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Lock Both Ways

I am having a Georgette Heyer Health Decline!! Yesterday I was miffed in the Library queue and then Cotton_from_vicki_via_sharon when I arrived at the Knitting Coven I locked my keys in the car and almost needed to cry. Thank you MrsMacGyver who lent me her phone and Sandra D who lent me the RACT number and the RACT man who was there within 10 minutes and opened my car!! When you lock everything in your car you have no licence, RACT card, spare keys etc!!Carolines_bag_1

I slept last night and afternoon and all the way till past 9am this morning but I am still feeling pale. But what is the use of feeling pale at home when I can feel pale in the company of others???

MrsMacGyver was special guest at the Knitting Coven (unlike Amanda J : some people think you are a figment of my imagination!!!) I paid little or no attention to what everyone was knitting, and I am too pathetic to list who was there and what they were doing. Thank you to Vicki, who gave stash to Sharon, who gave this lovely aqua cotton to me!!!

Bad_button_but_bag_close_up_anyway I made MrsMacGyver's god daughter a bag , pity about the button, but would I have a lovely subtle pale pink, apricot or white button? No, I think not.

The Labradors have 8 new TeddyBunnies and they are playing with them very nicely thank you very much!!! If you live in Lonnie, fill in a form from 'The Council who want to close it down even though they said they never would' to save the Royal Park Whos_your_bunny_1 Museum site : Option 5 if you please, by Friday!!!!!

The new YARN Magazine is out but mine is not here yet. It is the sock issue!!!!



wow. that bag is absolutely beatiful!! i'm amazed and jealous!! how can you all knit and sew so beautifully!!!

She Who Smells Yarn

Oooh if I knew you were after a pink button I could have had one with me yesterday for you.

Will have to look for the latest Yarn tomorrow (in my busy schedule).

Wasnt the wool/cotton/acrylic Sharon was giving away yesterday lovely? I think we will have to have a yarn swap again really soon for the group...



I have just received my Yarn magazine and I have already earmarked some things to make, like I need more projects!!!

It was my pleasure to share my new found stash.


Dear Cindy,

I purchased a copy of the new Yarn magazine this morning. I was after the new Simply Knitting or possibly the Creative Knittting, but the Yarn was out and cheaper than the others. I also saw the second issue of Knit Simple like Sharon ordered from the Wool Shack.

I am very excited about this Yarn, it actually has a number of things I would liek to make, at least 90% of the patterns I liked. Which is very good. Also I am e-mailing you with a proposition...


amanda j

I do exist, I do. I really do. I couldn't leave Little Purl to catch a bus to the doctor!! She wasn't even able to croak out "One student to town please" yesterday afternoon. I couldn't very well hang a sign around her neck with an i-cord, could I????


Kushiel's Scion is about Imriel and it was wonderful. Finished it at about 2am. Stupid on my part as I have two sick kids and am half asleep.

Yarn magazine?

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