The Flantastic Four
Mish Mash Topics Takin' a Bath!!!

Oh, Oh, catch that buzz, A lot of drugs is what I'm thinking of!!

Ah, Roxy Music, those were the days!!!          

Well, courtesy of a truckload of over the counter drugs I went to lunch with my friend today - she has a lovely black Labrador called Jessie, who is 5 months older than Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey. I felt a little hot and cold and a bit boogelly once, but after some absolutely delicious Sweet and Sour Chicken with Jasmine rice and 5 cups of Earl Grey tea made with real leaves I felt a little better. Then I had a nice local when I had my port flushed. It is nice at the time, and half of my cleavage is pink from the antiseptic, but when it wears off it will be tender tomorrow.

The Madcages gave The Labradors tennis balls they collected from the beach at Bellingham, and they played with them, and then they took their balls to bed last night!! I peeped into the bedroom and there they both were, fast asleep on the bed with their tennis balls. Peri Naughty doesn't usually play with her My_blue_heaven toys to such an extent. The Labradors are so sweet!!!

Here is the blue wool that will become some things ASAP!! This is my Project Spectrum knitting-that-will-be!!! I am taking some more tablets to make me bright enough to knit later on tonight.

ThisMaking_baking_cooking_all_the_time selection of groceries ( there are a few things missing, more condensed milk, evaporated milk, butter, lemons, more chocolate and hazelnuts) will magically become yummy treats by Tuesday when it is MrsMacGyver's birthday!!! I can't say what they will be, but afterwards there will be photos and recipes.

When I handed in the survey forms for the Museum, I assured the people behind the counter that I hadn't filled them all in myself. One of them informed me that I could have taken 1000 and filled them in myself. This is very unethical, and I said so. It makes me wonder how true the results will be. Then ends justifies the means? I think not. I am more than thinking about writing a letter. Lucky MrsMacGyver got a phone call to answer the survey. I love surveys!!!

Thank you to everyone who voted for Miss Knitabulous's Lace. You can see the finishing ceremony for the lace here!!!

I forgot to say : when I was in the supermarket today, unpacking the trolley's contents onto the converyor belt, the young man serving suddenly swore. I turned around and must have looked a bit distressed, because he said quickly that he was surprised to see Dr Who's logo on the back of my top, and how cool it was and when would Dr Who be back? We had a nice Dr Who discussion, and then I told him Dr Who will be back on Saturday, July 8th, 7-30pm, ABC!!!!! Put on your pyjamas boys and girls and  get ready to watch!!!!!


She Who Smells Yarn

Your Dr Who Cardi is making young men swear?! I am shocked! lol

oooooh blues! You are doing better then me then! Though Kerry wants me to knit a blue jumper for her (its the magic 3ply wanted in 5ply jumper)..

Hope you are feeling better soon hun....Drugs seem to be our friends at the moment (though mine arent over the counter ones)



Blaspheming blokes!!!!!!!

What next?

Dr Who brings all types out of the cupboard.


Little Purl

Yay! Dr Who is coming back!! Did you like the old or new eps better? I like the new ones I think, but I'm not used to having a different Doctor...Oh, how will I deal?

amanda j

How infuriating about the survey. What is the point. I think you should write a letter - I have two in the pipeline . . . I will blog about them and see if I feel better after that.


Hey, remember to check out my blog & take a look at the green cardi that I am knitting - I am sure that you will like the colour!


Dr Who! Dr Who! I would sing the song about Dr Who but I have disturbed Margaret enough with my singing today.

Young men swearing at you in supermarkets? What ever next?

Ms Fortuknit tells me Parker Posy will be joining the cast of Boston Legal, I do like her.


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