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Get fit : start walking with The Labradors!! See Part 1 of their walk!!!

This_blue_me_away I have knitted a blue thing: Evergreen. All will be explained later. It can't show its face as it is either a dentist, or it is going to be a present!! You can just see the colour and the stitches!!! I loved knitting this : it is quick and cosy and cheery. It is not for me every day though, I still prefer those with a finer nature, but there is a place for very wool ply!!!Sunbathing_beauty_peri

Harki and Peri have been having a whale of a time. Peri has been sunbathing, on her special Labrador polar fleece rug, on the deck and then in the garden!! Even though it is icy beyond belief in the morning, it is sunny and warm (17*C the other day) in the afternoons.

What_a_mess_harki Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey has not, despite rumours, run off to Hollywood to star in Boston Legal with William Shatner and James Spader. She is, in fact, making a big fat mess outside by de-stuffing her TeddyBunnies up and down the steps. Doesn't she look so inncent and incredulous that there could be a problem at all??? That's a tennis ball tied up in a plastic bag at her feet. She thinks I should be going up the steps to get it and throw it back to her again. I'm not.

Chez 2paw has been fairly quiet today. There has been some soup making, some knitting, some Radio National listening and some finding of Inspector Frost for Wee Jock's mum. There has been the longing for a nap, and the avoidance of said nap in the hope of a good night's sleep.

Tomorrow is the last day of the school holidays and then everyone is back to work. Wednesday is the Winter Solstice this year. There will be no naked Its_winter_but_no_rain_and_no_creekdancing about a bonfires in Launceston I'll bet!!!! But it does meant the turning point for Winter. Apparently Australia is almost all alone in the night in starting the seasons on the first of the calendar month. Most places count from the Equinoxes and Solstices, but for us we are already 1 month though Winter with only 2 more to go!!  What we really need is some rain. Here is a picture of the creek from the little footbridge we cross when we walk. Note the absolute absence of any water in the creek, it is as dry as a bone.

Tonight I plan to complete Evergreen, which is in fact blue!!! Then I might knit some more of Kermit. Kermit has 7 more balls to be knitted quick smart!!!!

I am thinking of making a Sock Tote tutorial, with the pictures and the instructions. Maybe???


She Who Smells Yarn

can you her my orgasmic YES YES YES from here for you to do the Sock Tote tutorial?!?!?!

I wish it had been quiet here. Girls have be loudest today then all holidays!!! Thank goodness Harl goes back in 2 days



While I am not quite..orgasmic, I too would love a Sock Tote tutorial! I have lots of nice fabric to use up, from my brief and unsuccesful interest in quilting.

That's a lovely photo of Harki looking down the steps!


The "blue thing" looks good - what ever it may be!


An icy morning for a Labrador sounds great right about now-Florida is 76 F in the early morning-this Lab can't take it! I have a Dachshund cousin who regularly de-stuffs my toys when she stays-it's one way to wear out a warm Labrador welcome.


The blue looks wonderful. I like blue as much as you do green!

Seems to be never a dull moment with The Labs. God bless them!

And we certainly do need rain. Its been so long since our last rains that I've nearly forgotten what its like! Wet I think!


I like the look of evergreen. Yes a sock tote tutorial would be nice as I have some knitting related fabric waiting to be made into something!!

amanda j

This sort of thing might inspire me to (sharp intake of breath) SEW. Or find someone to make one for me!


A sock tote tutorial is a must! I was going to ask you about one as I saw some Betty Boop fabric I quite liked at the Black Spot of Doom....

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