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The only place to buy a reel of cotton locally now is The Black Spot of Doomlight. I was in the queue for such a long time that I had to sit on the floor. I am having tiny episodes of wanting to cry!!!

The_wool_of_my_pine_ing Wool has arrived at my house. How quickly it comes, sheep must be leaping into the shearing shed bleating out "Shear me quickly, there is a desperate need for wool in Tasmania!" I am going to have to use ( imagine the music from Jaws here, or any scary music really) Big Needles. I am going to cheat though, and use my Ann Budd book of numbers to change the pattern so I can use smaller needles than 8mm. Michelle laughs in the face of my small needles, she uses needles so large that giants would find them unwieldy!! I know Suzi had her 'Vogue end of the table' theory about the seating at the Knitting Coven, but I reckon we could introduce 'knitting needle size' seating instead!! The wool is from Bendigo and the lovely Daphne from The Knittery. Sharon has decided that Daphne makes the Australian version of Socks That Rock, and I certainly agree. I want some Minty next.

There seems to be a general agreement that a Sock Tote Tutorial would be universally welcomed. Your wish is my command : but you'll have to be a little patient as it is MrsMacGyver's birthday tomorrow and I have things to finish because I am always finishing things at the last moment even though I am home all the time do tomorrow.  Thursday looks good though. I don't have a Sock Tote of my own. I use my lovely green bag that Donna made me as my camera case. I love it!!! I have whipped up a White Chocolate and Raspberry BlondieRaspberry_and_white_chocolate_blondie  or two as MrsMacGyver has to supply her own cake on her birthday at work. Very poor show, that.

There is no "The Labradors' Walk 2 : Walk Harder" today as they have been for an actual walk and I am too tired to blog for them and me. No doubt you will be able to contain your excitement for a day or two.

There is also no picture of Evergreen. I finished Evergreen this morning. Evergreen is ever so nice. There will be pictures on Wednesday!!! Now I am off to knit and make some tea : fish and vegetables and a cup of lemon tea............

Oh for those of you of a discering nature, Stargate SG1 Season 9 starts next week, Thursday 29th July at the very reasonable hour of 11pm. As O'Neill would say : "Oy!!!"



I always take my purchases to one of the counters near the door. I can't stand that craft counter. It is SO frustrating!!!


well i hate the slow lane i just put it back and forget about it. i also found there are certain days and times not to go to someplaces


Lovely wool purchases there, I can't wait to get mine.

Coming back from Poatina on Saturday there on the road before us were sheep, EVERYWHERE and they had just been shawn. Where was my digital camera when I needed it!!!


I didnt laugh!!! ^_^ I wish I can knit with smaller needles!! Proabably I'm too impatient and knitting with bigger needles means finishing fast!!

Anyway, on another note, those who knit with such small needles are really good knitters and me...who often use 8mm for chunky scarfs...are a newbie!!!


The BSLOD will reduce anyone to tears I think.
Your new yarn looks gorgeous, I thought Wildflowers would be more you though, or do you just like the name of Minty? :o)

amanda j

I HATE that place. Honestly, why it takes two people to blip a barcode, and why they have to blip it twice and sticky tape your receipt and . . . oh, don't start me ranting again! You are a trigger at the moment! That blondie looks good enough to feed all the kids in America (whoa oh)!

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