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The Labradors' Walk 2 : Walk Harder is now playing. Stay tuned for The Labradors' Walk 3 : Walk with a Vengeance.

Evergreen_thuja_socks Yesterday there was lovely Japanese food, which you can see here on MrsMacGyver's blog, along with the Evergreen Thuja Knitty socks, which were handed over. Thuja is a kind of conifer and thus an evergreen, and so the name. They are for Project Spectrum!!!!

Here is the Egyptian bag for MrsMacGyver that also has a bright turquoise blue and thus qualifies for Project Spectrum too!!!!!Egyptian_bag

The Labradors were left at home while I went to have my eyes tested. My eyes are exactly the same and have been so for about 6 years now. I am having some prescription sunglasses, and then Barry the Extraordinaire : Chooser of Perfect Frames to the Rich and Famous (and me) showed me GREEN frames for my night time glasses (35% tint) Oh, Oh, Oh, I will be having another pair of glasses after July 1st!!!! MrsMacGyver picked up her new glasses and then there was an unexpectedly long present giving with cups of tea. I though The Labradors would be sad all alone together in the dark, but I had fortuitously left a light on!!!

They were waiting at the gate with waggy tails and happy smiles.


She Who Smells Yarn

ooooooooooh purdy pressies!!!



Do you ever wonder what Harki & Peri do when you're not home?


remember to take pictures of the green glasses when you got them!!


The Egyption bag is very cool, I am huge fan of all things ancient Egyption.

I have never been out for Japanese also I have never been out to Smokey Joes yet and he's moved to new premises. We may have to have an outing, perhaps a dinner one week while I will be at class I will be missing out on all the SNB gossip.

I must remember to post about Spotlight's knitting party. I think it would be a nice outing and we could go for coffee (or tea) somewhere before or after? Maybe after as we may need sustinance after enduring the Black Spot of Doom!

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