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And Finally : The Labradors' Walk Part 3 : Walk with A Vengeance!!!

Today I didn't wake up till 10am. I went to lunch with Mrs Madcage at the Hospital Shop, or as it is now know, "The Smell of Coffee or something nice". I had a Panini, which makes it sound like they serve up musicians, but it's a toasty roll filled with whatever you like!!

Sewing_groups_project This afternoon I made kits for our sewing group : MrsMacGyver, Teddy's Mum, SariWoman, SoccerMum and me!! We all taught at the same school 15 years ago or so. We are starting a Christmas project : the little embroidered ornaments on the 2D tree. I made a zip lock bag with the Pellon backed calico, felt, embroidery thread, needles and the patterns. We have special carbon paper too so we can just trace over the patterns.This project is especially good as you don't need a sewing machine to attach the backing at all. We only meet three times in the middle term of school, so we need to start NOW!!! Oh that reminds me of what the hose-winding machine man said on The New Inventors last night: " Yes, the Bolshois_right_front arm will dis-ttach"  (or words to that effect). Australian English is certainly a growing and ever changing language!!!

I am going to finish the front of Bolshoi today. You decrease faster than, well, whatever decreases really fast!!

The Labradors didn't have a walk today. Harki might be getting FlippyFloppy Ears so I am going to bathe her ears a little and keep an eye on them. Thanks to Peri there was breakfast cereal in their breakfast this morning!!

A_tidy_desk_is_a_boring_mind_or_somethin Here is a photo of what's near my computer. What can I see???? Well a pile of books waiting to be read. I can't read the New Dr Who ones until the series at least starts. I have my New Dr Who poster, and my Babylon 5 and Stargate SG1 patches, my barometer that I like to tap, some nice fabric, pictures of the nurses at the Holamn Clinic, some dog key rings, a green doll souvenir, a Star Wars cell, some poems I wrote, my colours , a remote for the TV and DVD, tea container holding pencils, scissors, needles and dog treats, a cup of tea, kits I am making, sock tote and a sock for measuring the Turing sock against and a big pile of paper stuff : recipes, print outs, ruler, recipes posted to me by my mum, patterns and my glasses case. I expect there are myriad other things too. There are more pictures of Vundy, Tori, Harki and Peri further up. Of course.

SCORE!!!  Kind of....The controversial Essential Learnings, the ELs, are to be renamed 'The Tasmanian Curriculum'. Principals will be consulted ( but not those who actually use the ELs, the teachers!!!) and they will reduce the 18 elements reported on to 6 or 8 and the language used will be simplified, especially reporting to parents.



Maybe we should all do a 'whats near our computers' mine definately doesn't look as interesting as your space.

amanda j

Wow, if you could see what I am facing! It ranges from WELL DONE stickers to blue electrical tape. Hmm, perhaps I should do some housework instead of sitting here reading blogs?!



Mine's not nearly as interesting as we had a clean up today.

Our new phone arrived and is now placed on the shelf above the pc so the whole desk was rearranged (sort of).



are you using 2 different colours for back and front of the cardy? 12 ply eh?? might get some of the yarn tomorrow ^_^

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