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What Not To Bear!!!

Harki_and_peris_tug_of_war The Labradors would now like to show why I spend all of my life cleaning up after them. Labrador Tug Of War!!!  First there is the actual Tugging, where Harki and Peri wrestle over the TeddyBunny.

Then there is the moment of truth when, suddenly, the TeddyBunny splits Solomon-Half_a_teddybunny_each like, in half. Finally the stuffing comes out and there you are -  Mess!!!!

There was a sneak preview of the Dr Who ZippyUppy Cardigan the other day, and here is the back, in almost all of its glory. I decided that I will embroider the word ‘Doctor’ onto the curved red swathe at the top, instead The_spoils_of_tug_of_war of knitting it in. I wonder if Katie knew that I would actually be knitting something from the logo patterns she sent me? I love it!!! I have almost finished now. I only have about 20 rows of the back, and the corresponding amount on each front to knit. Then I have the terrible sewing in of all the ends on the back, but after that I can sew up, add the zip and wear it!!! I am very excited.    IDr_who_logo_sans_the_word_doctor am now thinking I need something with a knitted Blake’s 7, Stargate, oh!!  or Babylon 5 logo!!! I must restrain myself!! Perhaps I should knit a Logo Scarf……….

I am watching an 8 hour What Not To Wear marathon. I love Trinny and Susannah and they are good knitting TV!!!



You sure are nice to let them play like that and then clean up. Personally, I like it when both dogs win the tug of war. And I'm not the one picking up afterwards.


Ooooh I am excited, does that mean we will be seeing Docor Who ZUC on Tuesday????

She Who Smells Yarn

Dr Who ZUC look great! Cant wait to see it finished!



Dr Who ZUC looks gooooooood.

Hope to see it in it's entirety on Tuesday.



hehehe...tug-of-war is always so frequent at my house too!! it's so funny the way they pull at each other. i never buy them soft toys anymore though...coz i know that they will ripped them apart.


Wow, the Dr Who ZUC is looking GREAT! I don't envy you all those ends to weave in though.


Ohhh, the Doctor Who ZUC looks fantastic! I love that show, and Stargate, too! Looking forward to seeing the finished work of art :)

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