did all day and into the evening. I picked up 4 more balls of wool for the Mulberry Cardigan, but I did the ZUC instead.

A sales person at The Black Spot of Doom Light has managed to order some of the yarn I wanted to buy.  She put in great personal effort, rang me to let me know and is ringing me when it arrives. I posted off a complimentary letter immediately. It is the small things that matter.

This is not what matters in the case of Telstra. I have a prepaid mobile, let’s face it, I’m a baby boomer and I use my mobile to text if I’m late, or I might ring in an emergency. If  I’m out after dark it also makes me feel safer. It costs me $30 for 6 months to have access, and after the last 12 months I still My_new_cook_book . We forgot we had bought it. have about $55 left!!!  In their own greedy grasping ‘special’ way, Telstra has increased the charge to $100 for 6 months. That’s a 333% increase. Boy was I cross when I found out. I rang and had a very long and emotional discussion with a helpful Telstra woman. I always make it clear that I am angry with the corporation, not the person answering the phone, but she said that the operators had been dreading this increase as they knew they would be inundated with complaints : and they have been. Now I have an address and I will be writing a long, long letter. This is an appalling way to treat consumers. They really don’t care at all……..

Our local sewing shop is closing down. For those who know, it is the one behind the Quadrant  Mall, in the Car Park centre. Finally, the BSODL has whittled away their market share and they can go on no longer. I always try to go there first, and I have even left BSODL and driven to the Local Sewing Shop instead. There is, I think, only one local shop left now.

I have a new book, a new cook book. It is more cakes and biscuits and slices. They are mostly new and unusual treats, but not too way out that you can’t find the ingredients!!!

March, the Pulitzer Prize winning book, what was it like? Well, it was enjoyable, especially as I love Little Women, to which it is a kind of companion book. Pulitzer prize winning? I don’t think so, but maybe that’s because I’m not an American. It had action, drama, love, humour, pathos, fear, cruelty : it had everything,  but it didn’t make me go “Wow”. Perhaps I am a hard marker ? Yes, I am a hard marker, but this is just a book, one I liked reading, but not great in the sense of a classic. Hope that helps, AJ!!!

I am getting The Broadband. There is a deal, and I have mathematically worked out that with my 5% RACT discount, 50 free local calls and no calls to connect, I can just about manage it!! And there is no penalty to downgrade to a lower usage!! How cool is that????

I made Green Chicken Curry. It is extremely tasty and I sent some to Mrs MacGyver for her ‘school lunches’ – it looks very cute – well I think it does!!

Green Chicken Curry

  • 1kg of chicken chopped into pieces – I used thigh meatGreen_chicken_curry
  • 1 tbspn green curry paste
  • 1 tspn brown sugar
  • 1 large potato/sweet potato, diced
  • 2 onions, sliced lengthways into wedges
  • 2 cloves of garlic, chopped
  • 250ml chicken stock
  • 125ml coconut milk
  • peanut oil for frying
  • bag of Asian greens
  • steamed or boiled rice to serve
  • salt and pepper to taste

Mix the curry paste and chicken and refrigerate for at least an hour. Then brown the sweet potato in a little peanut oil , remove and then add the onions, garlic and chicken and fry for about 10 minutes, then add the stock and cook for another 15 minutes and then finally add the potato and coconut milk and simmer for a final 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, stir fry the Asian greens in a little peanut oil till they wilt, about 2 minutes and serve the curry with the greens and rice. It is extremely yummy!!!!

Strike a Pose : Vague Vague Vogue

Vogue Stitchionary Review.

Lace_ravelling_leaves I would like to say at the outset that I bought this book primarily because it had 6 balls of green wool on the cover. I kid you not, this is 98-99% of the reason!! This book focuses on Knit and Purl, and there will be 2 more books about Cables and Colour respectively.

There are 4 sections : Knit and Purl, Lace, Travelling and Unusual. There is a swatch for each stitch pattern and a written pattern, but there are no charts. This is disappointing as there is enough room on each page to insert them.  The inclusion of charts would have raised this book from Very Good, to Excellent. Don’t get me Unusual_nosegay_pattern wrong, it is full of stitch patterns I want to use, some I have never, ever seen before, but I would have liked charts. Charts would have made everything crystal clear, instead of making me feel more than a little vague.

This will be a great book which I can use to insert patterns into standard jumpers or cardigans, or scarves or socks. I love it, despite its tiny flaws. Is it worth $50 Aus? Probably not, but since I won’t be buying the other two, I don’t care!! I think this is all about being a Vogue book, strike a pose…………

Harki_waiting_patiently_to_see_the_vet Harki went to the Vet this morning where she was so excellently behaved the Doctor gave her a treat!! Her hips and legs have been a little gyp, but there is nothing wrong, and her leg and back muscles are exceptionally strong. She has a little allergic reaction in her ear that we are just going to continue to nurse along, and she must lose a kilo or two. Quelle Surprise!!! I bought some Sasha’s Blend as a preventative measure. Peri was making the whole neighbourhood think that she was being held against her will,  by howling piteously, and now she keeps running up to the gate in the vain hope that she will get to go to the Vet now, now, what about now???!!! She looks at me with her big eyes and frowns a little and sighs and goes away.

I am slowly sewing in all the ends on the Dr Who ZUC. I am approaching it as if it were a military operation : quartering the area to be attacked and starting at the outside and working my way in. No end shall escape me. I am end-vincible!!!

What Not To Bear!!!

Harki_and_peris_tug_of_war The Labradors would now like to show why I spend all of my life cleaning up after them. Labrador Tug Of War!!!  First there is the actual Tugging, where Harki and Peri wrestle over the TeddyBunny.

Then there is the moment of truth when, suddenly, the TeddyBunny splits Solomon-Half_a_teddybunny_each like, in half. Finally the stuffing comes out and there you are -  Mess!!!!

There was a sneak preview of the Dr Who ZippyUppy Cardigan the other day, and here is the back, in almost all of its glory. I decided that I will embroider the word ‘Doctor’ onto the curved red swathe at the top, instead The_spoils_of_tug_of_war of knitting it in. I wonder if Katie knew that I would actually be knitting something from the logo patterns she sent me? I love it!!! I have almost finished now. I only have about 20 rows of the back, and the corresponding amount on each front to knit. Then I have the terrible sewing in of all the ends on the back, but after that I can sew up, add the zip and wear it!!! I am very excited.    IDr_who_logo_sans_the_word_doctor am now thinking I need something with a knitted Blake’s 7, Stargate, oh!!  or Babylon 5 logo!!! I must restrain myself!! Perhaps I should knit a Logo Scarf……….

I am watching an 8 hour What Not To Wear marathon. I love Trinny and Susannah and they are good knitting TV!!!

Lest We Forget

Today is ANZAC Day. It is a day to commemorate all those who have been involved in wars fought by Australia and New Zealand. It is a day to realise that we have learned nothing from our past. It is a day when we remember that we are at present involved in wars not sanctioned by the UN.  War, what is it good for??

My dad was in the Navy and fought in the Korean War in the late 50s. ANZAC Day was big at our house : the March, and for him, the pub afterwards. It was not a day of celebration, but a day of reminiscing about old mates and old times. He was wounded in the war and carried his injuries, which were very painful, till he died. I’ll bet he’s having a beer with his mates right now!!!!

Dr Who loves ya, baby???

Things_what_i_am_doing_today_m_and_w The new Spun Magazine has been published online. It is a small collection of mostly small things, though there is a knitted skirt. These are trying to make a come back, but unless they are sturdily lined and tightly knitted, they tend to sag and stretch. Voice of experience.

BB ( the 1984 show) 2006 starts tonight and Lo! There is a miracle, Southern Cross has decided not to take the option to screen it. It will only be on our local digital TDT station. Now I checked to see what I actually watch on SC at 7pm, and there is The Footy Fixtures Show ( H&A) so no loss for me there!! But BB tends to oust things I might watch, or do watch : Las Vegas and BH&G. Plus, BB is not so much full of double entendre, as single entendre : there are no allusions or illusions left unturned. It is a small victory, but a much appreciated one!!!

So now I have vacuumed the lounge room, moved the rug and the Buck Rogers Tea Trolley, and sprinkled the carpet with bicarb to help make it smell fresh first!! I have picked up the DR Who ZUC again at last, and Milly’s Mum’s socks that I am now knitting. Peri is ‘helping’ as you can see. Now both The Labradors are on the couch and I will have to perch in the middle. It is a good thing I love them!!! I am catching up on Dalziel and Pascoe while I knit.

No news on the yarn from BSODL, I shall have to start emailing them every day.............

Don't Sleeve me this way!!!!

Mulberry_sleeve_1 I have almost knitted 2 balls worth of the Mulberry Cardigan sleeve!! Last night I did a provisional cast on , then the picot edging, then I knitted the two sets of live stitches together : No seam!!!! The picot edging just wants to roll. I hope I can block it into submission…..

I knitted a ball last night and I knitted today at the Knitting Coven stall with Eileen, Margaret, Sandra, Sharon and Suzi. Then I knitted in the Black Spot of Doom Light. I snavelled a chair from the pattern section, as I am pale today, and sat and knitted till my number was called. I had to buy supplies to finish Mrs MacGyver’s top for her. I have run out of cotton. Is there less on a spool now? I think there is!!! I also went in search of wool at the BSODL. ( Hey, that’s a pretty appropriate acronym for the shop!!!) They sent me a free book with some yarn I would quite like to buy, if one of the 9 I_want_a_and_c_in_green variegated colours is green. A kind but frazzled lady looked for the yarn on their shelves, even though I assured her I had looked everywhere, and she could find neither hide nor hair of it. There was no offer of any help or ordering assistance. I shall have to email the BSODL on the mainland to try to find out. I like (a) Hockey and (c) Mandorla : they both are more than 50% Merino wool.

Thank you to David Iliffe, the Breakfast announcer who cast aspersions on Knitters. Yesterday he apologised to all Knitters, and apparently, the publicity hand out suggested that he poke fun at knitters. I have asked that he forward my email on to the organisers, but I will search them out myself as well.

The Labradors had a lovely walk today, they ran and ran even though the ground was white with frost, as the car had been till the sunshine melted it : the ice, not the actual car. They were very good and came quickly when I spotted a ute in the distance. They are having special all natural new dog food – or as they like to call it “A big serve of Lollies”!!! They can have a cup of it with their boiled celery and rice. It is like moving from Hell to Purgatory!!! I am buying them Indulgences!!!!!. Tonight I am going to Mrs MacGyver’s for tea and they can have a big marrow bone to chew.