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Project Spectrum June : Blue

Don't Worry, Be Cautiously Happy!!!

There is cautious happiness with respect to the demise of the ELs. But cautious happiness is better than none!!!

Bolshois_front_and_a_sleeve_started I have finished the right front of Bolshoi and started the sleeve. The green is being difficult and the days is dull. Michelle it is all the same colour!!! I am determined to finish this by the next Knitting Coven meeting. No-one at the Knitting Coven would know this if I relied on our site to tell them. Today it refuses to let me access it at all. The screen is just white : plain and infuriating white.... Last night at Sewing Starsky_loves_teddys_mum_1SariWoman's cat, Starsky, fell in love with the Dr Who ZUC, the ball of wool and finally with Teddy's mum. Look at her beautiful blanket beneath the cat!!

The weather today is Fog : unrelentingly white. I expect this is in preparation for Sunday's episode of Jericho!!! When I went out to drop off books to the Madcages, noonish, I had to turn the car lights on and keep them on all the time. It is raining so that is wonderful!!! When we went for our walk this morning you could see the fog lapping atFog_ocean the hills. It looked like a fog ocean!! Up at the dam it was Hi_harki clear and crisp. Harki is playing Monarch of the Glen.

I accidentally bought a pair of shoes : Summer sandals that were 44.4% off. They were only $50 instead of $90. They are green. I might have to rally the shoe troops next week and take a photo.

Harki had FlippyFloppy Ear a little. I went to the Vet and bought some ear wash. She is such a good girl. She jumps on the bed and then the drops go in, her ears are massaged and then I clean them out and then she gets a treat!!! Peri's ears are fine,Summer_shoes_and_the_livin_is_easy  but she lines up to for 'pretend' ear drops and afterwards she gets a treat too!!! They have new cTrialling_the_new_cushionsushions for outside on the porch. They are getting used to them inside first!!!

Stargate SG 1 season 9 started last night. I have watched up to the opening credits even though I shouldn't have.  MrsMacGyver and I will experience the wonder that is Ben Browder and the wondering- what-it-is of Beau Bridges later on. There will be elbows!!!!

Project Spectrum Blue is over. I will post pictures of what I made tomorrow and PS July is : Violet or Purple. I already have three things ready to go!!!!

Oh, I want to make this top, and look how much Country Silk costs in America - that's $8-10 Australian, so it costs 38% more. At last we win!!!!!



Nice shoes! And a sale is always a valid reason for buying!

She Who Smells Yarn

I know Stargate SG 1 was on!! I watched it today and got ot perve on Ben Browder (groooowwwl)...

Urrgghh I know Project Spectrum blue is over and I dont have much to show for it..Will have to do that in piccies in the next few days on my blog too (tonight it was soups).

Bolshoi coming along nicely. cant wait to see it



Aha!! Now you are having trouble with our site. The gremlin is doing the rounds.

I am enjoying Jericho at the moment too, great show. I also like The Last Detective on Saturday night.

amanda j

That is a terrific picture of Harki! They are lucky dogs to have such a nice place to walk.

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