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Project Spectrum April : Yellow and Orange

Project_spectrum_camera_case_2 Project Spectrum April has come to an end. I didn’t finish my camera case, and my Crowded House quilt is an ongoing thing, but I did make 15 of the Yellow and Orange Chick Calico Easter Eggs. Perhaps I was a biThe_crowded_house_quilt_goes_on_and_ont obsessed?????

I made the pincushion and the covered tape measure and I finished the knitting part of the Dr Who logo : lots of yellow and 2 rows of orange.  And the Bunnymite Easter card!!! On the whole, for a green person, I managed to use the April colours quite a lot. How I will cope with May, I know not : The colour is Green!!!

Calico_easter_eggs_felt_applique_1Dr_who_logo_sans_the_word_doctor_2 More_pincushions_and_tapemeasures_1  Bunnymite_2



You've been very busy, your making me feel very lazy. I shall have to pull my finger and all my unfinished knitting projects out and get cracking.


Lovely colours there Cindy.


Oh Dear! Green! I hope it's not too much of a struggle for you ;oP

She Who Smells Yarn

You have done a great job for April! I cant say the same! I best get the few piccies up of what I have done.


Mrs mcGyver

Green suggestions to knit this month for Project Spectrum
A lawn
A forest
The green shelf at a wool shop
Amazonian jungle vines
Allan Greenspan
A kelp forest
Green Acres ( is the place for me)
Green Day
The Green Goblin with Spidey Friend
Bob Browns Party
A football oval
Green Tea....real leaves of course
Anne of Green Gables
Green Beans
A Grinch
Bowling Green
A hippie chained to a tree
Granny Smiths
The Green Hornet

Everyone feel free to help out with more suggestions!!!!!!

Mrs McG

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