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Harki_with_ribbon_and_2_choc_chips_waiti Yes, Roger Miller and I are as one : He's of the Road and I'm of the Abode!!  The poor Labradors didn't get fed till after noon today. I was on a big go slow. I was prepared to sit at home all day. I had presents to wrap for MrsMacGyver and knitting to do, books and TV to catch up on, but all I did was the wrapping part. Harki and Peri like to help with the wrapping and so it takes a little longer, what with the wagging and throwing of toys and sitting on the paper and everything. And then there are The Labradors to contend with!!!! Peri has been very very naughty. I caught her making the hole in Otto the ottoman bigger. Peri was shown the lemon juice, growled at in my Goa'uld voice and then ignored , while Harki scored bonus pats and cuddles and a Peri_has_been_very_naughty treat : some white choc chips!!!

Wrapping presents entails a lot of thought as every single present requires a cryptic clue that might, just might, enable the recipient to guess what's inside. So, a present labelled "Yellowbeard's Jewellery" would mean 'Acute Hearing' which translates as 'A Cute Earring' or two!!! This is no mean feat and requires wit and determination. A few of us are off to the Mrsmacgyver_presents Japanese restaurant to have sushi for tea to celebrate. Expect pictures tomorrow!!!

I had to venture out when I accidentally picked up One Skein from Petrachs. The ladies in the shop had viewed the book and they were very impresses. I am letting them borrow the book to make felted bowls. I then accidentally bought some pale knaki stretchy drill to make some more of the Doily Trousers. It was 1/2 price, that's $10 for a cool pair ofMy_book_matches_my_material  trousers!!! I am The Accidental Shopper!!!

Sharon's Betty Boop ZUC is going great guns, and even with my contrary guess of A Degas Ballerina and a Cow, I managed to win a prize in her competition!!! How cool is that???

I was quoting Buffy yesterday , Xander says :"I laugh in the face of danger!! Then I hide until it goes away....."




i never watch buffy. dun really like her. haha!!


I love accidental shopping. I do it all the time. ;)


I must have a look at one skein. I think we must go out in our ZUCs, we may even start a trend ;)


gee ill have to try the lemon juice with boss as right now hes being ever so cheecky

She Who Smells Yarn

Wonder if I can post again now?

Xander was one of my fave on Buffy! I use to love the witty stuff they came up with

Adam is looking forward to Stargate coming back.


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