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Don't Worry, Be Cautiously Happy!!!

There is cautious happiness with respect to the demise of the ELs. But cautious happiness is better than none!!!

Bolshois_front_and_a_sleeve_started I have finished the right front of Bolshoi and started the sleeve. The green is being difficult and the days is dull. Michelle it is all the same colour!!! I am determined to finish this by the next Knitting Coven meeting. No-one at the Knitting Coven would know this if I relied on our site to tell them. Today it refuses to let me access it at all. The screen is just white : plain and infuriating white.... Last night at Sewing Starsky_loves_teddys_mum_1SariWoman's cat, Starsky, fell in love with the Dr Who ZUC, the ball of wool and finally with Teddy's mum. Look at her beautiful blanket beneath the cat!!

The weather today is Fog : unrelentingly white. I expect this is in preparation for Sunday's episode of Jericho!!! When I went out to drop off books to the Madcages, noonish, I had to turn the car lights on and keep them on all the time. It is raining so that is wonderful!!! When we went for our walk this morning you could see the fog lapping atFog_ocean the hills. It looked like a fog ocean!! Up at the dam it was Hi_harki clear and crisp. Harki is playing Monarch of the Glen.

I accidentally bought a pair of shoes : Summer sandals that were 44.4% off. They were only $50 instead of $90. They are green. I might have to rally the shoe troops next week and take a photo.

Harki had FlippyFloppy Ear a little. I went to the Vet and bought some ear wash. She is such a good girl. She jumps on the bed and then the drops go in, her ears are massaged and then I clean them out and then she gets a treat!!! Peri's ears are fine,Summer_shoes_and_the_livin_is_easy  but she lines up to for 'pretend' ear drops and afterwards she gets a treat too!!! They have new cTrialling_the_new_cushionsushions for outside on the porch. They are getting used to them inside first!!!

Stargate SG 1 season 9 started last night. I have watched up to the opening credits even though I shouldn't have.  MrsMacGyver and I will experience the wonder that is Ben Browder and the wondering- what-it-is of Beau Bridges later on. There will be elbows!!!!

Project Spectrum Blue is over. I will post pictures of what I made tomorrow and PS July is : Violet or Purple. I already have three things ready to go!!!!

Oh, I want to make this top, and look how much Country Silk costs in America - that's $8-10 Australian, so it costs 38% more. At last we win!!!!!

And I love you Sew.......

And Finally : The Labradors' Walk Part 3 : Walk with A Vengeance!!!

Today I didn't wake up till 10am. I went to lunch with Mrs Madcage at the Hospital Shop, or as it is now know, "The Smell of Coffee or something nice". I had a Panini, which makes it sound like they serve up musicians, but it's a toasty roll filled with whatever you like!!

Sewing_groups_project This afternoon I made kits for our sewing group : MrsMacGyver, Teddy's Mum, SariWoman, SoccerMum and me!! We all taught at the same school 15 years ago or so. We are starting a Christmas project : the little embroidered ornaments on the 2D tree. I made a zip lock bag with the Pellon backed calico, felt, embroidery thread, needles and the patterns. We have special carbon paper too so we can just trace over the patterns.This project is especially good as you don't need a sewing machine to attach the backing at all. We only meet three times in the middle term of school, so we need to start NOW!!! Oh that reminds me of what the hose-winding machine man said on The New Inventors last night: " Yes, the Bolshois_right_front arm will dis-ttach"  (or words to that effect). Australian English is certainly a growing and ever changing language!!!

I am going to finish the front of Bolshoi today. You decrease faster than, well, whatever decreases really fast!!

The Labradors didn't have a walk today. Harki might be getting FlippyFloppy Ears so I am going to bathe her ears a little and keep an eye on them. Thanks to Peri there was breakfast cereal in their breakfast this morning!!

A_tidy_desk_is_a_boring_mind_or_somethin Here is a photo of what's near my computer. What can I see???? Well a pile of books waiting to be read. I can't read the New Dr Who ones until the series at least starts. I have my New Dr Who poster, and my Babylon 5 and Stargate SG1 patches, my barometer that I like to tap, some nice fabric, pictures of the nurses at the Holamn Clinic, some dog key rings, a green doll souvenir, a Star Wars cell, some poems I wrote, my colours , a remote for the TV and DVD, tea container holding pencils, scissors, needles and dog treats, a cup of tea, kits I am making, sock tote and a sock for measuring the Turing sock against and a big pile of paper stuff : recipes, print outs, ruler, recipes posted to me by my mum, patterns and my glasses case. I expect there are myriad other things too. There are more pictures of Vundy, Tori, Harki and Peri further up. Of course.

SCORE!!!  Kind of....The controversial Essential Learnings, the ELs, are to be renamed 'The Tasmanian Curriculum'. Principals will be consulted ( but not those who actually use the ELs, the teachers!!!) and they will reduce the 18 elements reported on to 6 or 8 and the language used will be simplified, especially reporting to parents.

Cereal Killer

Cereal_killer OK, do we think this was Harki the good girl who is always an angel, or, Peri Naughty?????Good thing they were on special, there will be cereal for breakfast in The Labradors' food this week!!!My_prize_from_sharon

Yesterday was the Knitting Coven, we were a bit down on numbers due to circumstances beyond our  control!! Sharon had medical things to attend to, and Suzi was bar wenching!!! There were tiny premature baby hats and socks, a scarf knitted on giant needles ( only 8 stitches!!) Sharfik ( still going!!) the star baby jumper and much, much more!!! Sharon gave me my prize from her competition at the stall on Saturday, some very lovely Everglade coloured mohair. I like it, even though, as she pointed out, it is not all green!!! What shall I knit?? What??

Bolshoi_back_and_the_last_turing_sock I have finished the back of Bolshoi.  After the rib there are only 100 rows. It takes so little time. I am giving people a head's up that I will be knitting another one of these if I like it : in another green colour!!! I am on the home run of the last Turing sock and the Interweave socks are calling me!!!

The new Simply Knitting UK is here. It had a few things I might like to knit, but I just enjoy having it!! I have my new glasses too. They have dark brown/black frames and the inside is a kind of leopard print, but made of black faux lace on a gold Making_a_spectacle_of_myself background!!!

This morning it was -2.5*C. The puddles were frozen solid and Harki and Peri had the very best walk!! They ran through the grass and it crackled and cracked under their feet!!! I wore my lovely scarf, even though it didn't match my top!! Thanks, Donna, it was divinely warm and very pretty!!! It is loved and very much appreciated!!!

I am off to the union rally against WorkChoices now. There is a march, but I can't march. I have used all my walking energy wisely this morning on The Labradors. There is a meeting at the end of the march at the Albert Hall. I will be sitting for your rights, never fear!!!Rally_2

A bit later on..... I have been to the rally where-there-were-no-chairs and I had to sit cross-legged on  the floor, though I stood up to see Bill Shorten of Beaconsfield fame!! All the miners were there. The beautiful Albert Hall was filled to capacity upstairs and down. Outside directing you can see, I think, PC Maree Fish, Hockey_constable_gold_olympian_1a gold medal winning Hocket Olympian from our very state!!! The pictures will 'biggen' if you click them!!!

Where did I go to my lovelies?

I have been all Scott of the Antarctic!!!

On Friday I made the cup cakes for MrsMacGyver's birthday cake. And rested.Pirates_of_the_caribbean_cup_cakes_1 Chocolate_choc_chip_and_lemon_curd_cup_cRaspberry_and_white_chocolate_1   

Saturday I went along to the Knitting Coven stall and I went to MrsMacGyver's party. It was a party for those of a certain age. We were oh so civilised: we drank some bubbly ( one glass for me and then cups of tea), ate some nibbles ( 3 party pieMystery_man_1s and some fig paste and feta cheese, oh and sour worm lollies and a Wizz Fizz for me)  watched video music clips from the olden days and chatted till late. I certainly 'lived it up'. I was home after 11pm, which is such a late night for me, even though I had been sleeping in anticipation. I was trying to build up a sleep credit. It didn't work. I still have a cold. On Sunday I slept in till 12-36pm. Yes, that's right, till the afternoon. I had opened the dog door for The Labradors, but they didn't get fed till 1 o'clock!!

MrsMacGyver rang about 1-45pm and then we went to a 'happening'. Do you recognise this piece of a man on the left in B&W?? He was there and so were a lot of other volunteers who haHappy_rainy_dogsd performed a very wonderful good deed for some friends. They will be on the TV at the end of July. MrsMacGyver and I are hoping not to be on TV. We spent a lot of time camera Were_outta_hereavoiding, though we took lots of photos!! Then there was more bubbly after the unveiling!!

Today I have taken The Labradors for a walk. It has been rainingKermit_masquerading_as_a_snail in the last few days and they have been walking in the rain, revelling in the wetness and puddles of water everywhere!!! I also went to TBSODLTM where I purchased a Kermit_the_rainbow_connection_scarflot of things that I might take a photo of later as they had a 20% off sale........

Kermit, The Rainbow Connection Scarf, is complete. It was a scarf made of 2 strands of 5ply knitted  together with a 1/2 ball offset, so the colours mingled. I was inspired by the UK Simply Knitting!!! It was a present for MrsMacGyver : she likes lots of colours.Giant_needles_terrible_photo There is blue, well two blues, so this qualifies for Project Spectrum too!!!

I am currently working on Bolshoi. It is an Interweave Ballet Wrap Cardigan in 12ply Rustic, colour: Elm, from Bendigo. I have to knit on giant needles that I hate. I am  enduring it as a means to a desired end. I had to knit wih 8mm. It was like knitting with telegraph poles. It is very fast though with 6mm now and I am just about to the underarm cast off after just knitting through Jericho. Very fast indeed!!! Elm is green even though it looks, well, a boogelly grey colour!!!

The_back_of_bolshoi I am glad that my Sock Tote tutorial was helpful!! It was very long!! I hope some one might make one of their own one day!!!! Thank you for your kind comments......

My Sock Tote Tutorial

Here is Whiplasha tutorial about how to sew my Sock Tote. I have lined mine, but if you don't want toChoose_fabric_and_lining line yours, just ignore all references to lining and finish the seams with zig-zag or pinking or whatever you like!!!  If you can sew a seam, you can make this. Remember Don't Panic!! Even the zip is easy!!!

I always have more than one pair of scoks on the go and now I finally have my own sock tote. Please note that this is one of the only things I have ever sewed where The Labradors haven't 'helped'. I don't know how I managed by myself!!! I think I'm about to make a Betty Boop and a Camouflage sock tote : stay tuned!! You can see some pictures of the totes I have made in my Sewing photo album.


  • 40cm of 115cm wide fabric (16 inches of 45 inch wide)*
  • 40cm of 115cm wide lining (16 inches of 45 inch wide)*
  • 25 cm zip (10 inch)
  • Wadding (optional - I used some thin iron on Pellon)Pin_and_then_cut_out_pieces_1
  • thread
  • pins
  • sewing needle
  • ruler
  • compass
  • pencil
  • paper
  • *Wash, dry and iron your fabric before you begin.
  • * If you are making a tote lined with the same fabric as the actual tote, 40 x 115 cm (16 x 45 inches) will be enough.

Pattern Pieces ( Imperial measurements in brackets)

All pieces include a 1.5cm seam allowance (5/8 inch)

  1. Bag Part 1: 38cm x 7cm (15 x 3 inches)Tote_pieces_ready_to_go
  2. Bag Part 2: 38cm x 29cm (15 x 11.5 inches)
  3. Top/Base: Circle with a radius of 6cm (2.5 inches)
  4. Handle: 21cm x 8cm (8.5 x 3 inches)

Cutting and Layout Guide

  1. Bag Part 1: Cut 1 Fabric and 1 Lining
  2. Bag Part 2: Cut 1 Fabric and 1 LiningCentre_zip_and_ready_to_sew
  3. Top/Base : Cut 2 Fabric, 2 Lining, 2 Wadding and 2 extra for backing the fabric - I used Lining
  4. Handle: Cut 1 Fabric or Lining, whatever you like as a match or contrastBaste_the_zip_opening.

Lay the Fabric and lining right sides together, lining up the selvages and lay out the pieces as shown. The straight grain is any squared off edge, and for the circle, it doesn't really matter.



  1. Place Bag Parts 1 and two together along the 38cm side. Centre the zip and measure the fabric left at either end. I had about 6cm (2.5 inches). Mark a little inside this point and sew from each edge to that point.You are leaving an opening for the zip. My machine does Pin_baste_and_insert_zipending off, but do whatever you normally do. Trim the threads and then baste again across the opening with a stitch length of 6mm (5/16 inches). Press open, and mark on the wrong side where the proper 6cm seam ends.                                                                                                                   Pin_and_sew_side_seam                                                                                                                                              
  2. Close the zip and baste the two open ends near the tab together. This makes it easier to insert. Place the zip face down onto the centre of the seam, so the zipper teeth are matching the length. Make sure you arrange it so it meets the little seam marks you made. Now pin, baste, and sew all the way arLeft_tote_top_and_right_the_baseound the 4 sides of the zipper. remove zip basting, seam basting, and then play with the zip, opening and closing it a lot.
  3. Pin the side seam, right sides together, matching the zip seam and ends. Sew and then press open
  4. Top and Base : I like to add wadding and so I iron on some Pellon, add some extra lining as Pressing_handlea backing,  and embroider it. I did circles on the base for stability and eyelets  to echo the pattern of the fabric on the top!!! It's easier to see on the wrong side.
  5. Now make the handle. Fold and press the handle in half lengthwise, then open Embroider_handleup and press each side into the centre, and then press in half, enclosing the two edges. Topstitch and embroider if you like. I do.
  6. Divide the base opening into quarters and mark with pins. Do the same with the base. Now,Pin_base_to_bottom_of_tote withQuarter_tote_and_base_opening  right sides together match up the pins, even out the fabric, pin and baste and then sew. It can be a bit tricky, but a few gathers won't matter so DON'T PANIC. It will be fine. Trim the seam to half its width.
  7. Do the same with the top and top bag opening, BUT you have to pin the handle ends to the right side of the fabric of the bag. I like to leave a little of the zip open as it makes it easier to open the bag right side out again. The Pin_handles_centred_onto_top_of_totehandle goes across from side to side, not from the seam to the front. The handle edges should be even with the other raw edges. Now pin and baste the top and sew. Trim the seams and turn it right side out and admire your bag.
  8. At this point, if you don't want to add a lining, you have finished.
  9. To add a lining, which I like to do now, make another bag almost exactly the Pin_top_and_handles_but_leave_the_zip_op_1same. I press the seam of the 2 bag parts open as there is no zip, and no wadding is needed with the top and base., and there is no handle.
  10. Turn the Fabric bag inside out, and the lining right side out. Insert the Fabric bag into the lining, wrong sides together. Align the zip opening, pin, baste and   then sew the lining by hand along the zip stitching line.Unlined_tote_1
  11. Turn the bag right side out, and there is is!! Fluff it out, add your socks, needles, wool and take a lot of photos and post them on your blog!!!

This is a free pattern, so when you use it, you agree and understand that it is for personal use only.  You may not reproduce this pattern without permission or sell products made from it.

Two Paw Products 2006

Crop_circle_sock_toteTote_and_lining_1 Inserting_tote_into_lining Pin_lining_to_tote_on_the_zip_seam_line_1 Now_the_lining_is_sewn_in_and_i_have_lab  Pop_your_socks_inside_and_voila_1

Frame Here to Eternity

The Labradors' Walk 2 : Walk Harder is now playing. Stay tuned for The Labradors' Walk 3 : Walk with a Vengeance.

Evergreen_thuja_socks Yesterday there was lovely Japanese food, which you can see here on MrsMacGyver's blog, along with the Evergreen Thuja Knitty socks, which were handed over. Thuja is a kind of conifer and thus an evergreen, and so the name. They are for Project Spectrum!!!!

Here is the Egyptian bag for MrsMacGyver that also has a bright turquoise blue and thus qualifies for Project Spectrum too!!!!!Egyptian_bag

The Labradors were left at home while I went to have my eyes tested. My eyes are exactly the same and have been so for about 6 years now. I am having some prescription sunglasses, and then Barry the Extraordinaire : Chooser of Perfect Frames to the Rich and Famous (and me) showed me GREEN frames for my night time glasses (35% tint) Oh, Oh, Oh, I will be having another pair of glasses after July 1st!!!! MrsMacGyver picked up her new glasses and then there was an unexpectedly long present giving with cups of tea. I though The Labradors would be sad all alone together in the dark, but I had fortuitously left a light on!!!

They were waiting at the gate with waggy tails and happy smiles.

King of the Abode

Harki_with_ribbon_and_2_choc_chips_waiti Yes, Roger Miller and I are as one : He's of the Road and I'm of the Abode!!  The poor Labradors didn't get fed till after noon today. I was on a big go slow. I was prepared to sit at home all day. I had presents to wrap for MrsMacGyver and knitting to do, books and TV to catch up on, but all I did was the wrapping part. Harki and Peri like to help with the wrapping and so it takes a little longer, what with the wagging and throwing of toys and sitting on the paper and everything. And then there are The Labradors to contend with!!!! Peri has been very very naughty. I caught her making the hole in Otto the ottoman bigger. Peri was shown the lemon juice, growled at in my Goa'uld voice and then ignored , while Harki scored bonus pats and cuddles and a Peri_has_been_very_naughty treat : some white choc chips!!!

Wrapping presents entails a lot of thought as every single present requires a cryptic clue that might, just might, enable the recipient to guess what's inside. So, a present labelled "Yellowbeard's Jewellery" would mean 'Acute Hearing' which translates as 'A Cute Earring' or two!!! This is no mean feat and requires wit and determination. A few of us are off to the Mrsmacgyver_presents Japanese restaurant to have sushi for tea to celebrate. Expect pictures tomorrow!!!

I had to venture out when I accidentally picked up One Skein from Petrachs. The ladies in the shop had viewed the book and they were very impresses. I am letting them borrow the book to make felted bowls. I then accidentally bought some pale knaki stretchy drill to make some more of the Doily Trousers. It was 1/2 price, that's $10 for a cool pair ofMy_book_matches_my_material  trousers!!! I am The Accidental Shopper!!!

Sharon's Betty Boop ZUC is going great guns, and even with my contrary guess of A Degas Ballerina and a Cow, I managed to win a prize in her competition!!! How cool is that???

I was quoting Buffy yesterday , Xander says :"I laugh in the face of danger!! Then I hide until it goes away....."

Ewe are the Sunshine of my Life

The only place to buy a reel of cotton locally now is The Black Spot of Doomlight. I was in the queue for such a long time that I had to sit on the floor. I am having tiny episodes of wanting to cry!!!

The_wool_of_my_pine_ing Wool has arrived at my house. How quickly it comes, sheep must be leaping into the shearing shed bleating out "Shear me quickly, there is a desperate need for wool in Tasmania!" I am going to have to use ( imagine the music from Jaws here, or any scary music really) Big Needles. I am going to cheat though, and use my Ann Budd book of numbers to change the pattern so I can use smaller needles than 8mm. Michelle laughs in the face of my small needles, she uses needles so large that giants would find them unwieldy!! I know Suzi had her 'Vogue end of the table' theory about the seating at the Knitting Coven, but I reckon we could introduce 'knitting needle size' seating instead!! The wool is from Bendigo and the lovely Daphne from The Knittery. Sharon has decided that Daphne makes the Australian version of Socks That Rock, and I certainly agree. I want some Minty next.

There seems to be a general agreement that a Sock Tote Tutorial would be universally welcomed. Your wish is my command : but you'll have to be a little patient as it is MrsMacGyver's birthday tomorrow and I have things to finish because I am always finishing things at the last moment even though I am home all the time do tomorrow.  Thursday looks good though. I don't have a Sock Tote of my own. I use my lovely green bag that Donna made me as my camera case. I love it!!! I have whipped up a White Chocolate and Raspberry BlondieRaspberry_and_white_chocolate_blondie  or two as MrsMacGyver has to supply her own cake on her birthday at work. Very poor show, that.

There is no "The Labradors' Walk 2 : Walk Harder" today as they have been for an actual walk and I am too tired to blog for them and me. No doubt you will be able to contain your excitement for a day or two.

There is also no picture of Evergreen. I finished Evergreen this morning. Evergreen is ever so nice. There will be pictures on Wednesday!!! Now I am off to knit and make some tea : fish and vegetables and a cup of lemon tea............

Oh for those of you of a discering nature, Stargate SG1 Season 9 starts next week, Thursday 29th July at the very reasonable hour of 11pm. As O'Neill would say : "Oy!!!"

Mish Mash Topics Takin' a Bath!!!

A Plethora of Unrelated Things.......

Get fit : start walking with The Labradors!! See Part 1 of their walk!!!

This_blue_me_away I have knitted a blue thing: Evergreen. All will be explained later. It can't show its face as it is either a dentist, or it is going to be a present!! You can just see the colour and the stitches!!! I loved knitting this : it is quick and cosy and cheery. It is not for me every day though, I still prefer those with a finer nature, but there is a place for very wool ply!!!Sunbathing_beauty_peri

Harki and Peri have been having a whale of a time. Peri has been sunbathing, on her special Labrador polar fleece rug, on the deck and then in the garden!! Even though it is icy beyond belief in the morning, it is sunny and warm (17*C the other day) in the afternoons.

What_a_mess_harki Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey has not, despite rumours, run off to Hollywood to star in Boston Legal with William Shatner and James Spader. She is, in fact, making a big fat mess outside by de-stuffing her TeddyBunnies up and down the steps. Doesn't she look so inncent and incredulous that there could be a problem at all??? That's a tennis ball tied up in a plastic bag at her feet. She thinks I should be going up the steps to get it and throw it back to her again. I'm not.

Chez 2paw has been fairly quiet today. There has been some soup making, some knitting, some Radio National listening and some finding of Inspector Frost for Wee Jock's mum. There has been the longing for a nap, and the avoidance of said nap in the hope of a good night's sleep.

Tomorrow is the last day of the school holidays and then everyone is back to work. Wednesday is the Winter Solstice this year. There will be no naked Its_winter_but_no_rain_and_no_creekdancing about a bonfires in Launceston I'll bet!!!! But it does meant the turning point for Winter. Apparently Australia is almost all alone in the night in starting the seasons on the first of the calendar month. Most places count from the Equinoxes and Solstices, but for us we are already 1 month though Winter with only 2 more to go!!  What we really need is some rain. Here is a picture of the creek from the little footbridge we cross when we walk. Note the absolute absence of any water in the creek, it is as dry as a bone.

Tonight I plan to complete Evergreen, which is in fact blue!!! Then I might knit some more of Kermit. Kermit has 7 more balls to be knitted quick smart!!!!

I am thinking of making a Sock Tote tutorial, with the pictures and the instructions. Maybe???

Oh, Oh, catch that buzz, A lot of drugs is what I'm thinking of!!

Ah, Roxy Music, those were the days!!!          

Well, courtesy of a truckload of over the counter drugs I went to lunch with my friend today - she has a lovely black Labrador called Jessie, who is 5 months older than Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey. I felt a little hot and cold and a bit boogelly once, but after some absolutely delicious Sweet and Sour Chicken with Jasmine rice and 5 cups of Earl Grey tea made with real leaves I felt a little better. Then I had a nice local when I had my port flushed. It is nice at the time, and half of my cleavage is pink from the antiseptic, but when it wears off it will be tender tomorrow.

The Madcages gave The Labradors tennis balls they collected from the beach at Bellingham, and they played with them, and then they took their balls to bed last night!! I peeped into the bedroom and there they both were, fast asleep on the bed with their tennis balls. Peri Naughty doesn't usually play with her My_blue_heaven toys to such an extent. The Labradors are so sweet!!!

Here is the blue wool that will become some things ASAP!! This is my Project Spectrum knitting-that-will-be!!! I am taking some more tablets to make me bright enough to knit later on tonight.

ThisMaking_baking_cooking_all_the_time selection of groceries ( there are a few things missing, more condensed milk, evaporated milk, butter, lemons, more chocolate and hazelnuts) will magically become yummy treats by Tuesday when it is MrsMacGyver's birthday!!! I can't say what they will be, but afterwards there will be photos and recipes.

When I handed in the survey forms for the Museum, I assured the people behind the counter that I hadn't filled them all in myself. One of them informed me that I could have taken 1000 and filled them in myself. This is very unethical, and I said so. It makes me wonder how true the results will be. Then ends justifies the means? I think not. I am more than thinking about writing a letter. Lucky MrsMacGyver got a phone call to answer the survey. I love surveys!!!

Thank you to everyone who voted for Miss Knitabulous's Lace. You can see the finishing ceremony for the lace here!!!

I forgot to say : when I was in the supermarket today, unpacking the trolley's contents onto the converyor belt, the young man serving suddenly swore. I turned around and must have looked a bit distressed, because he said quickly that he was surprised to see Dr Who's logo on the back of my top, and how cool it was and when would Dr Who be back? We had a nice Dr Who discussion, and then I told him Dr Who will be back on Saturday, July 8th, 7-30pm, ABC!!!!! Put on your pyjamas boys and girls and  get ready to watch!!!!!