Teal me lies, teal me sweet little lies.....
Project Spectrum April : Yellow and Orange

Seventh Heathen

I have been tagged by Katt to do 7 meme, my dears!!! ( Katt often says ‘My dear’ but it’s not on her list!!) I am a meme heathen though, I can never quite follow the rules!!!

  • Seven things to do before I die:

This is tricky, as when I thought I actually might be dying, I wanted more Labradors and to learn tap dancing. Unfortunately, as tap dancing required a full complement of red blood cells, that’s out of the question, but I have another Labrador, so that’s all I want really. With Harki and Peri, and not being dead, I am complete!!!

  • Seven things I cannot do:
  1. Make enough red blood cells, see #1
  2. Be comfortable around spiders
  3. Leave The Labradors in boarding kennels, ever, ever…
  4. Eat offal
  5. Hold my tongue
  6. Believe the Government tells the truth
  7. Follow the rules to the letter!!!

  • Seven things that attract me to my man:

Don’t have a man, owned on once, but he was far too much trouble so I got rid of him. Labradors are a much better option all round!!! I love everything about The Labradors.

  • Seven books I love:

This is too hard…I’m mostly generalising now….

  1. Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon series
  2. Jane Austen’s books
  3. Vanity Fair by Thackeray
  4. Shakespeare’s plays, especially the Tragedies
  5. The Magician by Feist
  6. All my Doctor Who books
  7. All my cook books

  • Seven things I say:
  1. Harki!! Peri!!!
  2. Boogelly – I invented this word
  3. Bazillion
  4. I have gyp in my ( insert body part here, eg, leg)
  5. Do you have real tea leaves???
  6. Want to go for a ride in the car???
  7. Where’s my ( insert lost item here, eg, shoes)???

  • Seven movies I’ve loved:
  1. Star Wars TOS
  2. Chariots of Fire
  3. Stargate
  4. Pride and Prejudice (BBC)
  5. Lord Of the Rings Trilogy
  6. Planet of the Apes TOS
  7. Pirates of The Caribbean



I would love to go for a ride int he car. Where will you take me?


Lovely answers, especially your word 'boogelly' love it!!!

Little Purl

What exactly is the meaning of boogelly?? And can anyone else use it? Oh, and I agree, spiders don't do anything to make anyone feel at home - how rude!
Little Purlxx

Mrs mcGyver

To Little Purl....
She would LOVE you to start using boogelly...teach it to all your friends.The more people she can infect with the word....she has started on my class...the better.
Mrs McGyver

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