Big Bother, Big Worries.
Seventh Heathen

Teal me lies, teal me sweet little lies.....

My_new_teal_green_and_eau_de_nil_colours Teal Green, Eau de Nil, whatever you like, this is my newest green colour addition : tops, blouses, 2 scarves, Doc Martens, shoes and a bag. The shoes and the bag are new today. It was Kismet. I wanted a bag to match my Docs and we looked in a few shops and then casually decided to go into another and there was the perfect bag!! Then, Mrs MacGyver was trying on shoes and the only pairCupcake_book in her size had a boogelly zip, but she found a pair that was perfect for my accidental new colour scheme!!!!!

I am also the owner of some presents via a gift voucher, books and a DVD and I have the Cupcakes book on order too!!! Thank you Mandy et al!!!

The Labradors have new toys, but they are really only an excuse for some rowdy rebel playing and fun. The actual toy is not the main goal, rather, it is the fun of the chase!!!

I have a new CD. There was much eye rolling and sighing on Mrs MacGyver’s part, and several surrounding people were moved to I_like_theselaughter as I excitedly bought Duran Duran’s Greatest Hits. What’s not to like? You can hear all the words, they have nice tunes and I know them.

Knitting?? Well after all the ends of Dr Who, I am finishing the Mulberry Cardigan’s sleeve and having an early night!!! Does anyone really need to see another picture of a half finished sleeve? I think not.

So there is my life, full of the inane and trivial, while in the real world this week we have had the 10th Anniversary of Port Arthur, three locals drowned in the same area while tuna fishing, one miner dead and 2 more still missing at Beaconsfield, spectators mowed down by a car during a Targa stage, and the whole Kovco fiasco. Here there should be something meaningful and thought provoking, but truly, what can be said???? It’s been a bad week……..



You are so right it hasn't been a good week at all.

On a brighter note, nice shopping, I saw the cupcake book and was very tempted to buy it.

She Who Smells Yarn

Its been a shocking week! Lets hope it's as bad as it gets this year.


lynne s of oz

Goodness, you've been busy! So has the world... Not a good week in Tassie!
I love your Docs.
I try not to buy at Scroatfight but for what I want in the way of material, I have a choice of Scroatfight or Sincraft. The local shops cater more to different tastes and don't have much in the way of cottons.

She Who Smells Yarn

you have been tagged on my blog my dear



I have that cd Cindy. I agree, you can hear the words but . . . have you ever seen the unedited clip for Girls On Film? SS and I were up far too late last night and caught it on rage. Plenty of nudity! I was shocked! Your greens may be turning blue.

Mrs mcGyver

Yes was all about you and so now you have double dipped the "youness" of the day by blogging all about it and I will have to go to school bare foot!!!!


How many pairs of shoes do you have?? What about socks? 60 or 70 pairs?? Anyway, I'm sure MacGyver can whip you up a pair from some road kill and string when he gets home from work : saving the world..... Anyway, this is MY blog!! Get your own and make it all about not me!! Typical wife of a TV star, it's all about you, you, you!!!

Mrs mcGyver

Dont you be mean about my imaginary husband your horrible blogger...that's quite good actually....sound rude.
we already know that this blog is all about you......I cant blog because the kids will keep interrupting and I cant blog on a computer constructed from icypole sticks, chewing gum foil and kirby grips!!!!!!!
Mrs McG

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