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Strike a Pose : Vague Vague Vogue

Vogue Stitchionary Review.

Lace_ravelling_leaves I would like to say at the outset that I bought this book primarily because it had 6 balls of green wool on the cover. I kid you not, this is 98-99% of the reason!! This book focuses on Knit and Purl, and there will be 2 more books about Cables and Colour respectively.

There are 4 sections : Knit and Purl, Lace, Travelling and Unusual. There is a swatch for each stitch pattern and a written pattern, but there are no charts. This is disappointing as there is enough room on each page to insert them.  The inclusion of charts would have raised this book from Very Good, to Excellent. Don’t get me Unusual_nosegay_pattern wrong, it is full of stitch patterns I want to use, some I have never, ever seen before, but I would have liked charts. Charts would have made everything crystal clear, instead of making me feel more than a little vague.

This will be a great book which I can use to insert patterns into standard jumpers or cardigans, or scarves or socks. I love it, despite its tiny flaws. Is it worth $50 Aus? Probably not, but since I won’t be buying the other two, I don’t care!! I think this is all about being a Vogue book, strike a pose…………

Harki_waiting_patiently_to_see_the_vet Harki went to the Vet this morning where she was so excellently behaved the Doctor gave her a treat!! Her hips and legs have been a little gyp, but there is nothing wrong, and her leg and back muscles are exceptionally strong. She has a little allergic reaction in her ear that we are just going to continue to nurse along, and she must lose a kilo or two. Quelle Surprise!!! I bought some Sasha’s Blend as a preventative measure. Peri was making the whole neighbourhood think that she was being held against her will,  by howling piteously, and now she keeps running up to the gate in the vain hope that she will get to go to the Vet now, now, what about now???!!! She looks at me with her big eyes and frowns a little and sighs and goes away.

I am slowly sewing in all the ends on the Dr Who ZUC. I am approaching it as if it were a military operation : quartering the area to be attacked and starting at the outside and working my way in. No end shall escape me. I am end-vincible!!!



Isn't it funny how some of us are chart people and some of us are pattern following people. I am of the latter variety of people! By the way, how was March? (The book, not the month!)

She Who Smells Yarn

I am still yet to follow charts for things like cables and lace. I follow them easily for picture knits! lol. One day I am sure



I thought a chart is a graph, and a pattern the instructions.

Harki to lose another one or two kilos? They look so trim and terrific now!


Once you follow graphs for patterns it seems weird to follow written again.

If they were cheaper books I would be interested in them all but $150 could be better spent on yarn.


Cindy! And Harki and Peri nto to be forgot.

I wrote a reply to your e-mail but outlook or the internet connection is boogelly and wil only let me download my yahoo mail. I still have to log inonline ot send stuff out of it, so there was a slight delay in getting your e-mail off to you!


Little Purl

Wow! 6 balls of GREEN (!) wool! You would have been mad NOT to get it! Have fun with the ends...


CINDY! Email me please - I have something to ask you - today! Friday! Thanks


The patterns look lovely though. I am not a chart person, well I have never really had a good try at using a chart. I would have bought the book. I can't resist a "free" offer!

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