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Fun with Dick and Dora

I have a new pair of Doc Marten's boots. They are lovely. I have worn them already.  This sounds like a Prep reading book:My_new_green_doc_martens_boots

See my boots.

My boots are green.

I like my boots.

My boots are fun.

I can not run.

I am not glum.

I still have fun!!!!!

Mulberry_cardi_back_needs_blocking There is snow on Ben Lomond and we walked this morning in the drizzle which soon became a shower and then proper rain!! I think Winter is here. It is good knitting weather and I have finished the Mulberry Cardigan back and I am casting on for the sleeves. I might do 2 at once.

I went to Petrachs this morning and picked up the Vogue Stitchionary with the green wool on the cover and all the green swatches inside. There are a bazillion patterns in knit and purl and I want to knit almost all of them. There are a few that will be excellent for socks. I also have another Dr Who book, The Stealer of Dreams,  and 3 more with the new David Tennant Doctor books awaiting my purchase : sad and lonely on the shop’s shelf….Msfinalcoverart

I am now knitting socks for two other people. How did that happen??? They both have longer feet than me. I may need a Sock Knitter’s IV!!!

I bought a new record – well CD. It is Mark Sholtez’s ‘Real Street’. I am a bit worried this may be a slightly popular record. But I’m sure it’s not. We can’t have me being in tune with the rest of the World’s people. I did after all,  hear ‘Love me for the Cool’ on the ABC radio!!!

Bad_dog While I was out one of The Labradors did this : put a hole in Otto . This is a bad, bad thing. I am 98-99% sure it was Peri Naughty. She has done this type of thing before. Harki is an angel and is good 99-100% of the time. I shall have to make a new cushion cover and put the ‘mined’ part on the bottom. Sigh!!!

Picture (Im)Perfect

My_green_scrapbookin_accessories Today I went to Mrs QuickKids house and Mrs MacGyver and MrsDollHouse came too, and we had a Scrapbookin' workshop. Amazingly, green is one of the colours that goes with everything, and so I was in my element!! We made a card display, and we were given some backing paper, stickers and a special lined journal piece of paper. We cut, rounded off, cropped and stuck, until we had produced wondrous pieces of Photo Art. I love my Labrador Card!! Now there will just be a lot of photos. They have titles if you mouse over them!!!

Oh, before that, if you feel like emailing the Local ABC Breakfast host to complain : Please do. There is a  Photo competition where they hand out cameras for people to take photos: this time it is of creative happenings. He said ( and this isn't a direct quote - it was breakfast radio!!) "We don't want a lot of photos of women knitting". I am incensed. Are knitters less creative or worthy than a bunch of men welding sculptures??? or a heap of people painting a mural???  I think not. I am writing a long email you can be sure!!!

The link to the email is HERE.



My_labrador_page Mrs_dollhouses_easter_page


One, Two, Tree!!!!!!!

Look_closely_for_the_eggs Yesterday I joined in a familial egg rolling BBQ Easter celebration day!! I am an adjunct kind of person. It was a lovely day, and I had a great time. I  was v v tied through and I fell asleep before 9-30pm and today I have been all twirly and weird in the head department. I couldn’t remember words or sometimes say them. Next week I am having 5 days of rest, where I only walk The Labradors and head out for supplies. I might need to make some new pyjamas……I have a pattern!!!

This morning when we were driving to the dam for our walk the stormy weather had toppled a tree right Keep_right_on_to_the_end_of_the_raod across the road. We went slightly off road and around it to get there and back. It must have been a wild and woolly night. The Labradors had a lovely walk though the wet bush and the puddles. They ran and ran and ran!!!

My car has reached an important kilometre-stone ( doesn’t have the same cachet as milestone, does it?). I managed to take a photo, mKilometre_stoneore by good luck than good management.

Today the Knitting Coven met. We had a small Easter celebration. Everyone was knitting though I knitted too much of The Hippo Sock #2 and had to unravel again. The nice Café people gave me a special  Loyalty Tea card of my own. All the coffee people have had one, and now I have one too. 6 cups of tea and I am entitled to a free tea!! We have decided that we might order our Spring Sock yarn from The Knittery. Yes, we are planning ahead, but the colours are so lovely and it is Australian too!! Guess  which ones I like the best???!!

Puddling_aboutperi_and_harki_1 Tonight I am going to finish the back of my Mulberry Cardigan, and be ready to start the sleeves tomorrow!!! Hooray!!!

Oh, and I have a new book, which was massively on sale : Margaret Fulton’s updated version of The Encyclopaedia of Food and Cookery. It is a wonderful handbook, full of information and recipes.See_how_really_fast_we_run_1


Mrs_macgyver_in_the_balalaika This isn’t a picture of some poor old European granny celebrating a sad and lonely Easter, or Katie attempting to hide her alien passenger, or even Her Mag in the chilly morning walking the dorgis…No, it’s Mrs MacGyver in paroxysms of laughter, posing in her Balalaika Wrarf, or Scrap, as I snap a photo. It is a cross between a scarf and a wrap. She likes it a lot, except it was too warm to wear for 2 episodes of Stargate SG1 season 2 and then James Bond : For Your Eyes Only. I can’t have chocolate, but I have a whole antipasto platter or two of preserved chillies, cornichons, artichokes and assorted vegetables, two tapenades and 3 kinds of new herb and green tea!!! MrsM knows how to shop!!!

The Labradors are full of the joys of Easter i.e. presents!! They have The_labradors_easter_presents lots of presents from Mrs MacGyver : bacon strips, liver treats and these most excellent  dried slices of a pig. It is like a cat scan has been made into real life and the slices of pig legs have been lovingly dried and are so cute. I know this seems bad – singing the praises of dried pork – but The Labradors are turning inside out for this!! They also have a Blackpool Rock kind of chewy treat from the GardyGardeners, the bone shape goes all the way through. Peri has a very dirty face today, that she didn’t want anyone to see. She was foraging in the bush, I think she might have the makings of  Truffle Hound!!

The Labradors feature on our Easter card this year too : as they always do!! Sharon is a happy little Vegemite today, and how apt, as that is the tune to which our Easter card song must be sung : or Bunnymite as we like to call it now!!


We’re happy little Labradors,

As bright as bright can be.

We love the Easter Bunny :

He brings eggs for you and me!

Our mother says he’s coming soon,

We can’t wait for the fun!

Harki and Peri want a treat,

But it’s not chocolate they should eat -

It’s Easter Bunny : Yum, yum, yum!!!

I went along to the Knitting Coven’s Stall again yesterday with Sandra, Suzi and Sharon. We, and I Peris_dirty_face use that in the royal sense of the word as I am usually a sale repellent, sold almost $100 worth of knitted items!! It was the best week of all and it was free too!! We have our meeting this week on Tuesday and are hoping AJ will come along.

For Katt, there actually is yarn to smell now!!!! For anyone in Tasmania who is astounded by the cost of wool etc overseas, have one of these tops knitted for you for only $432 Australian!!!

Here is where I also need to say that I have no new books to read as it seems to pretty much guarantee that 5 will turn up this week!!! 

Balalaika: Not quite finished Nyet

Mrsms_balalaika_scarf_wrap MrsM's Balalaika Secret Project for Easter is finished in time to give to her tonight when I go to tea. It is either a very wide scarf or a slightly narrow wrap : it is 160 x 42cm or 64 x 17 inches. I used 9 balls of Patons Zhivago in Black, and just cast on 72 stitches with 5mm needles and knitted like a maniac till the yarn ran out. I have knitted a ball a day, more or less, for the last 9 days. I need tiny needles again!!! MrsM is not enamoured of the whole tickly mohair wool feeling so I used Zhivago as it is light, Tencel enhanced, but still warm. It must be de-dog haired before I wrap it up : then it will finally be complete.

Vote for AmyP's Button #6 here. She'd like to win the competition!!!

Project Spectrum : See I made things that are not green at all!!!

Calico_easter_eggs_felt_applique I have finished 4 of the calico Easter Eggs, but 2 have been given away already. They were just like these!! They are little yellow felt chicks with a little orange felt wing, appliquéd onto a black felt oval which is, in turn, appliquéd onto the calico egg. These are for Project Spectrum. I am managing quite well with no green for this, but I have knitted the 12 green Felted Bunny halves to assuage my need and greed for Green. Over the Easter break MrsM and I plan to make a much orange and yellower Autumn patch and then I will pick up the lace camera case once more . It is, as yet, unnamed……

Easter is not a dirty Word : I remember The Skyhooks

Yummy_easter_treats_for_me I found a new online magazine on Whipup: For the Love of Yarn. It is just beginning so it is small.

If you want something nerdy and uncool,  log on and try for one of these. I know Sharon will think it is just another fashion jewellery item!!!I think it only fair that we use them for a purpose that is the ultimate inverse of that for which they were intended !!!

The Madcages gifted me with a box of yummy unchocolate Raffaello!! And a white Lindt bunny!! Thank Peri_on_her_mr_blanky_on_the_couch you Madcages!! I gave The Labradors an almond from the centre. Peri has paroxysms of delight when I let her into the bedroom. She has got over her initial freak out and now will nap with Harki on the couch, or go outside and play, but when that door opens she is there like a shot and bounds onto the bed and rolls about showing everyone her belly and wagging her tail with a force that has to be felt to be believed!! Harki has been outside in the misty rain, and I think she will be ready for a walk tomorrow!!!

I have completed 12 Felted Bunny halves and a secret tiny felting thing too. It is an experiment. I will sew up the bunnies tonight and have a go at felting them tomorrow. I have also been working on the Balalaika Secret Project and I am about half way. The new Bendigo Woollen Mills colour chart arrived We_want_our_bedroom_back yesterday : there are more greens I like……….

The weather is lovely and cool, if dull, but it makes for excellent sleeping and knitting.

AmyP at Dyed in the Wool left me a comment about the DR Who ZUC and I then asked about the UK habit of simultaneous sock and sandal wearing in the Summer, and then about the wearing of a hanky, knotted at each corner, on the head. Now Amy is not going to let some Antipodean colonial get away with giving her the rough end of a pineapple, so she has shrugged off my pooh-poohing of her native customs, and posted photographic evidence that the hanky hat is ‘in’!!! And she has given us a serve about The Ashes : what with Ricky being a Tasmanian I should be all cross and pouty, but I reckon it is time some other countries had a go at winning…Bangladesh too, perhaps?

Breaking News :Lincraft will open an online store!!!!! You need to sign up and then you can buy things. We poor Lincraft-less people will be free to shop there once more!!

Huzzah!!! Kirsty at Lincraft says : Yes its true, we will launch our  shopping on line on April 17th.

You will have to sign up with our new loyalty program ClubLincraft.

ClubLincraft is free to join and, from your initial purchase, you start earning points for credit vouchers. To join , just go to our website clicking  on the words ClubLincraft. Your new ClubLincraft card will then be mailed to you with in 3 - 4 weeks.We look forward to welcoming you to our club, ClubLincraft, and serving your wants and needs.

UK Squeeze? : No Argy Bargy!!!

This morning, after walking the Labradors, the GardyGardeners came for morning tea and theyA_parcel_from_the_uk  brought the mail up the stairs and  there was a parcel form the UK. It was posted last Wednesday and it arrived today. This is faster then an AP parcel from WA. Then, I opened it and look what was inside!!!!!!

10_skeins_of_green_rowanspun 10 skeins of Rowanspun 4ply in the Reed green colour. I now have 17 skeins, what to do, what to make??? I saw that Lynne had bought some wool from the Cucumberpatch and since I accidentally have PalPayPalPayPalPay, whichever way it goes, I decided to be brave and buy some!! The Cucumberpatch were so helpful and not boogelly because I wasn’t sure what to do!! I would have them in sandwiches with a cup of tea!!!!

Absolutely Faberge!!!

Spring Knitty is here!! I want these socks and I quite like the colour of this!!! I like this, obviously it More_faberge_easter_egg_biscuits needs to be in the correct colours, and I'd like to try 'top down' knitting. I would even consider this as a scarf. There, I am happy it is here!!!

I am a bit pale,. I went to MrsM's school for a couple of hours and we made Easter Egg biscuits inspired by Faberge Eggs. Here are just a few. They are very tasteful, don't you think?? Consequently, I have a slight headache and feel weirdly boogelly!! The children were wonderfully behaved and models of excellence : it was just all Harki_and_bunnies_and_waggly_tail too exciting!!!

I am up to Felted Bunny piece #11, that is the 6th bunny!! I will felt them tomorrow. I decided Peri_sulky_whom_i_wont_let_in_the_bedroothat I would take photographs of each step, to show my ineptitude or otherwise!!! Only one more half to go.

I have photos of Harki and some Felted Bunny pieces and Peri sulking because she was shut out of her bedroom!! Now I am off to have a nap!!!

PS - I will feel more rested after a sleep and I plan on doing NOTHING all day tomorrow!!! Thank you, Kind Commenters!!!