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My Sock Tote Tutorial

Here is Whiplasha tutorial about how to sew my Sock Tote. I have lined mine, but if you don't want toChoose_fabric_and_lining line yours, just ignore all references to lining and finish the seams with zig-zag or pinking or whatever you like!!!  If you can sew a seam, you can make this. Remember Don't Panic!! Even the zip is easy!!!

I always have more than one pair of scoks on the go and now I finally have my own sock tote. Please note that this is one of the only things I have ever sewed where The Labradors haven't 'helped'. I don't know how I managed by myself!!! I think I'm about to make a Betty Boop and a Camouflage sock tote : stay tuned!! You can see some pictures of the totes I have made in my Sewing photo album.


  • 40cm of 115cm wide fabric (16 inches of 45 inch wide)*
  • 40cm of 115cm wide lining (16 inches of 45 inch wide)*
  • 25 cm zip (10 inch)
  • Wadding (optional - I used some thin iron on Pellon)Pin_and_then_cut_out_pieces_1
  • thread
  • pins
  • sewing needle
  • ruler
  • compass
  • pencil
  • paper
  • *Wash, dry and iron your fabric before you begin.
  • * If you are making a tote lined with the same fabric as the actual tote, 40 x 115 cm (16 x 45 inches) will be enough.

Pattern Pieces ( Imperial measurements in brackets)

All pieces include a 1.5cm seam allowance (5/8 inch)

  1. Bag Part 1: 38cm x 7cm (15 x 3 inches)Tote_pieces_ready_to_go
  2. Bag Part 2: 38cm x 29cm (15 x 11.5 inches)
  3. Top/Base: Circle with a radius of 6cm (2.5 inches)
  4. Handle: 21cm x 8cm (8.5 x 3 inches)

Cutting and Layout Guide

  1. Bag Part 1: Cut 1 Fabric and 1 Lining
  2. Bag Part 2: Cut 1 Fabric and 1 LiningCentre_zip_and_ready_to_sew
  3. Top/Base : Cut 2 Fabric, 2 Lining, 2 Wadding and 2 extra for backing the fabric - I used Lining
  4. Handle: Cut 1 Fabric or Lining, whatever you like as a match or contrastBaste_the_zip_opening.

Lay the Fabric and lining right sides together, lining up the selvages and lay out the pieces as shown. The straight grain is any squared off edge, and for the circle, it doesn't really matter.



  1. Place Bag Parts 1 and two together along the 38cm side. Centre the zip and measure the fabric left at either end. I had about 6cm (2.5 inches). Mark a little inside this point and sew from each edge to that point.You are leaving an opening for the zip. My machine does Pin_baste_and_insert_zipending off, but do whatever you normally do. Trim the threads and then baste again across the opening with a stitch length of 6mm (5/16 inches). Press open, and mark on the wrong side where the proper 6cm seam ends.                                                                                                                   Pin_and_sew_side_seam                                                                                                                                              
  2. Close the zip and baste the two open ends near the tab together. This makes it easier to insert. Place the zip face down onto the centre of the seam, so the zipper teeth are matching the length. Make sure you arrange it so it meets the little seam marks you made. Now pin, baste, and sew all the way arLeft_tote_top_and_right_the_baseound the 4 sides of the zipper. remove zip basting, seam basting, and then play with the zip, opening and closing it a lot.
  3. Pin the side seam, right sides together, matching the zip seam and ends. Sew and then press open
  4. Top and Base : I like to add wadding and so I iron on some Pellon, add some extra lining as Pressing_handlea backing,  and embroider it. I did circles on the base for stability and eyelets  to echo the pattern of the fabric on the top!!! It's easier to see on the wrong side.
  5. Now make the handle. Fold and press the handle in half lengthwise, then open Embroider_handleup and press each side into the centre, and then press in half, enclosing the two edges. Topstitch and embroider if you like. I do.
  6. Divide the base opening into quarters and mark with pins. Do the same with the base. Now,Pin_base_to_bottom_of_tote withQuarter_tote_and_base_opening  right sides together match up the pins, even out the fabric, pin and baste and then sew. It can be a bit tricky, but a few gathers won't matter so DON'T PANIC. It will be fine. Trim the seam to half its width.
  7. Do the same with the top and top bag opening, BUT you have to pin the handle ends to the right side of the fabric of the bag. I like to leave a little of the zip open as it makes it easier to open the bag right side out again. The Pin_handles_centred_onto_top_of_totehandle goes across from side to side, not from the seam to the front. The handle edges should be even with the other raw edges. Now pin and baste the top and sew. Trim the seams and turn it right side out and admire your bag.
  8. At this point, if you don't want to add a lining, you have finished.
  9. To add a lining, which I like to do now, make another bag almost exactly the Pin_top_and_handles_but_leave_the_zip_op_1same. I press the seam of the 2 bag parts open as there is no zip, and no wadding is needed with the top and base., and there is no handle.
  10. Turn the Fabric bag inside out, and the lining right side out. Insert the Fabric bag into the lining, wrong sides together. Align the zip opening, pin, baste and   then sew the lining by hand along the zip stitching line.Unlined_tote_1
  11. Turn the bag right side out, and there is is!! Fluff it out, add your socks, needles, wool and take a lot of photos and post them on your blog!!!

This is a free pattern, so when you use it, you agree and understand that it is for personal use only.  You may not reproduce this pattern without permission or sell products made from it.

Two Paw Products 2006

Crop_circle_sock_toteTote_and_lining_1 Inserting_tote_into_lining Pin_lining_to_tote_on_the_zip_seam_line_1 Now_the_lining_is_sewn_in_and_i_have_lab  Pop_your_socks_inside_and_voila_1



You are so clever and generous to share this with us!

Many thanks,


You have done a marvelous job. There will be sock totes being whipped up everywhere!!


That's very cool! I'll link you in my next knitting post, if that's OK.


You are very clever. The tote is very pretty. Are you Irish? hee hee hee hee hee


Well, that's great! Will sew! Thanks!


that green is lovely!! very nice!! thanks for sharing this tutorial too!! hopefully i will learn how to sew one day!! ^_^


So that's how you made my sock tote.


She Who Smells Yarn

YAY!! Thanks for that..Will have to sit and read it when I dont have kids crawling all over me. I will probably still need help ;) I am more a hands on person when it comes to teaching things.




I wil have to whip up myself a Betty Boop one now. I am very pleased. If it all goes peared shape can I be a Mrs Macgyver and get you to fix it?



That is AWESOME. I should go make one right now.

Oh yeah, I'm at work.

Mrs MacGyver

To Suzi...
I am married (imaginarily) to someone very handy but damn near useless myself. when you hear about 2paw "fixing" something for me it usually means either making the whole thing or undoing most of what I've done and re doing it!!!!
Fix is too mild a word !!!


what a lovely sock tote, and generous of you to share the pattern. I have to stop reading blogs, too many projects!!!!

thank you for your kind wishes for Blaise, nice to here that you are a sook at heart too.


A wonderful tutorial. 'Patience' must be your middle name!


This is so detailed

The end result is great and something very usefull.


You have done such a wonderful job putting this all together and sharing it. Very detailed and a extremely clear tutorial. I am going right out tomorrow to buy fabric and notions to make one as I am always knitting socks and taking them with me in a plastic bag. Now my project will go out in style!!
Many thanks again!!

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