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Cereal Killer

Cereal_killer OK, do we think this was Harki the good girl who is always an angel, or, Peri Naughty?????Good thing they were on special, there will be cereal for breakfast in The Labradors' food this week!!!My_prize_from_sharon

Yesterday was the Knitting Coven, we were a bit down on numbers due to circumstances beyond our  control!! Sharon had medical things to attend to, and Suzi was bar wenching!!! There were tiny premature baby hats and socks, a scarf knitted on giant needles ( only 8 stitches!!) Sharfik ( still going!!) the star baby jumper and much, much more!!! Sharon gave me my prize from her competition at the stall on Saturday, some very lovely Everglade coloured mohair. I like it, even though, as she pointed out, it is not all green!!! What shall I knit?? What??

Bolshoi_back_and_the_last_turing_sock I have finished the back of Bolshoi.  After the rib there are only 100 rows. It takes so little time. I am giving people a head's up that I will be knitting another one of these if I like it : in another green colour!!! I am on the home run of the last Turing sock and the Interweave socks are calling me!!!

The new Simply Knitting UK is here. It had a few things I might like to knit, but I just enjoy having it!! I have my new glasses too. They have dark brown/black frames and the inside is a kind of leopard print, but made of black faux lace on a gold Making_a_spectacle_of_myself background!!!

This morning it was -2.5*C. The puddles were frozen solid and Harki and Peri had the very best walk!! They ran through the grass and it crackled and cracked under their feet!!! I wore my lovely scarf, even though it didn't match my top!! Thanks, Donna, it was divinely warm and very pretty!!! It is loved and very much appreciated!!!

I am off to the union rally against WorkChoices now. There is a march, but I can't march. I have used all my walking energy wisely this morning on The Labradors. There is a meeting at the end of the march at the Albert Hall. I will be sitting for your rights, never fear!!!Rally_2

A bit later on..... I have been to the rally where-there-were-no-chairs and I had to sit cross-legged on  the floor, though I stood up to see Bill Shorten of Beaconsfield fame!! All the miners were there. The beautiful Albert Hall was filled to capacity upstairs and down. Outside directing you can see, I think, PC Maree Fish, Hockey_constable_gold_olympian_1a gold medal winning Hocket Olympian from our very state!!! The pictures will 'biggen' if you click them!!!



oh!! where did you get your freen dpns from?? cool glasses!!!


A couple of weeks ago I'd gone to take off my coat after bringing in the shopping, when I came back to put it away Penny had swiped a steak right out of the tray - Porterhouse no less! Lucky only the corner was nibbled :o)

She Who Smells Yarn

We have naughty cats! Sigh

Thought it was cold this morn!! brrrr...

I looked for the Simply Knitting today too in a newsagency and it wasnt there!! Will have to go looking tomorrow and see if I can find it.



Pickies of the new bub have been posted.



well i guess the litle angel harki got it down and then peri helped open and eat.

gee i have to remember im due for eye test and a few weeks and my normal tester has retired must find new one


Your dogs are adorable!! I'm so pleased you visited my blog and left a comment, so I could follow the link back to your blog and see all your wonderful doggie pics. Give the pups a pat for me!


Naughty puppies!! he he

Bolshoi is looking great, can't wait to see it in person.


Isn't it nice to see those lovely labs know what is good to eat.

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